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Top Mr Jingles Quotes

Mr Jingles Quotes By E.L. James

And so a pattern develops: wake, work cry. sleep. I can't even escape him in my dreams. Gray burning eyes, his lost look, his hair burnished and bright and bright all haunt me. And the music ... so much music-I cannot bear to hear any music. I am careful to avoid it at all costs. Even the jingles in commercials make me shudder. — E.L. James

Mr Jingles Quotes By Isaac Marion

As residual life energy fades from the brain, the useless clutter is first to go. The movie quotes, the radio jingles, the celebrity gossip and political slogans, they all melt away, leaving only the most potent and wrenching of the memories. As the brain dies, the life inside clarifies and distills. It ages like a fine wine. — Isaac Marion

Mr Jingles Quotes By Austin O'Malley

Some men are like a church-organ
you can play on them for a lifetime and always find new harmonies; others are like a music-box
they have four or five thin jingles. — Austin O'Malley

Mr Jingles Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

Marketing jingles from every angle lure patrons to turn our backs on our locally owned stores, restaurants, and farms. And nobody considers that unpatriotic. This appears to aggravate Tod Murphy. We have the illusion of consumer freedom, but we've sacrificed our community life for the pleasure of purchasing lots of cheap stuff. Making and moving all that stuff can be so destructive: child labor in foreign lands, acid rain in the Northeast, depleted farmland, communities where the big economic engine is crystal meth. We often have the form of liberty, but not the substance. — Barbara Kingsolver

Mr Jingles Quotes By Elise Icten

I decorated this man like decorating a Christmas tree. His voice spoke jingles of love and his eyes shone like fake lights every time we made love. — Elise Icten

Mr Jingles Quotes By Vikrmn

Your good friends can write a book on you; but Your best friends can create an embarrassing full fledged 3 hours movie on you, with silliest jingles and animation made ever. — Vikrmn

Mr Jingles Quotes By Kin Hubbard

Another bad thing about "prosperity" is that you can't jingle any money without being under suspicion — Kin Hubbard

Mr Jingles Quotes By Walter Brueggemann

In that world where jingles replace doxology, God is not free and the people know no justice or compassion. — Walter Brueggemann

Mr Jingles Quotes By Seanan McGuire

Sarah turned her narrow-eyed gaze on him, making me glad once more that Antimony's comic books got it wrong, and telepaths can't actually kill you with their brains. Give you a whopping headache and earworm you with annoying jingles, yes; kill you, no. (Although sometimes, when she's managed to stick "The Happy Banana Song" in my head for a week, I sort of wish she could kill people with her brain. It would be kinder.) — Seanan McGuire

Mr Jingles Quotes By Frank Iero

Emo always meant emotional. Any kind of art or music should be emotional. If its not, than it's pretty much just a jingle selling bleach or pizza. — Frank Iero

Mr Jingles Quotes By Stephen King

I've put men to death-men with supposedly immortal souls-that looked dumber than that mouse — Stephen King

Mr Jingles Quotes By David Ogilvy

Candor compels me to admit that I have no conclusive research to support my view that jingles are less persuasive than the spoken word. You'd run like hell if a salesman came to your door and began singing at you. Why do it in advertising? — David Ogilvy

Mr Jingles Quotes By Stephen King

Then, for no reason I could tell you, I tossed the spool again, even though Elaine had asked me not to. Maybe only because, in a way, him chasing a spool was like old people having their slow and careful version of sex - you might not want to watch it , you who are young and convinced that, when it comes to old age, an exception will be made in your case, but they still want to do it. — Stephen King

Mr Jingles Quotes By Joe

My first lessons lasted two weeks and it was Jingle Bells. It didn't make any sense at all. I wanted to know how to play like Hendrix ... — Joe

Mr Jingles Quotes By Nick Lowe

I'm still kind of a hapless character in my everyday life. But when it comes to the writing, my influences are very old influences. I love American music of absolutely all stripes, including show tunes, advertising jingles, theme tunes from quiz shows, all kinds of American music. — Nick Lowe

Mr Jingles Quotes By Tom Robbins

We, with our propensity for murder, torture, slavery, rape, cannibalism, pillage, advertising jingles, shag carpets, and golf, how could we be seriously considered as the perfection of a four-billion-year-old grandiose experiment? perhaps as a race, we have evolved as far as we are capable, yet that by no means suggests that evolution has called it quits. in all likelihood, it has something beyond human on the drawing board. we tend to refer to our most barbaric and crapulous behavior as "inhuman," whereas, in point of fact, it is exactly human, definitively and quintessentially human, since no other creature habitually indulges in comparable atrocities. this negates neither our occasional virtues nor our aesthetic triumphs, but if a being at least a little bit more than human is not waiting around the bend of time then evolution has suffered a premature ejaculation. — Tom Robbins

Mr Jingles Quotes By Melanie Shankle

And it made me realize that we often find our people at an early age. The ones who encourage us, love us, and share our weird desire to play with sliced dill pickles in the cafeteria and sing commercial jingles. The years may change our faces, our bodies, and our lives, but there are connections we make early on that remain part of who we are forever. — Melanie Shankle

Mr Jingles Quotes By V.S. Naipaul

The medieval mind, which saw only continuity, seemed so unassailable. It existed in a world which, with all its ups and downs, remained harmoniously ordered and could be taken for granted. It had not developed a sense of history, which is a sense of loss; it had developed no true sense of beauty, which is a gift of assessment. While it was enclosed, this made it secure. Exposed, its world became a fairyland, exceedingly fragile. It was one step from the Kashmiri devotional songs to the commercial jingles of Radio Ceylon; it was one step from the roses of Kashmir to a potful of plasticdaisies. — V.S. Naipaul

Mr Jingles Quotes By Reeve Carney

My dad, being a jingle writer, and my mom, being a jingle singer, they hooked me up with some people when I was a kid that worked with children's jingle singing groups. I used to sing jingles as a kid. — Reeve Carney

Mr Jingles Quotes By Roger Daltrey

I love Sell Out, I think it's great. I love the jingles. The whole thing as an album is a wonderful piece of work. The cover. Everything about it. It's got humor, great songs, irony. — Roger Daltrey

Mr Jingles Quotes By Jeanette O'Hagan

It is perhaps one of those imponderables of life that many people declare their dislike for poetry, yet it surrounds us in the lyrics of the songs and hymns we love, the catchy advertising jingles, in picture books, and remembered snippets from Shakespeare or remembered and much loved verses. " Jeanette O'Hagan 1 May 2017 — Jeanette O'Hagan

Mr Jingles Quotes By Valerie Simpson

I was a good sight reader and I could sing two or three of these jingles a day. An orchestra would come in for half an hour, and then the singers would come in and knock 'em out, and go on to the next one. I was the voice of Budweiser and Almond Joy. — Valerie Simpson

Mr Jingles Quotes By David Ogilvy

The advertisers who believe in the selling power of jingles have never had to sell anything. — David Ogilvy

Mr Jingles Quotes By Frances Lear

A magazine to have style, must need and understand and invest in what jingles - not jiggles - in designer jeans. — Frances Lear

Mr Jingles Quotes By Anna Brownell Jameson

Talk without truth is the hollow brass; talk without love is like the tinkling cymbal, and when it does not tinkle it jingles, and when it does not jingle, it jars. — Anna Brownell Jameson

Mr Jingles Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

When I wasn't internally grumbling about my physical state, I found my mind playing and replaying scraps of songs and jingles in an eternal, nonsensical loop, as if there were a mix-tape radio station in my head. Up against the silence, my brain answered back with fragmented lines from tunes I'd heard over the course of my life - bits from songs I loved and clear renditions of jingles from commercials that almost drove me mad. — Cheryl Strayed

Mr Jingles Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Astrology is an aesthetic affront. It cheapens astronomy, like using Beethoven for commercial jingles. — Richard Dawkins

Mr Jingles Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

Three words for those who want to put the Christ back in Christmas: Jingle Bell Rock. — Christopher Hitchens

Mr Jingles Quotes By Richard Corliss

On 'American Top 40' the Kasem voice soared and swooped, like an expert aural acrobat, through promos, jingles and dedications, usually rising to a dramatic peak for the top-selling song of the week. — Richard Corliss

Mr Jingles Quotes By Julianne Moore

There was a period of time in America where the advertising world actually went to the housewives of America and had them write jingles that would appeal to them. It was actually brilliant marketing. — Julianne Moore

Mr Jingles Quotes By Jon Hamm

I've always been a fan of advertising, I've always been a fan of television, I've loved commercials, I've loved all the jingles, I loved all the stuff. — Jon Hamm

Mr Jingles Quotes By Peter Shaffer

Worship isn't destructive, Martin. I know that.
I don't. I only know it's the core of his life. What else has he got? He can hardly read. He knows no physics or engineering to make to world real for him. No paintings to show him how others have enjoyed it. No music except television jingles. No history except tales from a desperate mother. No friends. Not one kid to give him a joke, or make him know himself more moderately. He's a modern citizen for whom society doesn't exist. — Peter Shaffer

Mr Jingles Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

I can write jingles all day long but the best sensation is your own heart's song! — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Mr Jingles Quotes By Leslie Scalapino

Charles Bernstein's pairs of jingles of 'public discourse' are 'simultaneous double narrative / the space between's the other narrative/as if they're opposite.' In the space between, outside representation but in the 'presence' of it, we are provoked to laugh. Bernstein alters our language to open a double range that's public and mind at once and inseparable, that is 'Poetry is patterned thought in search of unpatterned mind.' Girly Man is doing it. — Leslie Scalapino