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Quotes & Sayings About Mount Fuji

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Top Mount Fuji Quotes

Mount Fuji Quotes By Tamae Watanabe

I love Mount Fuji and I think it is my love of the mountains in Japan that led me to seek other mountains around the world. — Tamae Watanabe

Mount Fuji Quotes By Forrest Curran

Is the sunrise of Mount Fuji more beautiful from the one you see in the countryside a bit closer to home? Are the beaches of Indonesia really that much more serene than those we have in our own countries? The point I make is not to downplay the marvels of the world, but to highlight the notion of the human tendency in our failure to see the beauty in our daily lives when we take off the travel goggles when we are home. It is the preconceived notion of a place that creates the difference in perception of environments rather than the actual geological location. — Forrest Curran

Mount Fuji Quotes By Kobayashi Issa

O snail
Climb Mount Fuji
But slowly, slowly! — Kobayashi Issa

Mount Fuji Quotes By Christy Turlington

I have lots of other mountains that I would like to climb. I have no dream of Everest, but there are some, like Mount Fuji, I'd like to do. — Christy Turlington

Mount Fuji Quotes By Mike Resnick

Cole shrugged. "Maybe. But if Forrice had been in charge of the Quentin the way I planned it originally, there's a fifty-fifty chance it would have made it back."
"And a fifty-fifty chance the Kermit wouldn't have."
"True," he admitted. "But Mount Fuji sacrificed himself. It was a noble thing to do, but I was taught that it's never a good idea to die for your side. The object of the exercise is to make your enemy die for his side. — Mike Resnick

Mount Fuji Quotes By Wes Borland

I've never been in a band where someone goes, 'Ah, I've got the perfect name! And it's because I climbed Mount Fuji, and at the top a golden dove came down ... ' It's always a bunch of guys sitting around going, 'How about Rotten Chipmunks?' — Wes Borland

Mount Fuji Quotes By James A. Michener

Therefore, men of Polynesia and Boston and China and Mount Fuji and the barrios of the Philippines, do not come to these islands empty-handed, or craven in spirit, or afraid to starve. There is no food here. In these islands there is no certainty. Bring your own food, your own gods, your own flowers and fruits and concepts. For if you come without resources to these islands you will perish ... On these harsh terms the islands waited. — James A. Michener

Mount Fuji Quotes By Phil Knight

There were many ways down Mount Fuji, according to my guidebook, but only one way up. Life lesson in that, I thought. Signs — Phil Knight

Mount Fuji Quotes By Morihei Ueshiba

Each and every master, regardless of the era or the place, heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit - love. — Morihei Ueshiba

Mount Fuji Quotes By Sara Backer

Mount Fuji was mostly invisible n the summer, but on clear days she could see its grand and graceful silhouette dominating the northern sky. White herons gathered in the river upstream from laundry suds pouring out of a city grate, and hydrangeas bloomed on the banks, dropping blue and lavender petals over soda cans and bento cartons littered beside the asphalt. — Sara Backer