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Monday Back To Work Quotes & Sayings

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Top Monday Back To Work Quotes

Monday Back To Work Quotes By Ingrid Bergman

I hate Sunday, I can't wait for Monday so I can go back to work again. — Ingrid Bergman

Monday Back To Work Quotes By Princess Jones

I fucking hate Thursdays. Most of the time, people focus their hate on Mondays. I wasn't a fan of those either. Mondays are the hall monitors of the week. They tell you to stop enjoying your time off and get back to work. But at least you know where you stand with a Monday. Thursday is a fence sitter on the other hand. It's almost the weekend but not quite there. — Princess Jones

Monday Back To Work Quotes By Larry Brown

Sunday just came down like a nine-pound hammer ... it was tainted with the closing-in feeling of the loss of freedom. Because after the sun went down, it came back up on Monday morning. And you had to go to work five more days. And it sucked. — Larry Brown

Monday Back To Work Quotes By Luke Harding

Strict shopping laws mean that most German shops close on Saturday afternoons, reopening only on Monday when everybody is back at work. — Luke Harding

Monday Back To Work Quotes By David Lee

I don't remember what script it was, but at the Monday table read, the [opening] teaser didn't work.We went back and had to think of a new teaser, and [after] four hours, five hours, we weren't landing on anything.And it was probably Glen [Charles] who said, "What are we, cowards?" You had to do it, no matter how long it took. — David Lee

Monday Back To Work Quotes By Drew Brees

I obviously take a lot of pride in what I do on the football field, because that has the ability to influence a lot of people. That puts smiles on people's faces. That gives people a pep in their step on Monday morning when they go back to work. — Drew Brees

Monday Back To Work Quotes By Emily Bleeker

At least May and Will had grabbed the bus twenty minutes earlier and were probably already at school. They'd gone back the Monday after the funeral. "Luckily" Natalie had passed away over winter break, or at least that's what at least half the out-of-state relatives kept saying. "How nice the kids don't have to miss any school." Luke had to work really hard to bite his tongue. As — Emily Bleeker