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Musker Quotes By John Musker

In college, I was a cartoonist at 'The Daily Northwestern.' So I draw myself. I was an animator. But basically, I went to Northwestern to major in English, wound up in college for two years. Studied animation there. Came to Disney. My first week at Disney was the week that 'Star Wars' came out. — John Musker

Musker Quotes By John Musker

I do feel like animated films really combine a lot of different of art forms: film-making and writing and drawing and painting - to a certain extent, even sculpting. It's a wonderful medium to work with as a craftsman because it's such so rich and so varied and so expressive. — John Musker

Musker Quotes By Kelly Bingham

But all I can come up with is:
'See you, Mr. Musker.
And Thank you.'
Words that are too small
because there are no words
big enough. — Kelly Bingham

Musker Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

When the spirit passed through him he groaned, throwing body and soul into his weekly purge. The "Amen enema", as I call it. My palindrome for the Reverend. — Barbara Kingsolver

Musker Quotes By Tony Harrison

I used to be scared of the Candyman. You'd say his name three times in the mirror and then he'd come get you. I was terrified of that stuff becoming true. My older cousins used to say things to make us believe crazy stories like that, so I was scared of the Candymanuntil I knew better. — Tony Harrison

Musker Quotes By Paul Nicklen

Really, what [sea] ice does is it acts like a garden. ... Losing that ice is like losing the soil in a garden. — Paul Nicklen

Musker Quotes By John Musker

I saw 'Sleeping Beauty' when I was, like, 6 years old at the Mercury Theatre. Then, when I came to Disney, I was in the company of these wonderful artists. People like Glen Keane, like Mark Henn, who were brilliant animators who could really bring these things to life. — John Musker

Musker Quotes By Kanye West

I am in the lineage of Gil Scott-Heron, great activist-type artists. But I'm also in the lineage of a Miles Davis - you know, that liked nice things also. — Kanye West

Musker Quotes By Sarah Dunn

It was one of those perfect New York October afternoons, when the explosion of oranges and yellows against the bright blue sky makes you feel like your life is passing through your fingers, that you've felt this autumn-feeling before and you'll probably get to feel it again, but one day you won't anymore, because you'll be dead. — Sarah Dunn

Musker Quotes By Harriet Beecher Stowe

But then his idea of a fugitive was only an idea of the letters that spell the word, - or at the most, the image of a little newspaper picture of a man with a stick and bundle with 'Ran away from the subscriber' under it. The magic of the real presence of distress,
the imploring human eye, frail, trembling human hand, the despairing appeal of helpless agony,
these he had never tried. — Harriet Beecher Stowe

Musker Quotes By Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Bu is a word that cools many a warm impulse, stifles many a kindly thought, puts a dead stop to many a brotherly deed. No one would ever love his neighbor as himself if he listened to all the Buts that could be said. — Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton