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Moon In Leo Quotes & Sayings

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Top Moon In Leo Quotes

Moon In Leo Quotes By Ian Svenonius

If your moon sign is in Leo, you have a lot of empathy for Leos. You empathize with their approach and their aims and their aura. — Ian Svenonius

Moon In Leo Quotes By Hazel Dixon-Cooper

A Leo Moon cannot be dominated. No matter how cogenial, generous, and loving other traits may be, even the shiest personality will have a surprisingly strong inner core of independence. — Hazel Dixon-Cooper

Moon In Leo Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

The old oak, utterly transformed, draped in a tent of sappy dark green, basked faintly, undulating in the rays of the evening sun. Of the knotted fingers, the gnarled excrecenses, the aged grief and mistrust- nothing was to be seen. Through the rough, century-old bark, where there were no twigs, leaves had burst out so sappy, so young, that is was hard to believe that the aged creature had borne them. "Yes, that is the same tree," thought Prince Andrey, and all at once there came upon him an irrational, spring feeling of joy and renewal. All the best moments of his life rose to his memory at once. Austerlitz, with that lofty sky, and the dead, reproachful face of his wife, and Pierre on the ferry, and the girl, thrilled by the beauty of the night, and that night and that moon- it all rushed at once into his mind. — Leo Tolstoy

Moon In Leo Quotes By Sherry Thomas

He glanced at her. "You were the moon of my existence; your moods dictated the tides of my heart."
The tides of her own heart surged at his words, even though his words were nothing but lies. — Sherry Thomas

Moon In Leo Quotes By Lawren Leo

Once a month, ripe with psychic energy, the moon grows to Her zenith. Blazing full with the sun's rays through the night sky, it is with great compassion and love for her children that she luminesces. — Lawren Leo

Moon In Leo Quotes By Leo Robin

Come with me while the moon is on the sea The night is young and so are we Dreams come true in Blue Hawaii And mine could all come true This magic night of nights with you — Leo Robin