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Top Music Notation Quotes

Music Notation Quotes By Harrison Birtwistle

I wrote music as soon as I knew notation. — Harrison Birtwistle

Music Notation Quotes By John Cage

I needed another basis for musical structure. This I found in sound's duration parameter, sound's only parameter which is present even when no sound is intended. — John Cage

Music Notation Quotes By Ada Lovelace

The Analytical Engine] might act upon other things besides number, were objects found whose mutual fundamental relations could be expressed by those of the abstract science of operations, and which should be also susceptible of adaptations to the action of the operating notation and mechanism of the engine ... Supposing, for instance, that the fundamental relations of pitched sounds in the science of harmony and of musical composition were susceptible of such expression and adaptations, the engine might compose elaborate and scientific pieces of music of any degree of complexity or extent. — Ada Lovelace

Music Notation Quotes By William Monahan

Saying directors don't write because they don't type is very wrong, it's like saying Dylan doesn't write music because he doesn't write notation. — William Monahan

Music Notation Quotes By Alan W. Watts

But the Oriental musician has a rough notation which he uses only as a reminder of a melody. He learns music, not by reading notes, but by listening to the performance of a teacher, getting the "feel" of it, and copying him, and this enables him to acquire rhythmic and tonal sophistications matched only by those Western jazz artists who use the same approach. — Alan W. Watts

Music Notation Quotes By Roy Montgomery

The main reason for the break was a combination of travel and going back to university, which drew me into theatre more than music. I did stuff on acoustic guitar when I was traveling, filed it away and made notes, without it being musical notation. Just taped the odd thing, did a sketch, stuck it on a cassette. I thought at some point, I'll go back to it. Some of it I did use in '84-'85 when I started working in the Free Theatre in Christchurch. So it might seem like I had given up after the Pin Group, but I just went into a different avenue. — Roy Montgomery

Music Notation Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

Language is music. Written words are musical notation. The music of a piece of fiction establishes the way in which it is to be read, and, in the largest sense, what it means. It is essential to remember that characters have a music as well, a pitch and tempo, just as real people do. To make them believable, you must always be aware of what they would or would not say, where stresses would or would not fall. — Marilynne Robinson

Music Notation Quotes By David Mitchell

In the smoky firelight the two old men nodded off like a pair of ancient kings passing the aeons in their tumuli. Made a musical notation of their snores. Elgar is to be played by a bass tuba, Ayrs a bassoon. — David Mitchell