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Top Mixing Engineer Quotes

Mixing Engineer Quotes By Lisa Loeb

I have three siblings. My sister makes music. My older brother is a classical conductor, and my younger brother is a mixing engineer. — Lisa Loeb

Mixing Engineer Quotes By Charlie Hunter

Bobby is really the one who did all the editing on that stuff. And he did all the mixing. I particularly like the record we did with Logic because Scott Harding did a great job mixing it. He's really a killing engineer. — Charlie Hunter

Mixing Engineer Quotes By Mya

The biggest challenge is self-financing 100% of everything. Recording costs, studio time, engineer fees, travel costs are all a part of the creation process. Then after the creation, there are producer fees, mixing, mastering, photo shoots, artwork, packaging, artist feature fees, legal fees, clearances, and so on that must be covered before any music can officially be released to the public. — Mya

Mixing Engineer Quotes By Stevie Jackson

In the early days I'd be slaving over a mixing desk. I'm not a recording engineer but I used to mix the record. We used to do it all by ourselves. I just don't really want to do it anymore. I want somebody to do it for me. I want to concentrate on other things. That's been a big change, a learning curve. But no regrets, it's all part of life's rich tapestry. — Stevie Jackson

Mixing Engineer Quotes By Danger Mouse

I'm not really a knob-twiddler. I always work with an engineer; I'm not super hands-on when it comes to mixing boards and computers. I'm much more about what I'm hearing and what it needs to be like. I deal with songs and ideas and instruments. — Danger Mouse