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Music Changing The World Quotes By David Kushner

Times were changing in the world of id. They had finally fired Jason, narrowing the group to Carmack, Romero, Adrian, and Tom. But something else was in the air. The Reagan-Bush era was finally coming to a close and a new spirit rising. It began in Seattle, where a sloppily dressed grunge rock trio called Nirvana ousted Michael Jackson from the top of the pop charts with their album Nevermind. Soon grunge and hip-hop were dominating the world with more brutal and honest views. Id was braced to do for games what those artists had done for music: overthrow the status quo. Games until this point had been ruled by their own equivalent of pop, in the form of Mario and Pac-Man. Unlike music, the software industry had never experienced anything as rebellious as Wolfenstein 3-D. The — David Kushner

Music Changing The World Quotes By Nas

You got a handful of great guys - Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, Usher. You have a handful of great female artists. But for the most part the music world's changing and change is good. You have to make adjustments if you want to survive in that world. — Nas

Music Changing The World Quotes By Itzhak Perlman

Perhaps our task in this shaky, fast-changing, bewildering world in which we live is to make music, at first with all that we have, and then, when that is no longer possible, to make music with what we have left. — Itzhak Perlman

Music Changing The World Quotes By Jennifer Lopez

Getting to play the part of Selena was life-changing for me, i got to immerse myself in her life, got to know her family, her home, her culture ... every part of her story. It was a special time in my life both professionally and personally. Playing her not only opened doors for me in the film world, but it inspired me to start my own music career. In a lot of ways, I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't had that experience. — Jennifer Lopez

Music Changing The World Quotes By Lizzy Goodman

You know how they say Black Flag got in a van, and they brought punk rock to the world? The Strokes got on a bus, and they brought "downtown cool" to the world. Along with the Internet, they were changing everything, not just music. They were changing attitudes. The Strokes were making New York travel with them. I saw kids in Connecticut and Maine and Philadelphia and DC looking like they had just been drinking on Avenue A all night. Sixteen-year-old kids in white belts and Converse Chuck Taylors with the greasy hair - hair that had been clean a week ago. Those kids had probably never even smelled the inside of a thrift store before Is This It came out. They found a band that they wanted to be like. They found their band. APRIL — Lizzy Goodman

Music Changing The World Quotes By John H. McWhorter

Politics is work. Hiphop is music. The idea that hiphop, because it makes the body feel good to move to it and it makes the soul feel good to hear out angry young black men, can be transmuted into changing the world is narcotic but nonsensical. Wherever hiphop is ever "going," we can be sure it will not be in a constructive direction, anymore than fashions in the color of cars. And it shouldn't "concern" us in the least. — John H. McWhorter

Music Changing The World Quotes By Dale Watson

The one constant in this ever changing music business is the heartfelt and "ear to the ground" Indie Record Stores that avid music fans and artists alike know they can count on to keep music thriving locally. I tour all over the world, and it's these Indie Record Stores that many times make or break a market. People will always want an "album" to hold, not just have downloaded, and Indies fill that need and then some. — Dale Watson

Music Changing The World Quotes By Rob Sheffield

Everything was changing, that was obvious. The world was so full of music, it seemed we could never run out. 'Twas bliss in that dawn to be alive, but to be young and overworked and underexposed and stuck in a nowhere town was very heaven. It was our time, the first one we had to ourselves. It was a smashing time, and then it ended, because that's what times do. — Rob Sheffield

Music Changing The World Quotes By Sinead O'Connor

There's a weighing kind of overemphasis on sexuality, which disempowers music generally, because it silences all the other voices; it makes music a very powerless force for changing the world. — Sinead O'Connor

Music Changing The World Quotes By Charlie Hunter

I never do anything to strictly satisfy a fickle, ever-changing commercial world. I do the music I like to play. It's the only way I feel comfortable existing in the industry. — Charlie Hunter

Music Changing The World Quotes By Sufjan Stevens

You know, I don't think my music is important, I don't think it's changing the world, I don't think it's art. I just think it's music. It is what it is. — Sufjan Stevens

Music Changing The World Quotes By L.A. Reid

World events can shape culture. Music is either a soundtrack for or a narration of changing times. And who knows how that's going to go? — L.A. Reid

Music Changing The World Quotes By Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Every now and then when I feel the doubt, I look inside myself and I see the way. The whole world full of possibilities. So you could be you and I could be me. — Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Music Changing The World Quotes By Billy Corgan

I don't think '90s music was as significant as '60s music in terms of changing the world, but it was significant, and I think it was similarly disillusioning when you realize the mainstream just — Billy Corgan

Music Changing The World Quotes By Dan Hill

In the music world, concerts unfold strictly according to plan. But, as I'd been finding out, in the book world, things keep changing by the second. — Dan Hill

Music Changing The World Quotes By Timothee De Fombelle

In an ideal world, we might have dreamed of a benevolent hand intervening so that one of them tarried a little longer while the other hurried up, and that they would have found themselves at precisely the same moment, in front of the black van with Drat That Rat! stamped across it. In an ideal world, there would have been music playing in the distance and a ray of sunshine would have lit up the pavement.
But, even in an ideal world, would it have been worth changing the course of these two lives, treating them like pawns to be pushed one square ahead or behind, just for us to enjoy a reunion scene played out in slow motion?
So Vango got into the van alone. — Timothee De Fombelle

Music Changing The World Quotes By Andrew Mason

In music, which was my world before, you've got thousands and thousands of years of great ideas that have already been thought of. But the internet is basically 20 years old. So you can be way stupider and still have world-changing ideas. — Andrew Mason