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Top Mutually Beneficial Quotes

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Shinzo Abe

It was in the first Abe administration that we started the mutually beneficial relationship based on common strategic interests between Japan and China. — Shinzo Abe

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Rebecca Traister

In 2013, science writer Natalie Angier gave the centrality of female friendship a zoological boost, pointing out that, In animals as diverse as African elephants and barnyard mice, blue monkeys of Kenya and feral horses of New Zealand, affiliative, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between females turns out to be the basic unit of social life. — Rebecca Traister

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Chris Voss

I mean, have you ever tried to devise a mutually beneficial win-win solution with a guy who thinks he's the messiah? It — Chris Voss

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Kid Cudi

In music, you collaborate with people. It's supposed to be a mutually beneficial thing. — Kid Cudi

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Jacob G. Hornberger

A minimum-wage law, a law that prevents employers and employees from entering into mutually beneficial economic exchanges, is as far from a free market or free enterprise as one can get. That's why it causes so much damage and destruction, especially to black teenagers and others whose labor, for one reason or another, is valued by employers at less than the government-established minimum wage. — Jacob G. Hornberger

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Jonathan Herring

Arguments should be about understanding other people better, sharing ideas and finding mutually beneficial ways ahead. — Jonathan Herring

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Harry Browne

He doesn't sacrifice himself for others, nor does he expect others to be sacrificed for him. He takes the third alternative - he finds relationships that are mutually beneficial so that no sacrifice is required. — Harry Browne

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Bob Burg

I like to define networking as cultivating mutually beneficial, give-and-take, win-win relationships ... The end result may be to develop a large and diverse group of people who will gladly and continually refer a lot of business to us, while we do the same for them. — Bob Burg

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Ilana Mercer

The free flow of people across borders is not to be confused with the free flow of goods across borders. Free trade is a positive-sum game. Contrary to illegal immigration, it is always invited, consensual and hence mutually beneficial to the parties involved. — Ilana Mercer

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By John Mackey

Health care is a service that we all need, but just like food and shelter, it is best provided through voluntary and mutually beneficial market exchanges. — John Mackey

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Shiv Khera

The essence of Relationship Selling is when we convert a customer into a client and the seller gains the status of a supplier. It is really a process of forming a business partnership, where each partner not only transacts business but is interdependent in a mutually beneficial relationship, with a common growth objective. Sales can be: B2B (Business to Business) B2C (Business to Consumer) Direct or indirect selling — Shiv Khera

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Konstantin Chernenko

As a great socialist power the Soviet Union is fully aware of its responsibility to the peoples for preserving and strengthening peace. We are open to peaceful, mutually beneficial cooperation with states on all continents. We are for the peaceful settlement of all disputable international problems through serious, equal, and constructive talks. — Konstantin Chernenko

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Max McKeown

With a clever strategy, each action is self-reinforcing. Each action creates more options that are mutually beneficial. Each victory is not just for today but for tomorrow. — Max McKeown

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Henry Paulson

The U.S. and China need to take steps - mostly individually, sometimes together - that will have the mutually beneficial effect of supporting and sustaining economic growth. — Henry Paulson

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Wu Bangguo

The Chinese side stands ready to work with Morocco to consolidate and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and continuously push forward the development of Sino-Moroccan ties in the spirit of boosting understanding, broadening cooperation for common development. — Wu Bangguo

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By David Steinberg

Your relationship with an agent has got to be mutually beneficial. If you can't help their careers, then they're not going to be interested. — David Steinberg

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Donald J. Trump

Means seeing both sides of the story and working towards a mutually beneficial situation for everyone. — Donald J. Trump

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Llewellyn Rockwell

Let every nation, right now, do what is best for all citizens of the world: eliminate every form of intervention that would prevent or otherwise hobble mutually beneficial trade between any two parties anywhere in the world. No bureaucracy can help us toward that goal; it must come from a growing realization of the merit of freedom itself. — Llewellyn Rockwell

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Bob Burg

Networking is simply the cultivating of mutually beneficial, give and take, win-win relationships. It works best, however, when emphasizing the "give" part. — Bob Burg

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Ronald Reagan

We can look forward to the day when the free flow of trade, from the southern reaches of Tierra del Fuego to the northern outposts of the Arctic Circle, unites the people of the Western Hemisphere in a bond of mutually beneficial exchange, when all borders become what the U.S.-Canadian border so long has been: a meeting place, rather than a dividing line. — Ronald Reagan

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Anonymous

An ecosystem is a web of mutually beneficial relationships that enhances the value of all of the participants. — Anonymous

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Thomas Berry

The Great Work now, as we move into a new millennium, is to carry out the transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner. — Thomas Berry

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Ted Coine

In today's workforce, many of us trust each other and communicate more, and in turn, we're more authentic and open to input and criticism. Many of us invite collaboration from all sources - even from our competition, when mutually beneficial. More than anything else, we're more cooperative, and more social. — Ted Coine

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

People having a victim complex invite someone to tease them into their lives though they could have mutually beneficial relationships — Sunday Adelaja

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Nguyen Minh Triet

The governments and the communist parties in Vietnam and China are doing their best to develop their local economies. But the rise of countries in Asia is not in opposition to development and affluence in Western nations. It is a mutually beneficial development. The interests of Western investors are protected in our country. Both we and the West benefit from this in equal measure. — Nguyen Minh Triet

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Ronald Reagan

Constructive trade, the two-way exchange of goods and services, is the most efficient and logical way for each nation ... to build a stable prosperity, a prosperity based not on aid, but on mutually beneficial economic contacts. — Ronald Reagan

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Dave Barry

Thus the white men and Native Americans were able, through the spirit of goodwill and compromise, to reach the first in what would become a long series of mutually beneficial, breached agreements that enabled the two cultures to coexist peacefully for stretches of twenty and sometimes even thirty days, after which it was usually necessary to negotiate new agreements that would be even more mutual and beneficial, until eventually the Native Americans were able to perceive the vast mutual benefits of living in rock-strewn sectors of South Dakota. — Dave Barry

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm going to get changed," I said.
"Need help?"
"Wow. You're so chivalrous, Daemon."
His smile widened, flashing deep dimples. "Well, the experience
would be mutually beneficial. I promise. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Richard Tarnas

the striving (and anxious) Christian, deprived of the Catholic's recourse to sacramental justification, could find signs of his being among the elect if he could successfully and unceasingly apply himself to disciplined work and his worldly calling. Material productivity was often the fruit of such effort, which, compounded by the Puritan demand for ascetic renunciation of selfish pleasure and frivolous spending, readily lent itself to the accumulation of capital. Whereas traditionally the pursuit of commercial success was perceived as directly threatening to the religious life, now the two were recognized as mutually beneficial. — Richard Tarnas

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Carter Heyward

Love, like truth and beauty, is concrete. Love is not fundamentally a sweet feeling; not, at heart, a matter of sentiment, attachment, or being "drawn toward." Love is active, effective, a matter of making reciprocal and mutually beneficial relation with one's friends and enemies. — Carter Heyward

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Che Guevara

How can it be "mutually beneficial" to sell at world market prices the raw materials that cost the underdeveloped countries immeasurable sweat and suffering. — Che Guevara

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Melvin Gurtov

Democratizing China is not, however, the principal rationale for engaging it; that is the task of the Chinese themselves. But creating a mutually nonthreatening and beneficial relationship is an appropriate,and achievable, goal for the United States. Acting on the presumption of an existing or probable China threat, on the other hand, exaggerates China's intentions and capabilities and opens the door to a new Cold War. — Melvin Gurtov

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Jose Lopez

The Caring for Climate initiative is fully aligned with our own explicit commitments, which reflect our respect for society in which we operate, respect for the environment, respect for the future generations. Climate change must be addressed through mutually beneficial collaboration and multi-stakeholder channels to be effective ultimately. — Jose Lopez

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Rick Remender

There are only three kinds of people. LEADERS. Those who take charge, build, inspire, and create. FOLLOWERS. Those who support leaders and work to achieve mutually beneficial goals ... [and] DESTROYERS. Destroyers cannot find it within themselves to follow anyone, their hatred and insecurity is too pure to see strength in any OTHER being. The utterly lack the ability to inspire or create, so they do the only thing left to them
they tear down all they come in contact with. — Rick Remender

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Beryl Bainbridge

It seems to me that a mutually beneficial relationship between a man and woman requires the man to be dominant. A sensible woman will allow the man to think he is the most important partner. — Beryl Bainbridge

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Nicholas Trandahl

I'm a man of music as much as I am a man of words and prose. One could even possibly say that they, music and prose, are connected to a lengthy and mutually beneficial extent and that they have been of centuries or millenniums. — Nicholas Trandahl

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Jaeda DeWalt

My art is largely made up of my pain; re-framed, redesigned and re-purposed. It's a mutually beneficial experience for both the creator and the beholder. Transformative healing is a beautiful process. — Jaeda DeWalt

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Kevin Lynch

It's not about HTML 5 vs Flash. They're mutually beneficial. The more important question is the freedom of choice on the web. — Kevin Lynch

Mutually Beneficial Quotes By Christopher Ryan

Recognized as a way to build and maintain a network of mutually beneficial relationships, nonreproductive sex no longer requires special explanations. Homosexuality, for example, becomes far less confusing, in that it is, as E. O. Wilson has written, above all a form of bonding ... consistent with the greater part of heterosexual behavior as a device that cements relationships. — Christopher Ryan