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Monster Truck Quotes & Sayings

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Monster Truck Quotes By Dan Webb

Momentum carried the truck's rear wheels up and off the ground. From the perspective of Howard's low-slung sports car, the heaving back end of the truck was the mouth of a monster gaping wide to swallow him. — Dan Webb

Monster Truck Quotes By Sarah Vowell

Standing there at Powell's grave, telling my nephew about a buried skull, I realize how much of our relationship revolves around body parts and severed heads. Once Owen learned to walk, we started playing a game I call Frankenstein, in which I am Frankenstein's monster and I chase him around trying to harvest his organs and appendages because my master is building another boy. "Frankenstein needs your spleen," I yell, aping the voice of an announcer at a monster truck rally. "Give me your spleen!" Which is why the seemingly gross book I gave him for his birthday, a collection of poetry for children called The Blood-Hungry Spleen was actually a sentimental choice, even though my sister tells me it didn't go over so well when he brought it to preschool. — Sarah Vowell

Monster Truck Quotes By Anna Banks

Watching Mom try to act girlie would be entertainment in itself. Our last attempt at a girls' day started with a pedicure and ended with a monster-truck rally. That was five years ago. And so was her last pedicure. — Anna Banks

Monster Truck Quotes By M.J. McGuire

Wanted: Steel toed Bible thumpers to reach a monster truck mad world. — M.J. McGuire

Monster Truck Quotes By Rick Yancey

Well, I tell myself, it could be worse. You could have been rescued by some fifty-year-old perv sporting a spare tire the size of a monster truck's who keeps his dead mother in the attic. — Rick Yancey

Monster Truck Quotes By Nadia Bolz-Weber

As I wrote in Pastrix I, like any good middle-class mainline Protestant, tend to arrogantly look down my theological nose at talk of demon possession as superstitious snake-handling nonsense, as though it's the spiritual equivalent of a monster truck rally. — Nadia Bolz-Weber

Monster Truck Quotes By Tara Sivec

Mommy and Daddy make a lot of noise when they kiss. Mommy talks to God a lot. I talk to God sometimes too. I asked him for a puppy and a new monster truck but I was nice and didn't yell at him like Mommy does. He still hasn't gotten me the puppy though. — Tara Sivec

Monster Truck Quotes By Jeph Jacques

There are two ways to pass a hurdle: leaping over or plowing through ... There needs to be a monster truck option. — Jeph Jacques

Monster Truck Quotes By Cullen Bunn

The great thing about writing 'Deadpool' is that he can demolish expectations and typical comic book conventions with monster truck force. There are few other characters who can transition so easily from one type of story to the next. — Cullen Bunn

Monster Truck Quotes By Caitlin Doughty

The Cremulator" sounds like a cartoon villain or the name of a monster truck but is in fact the name of what is essentially a bone blender, roughly the size of a kitchen crockpot. I — Caitlin Doughty

Monster Truck Quotes By Katie Reus

Once on the road again, she found her center and determination to see this through. Let Perdue come for her. The vicious monster who'd made a living buying and selling people was going to feel her wrath.
As the light turned green, she steered right onto Flagler Street. A second after she pulled onto the main road, her heart jumped in her throat. A tow truck barreled down on her as it ran a red light. — Katie Reus

Monster Truck Quotes By Darren Sapp

Donley loved the flight deck. It excited him. A rush. He had some misgivings about navy life, but he craved the action on deck. Few things compared to the raw power of an F-14 Tomcat in afterburner. The intense heat. The smell of jet fuel. It felt like a monster truck rally with him in the middle of the action. — Darren Sapp