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Top Mithridates Quotes

Mithridates Quotes By Heinrich Heine

Perhaps already I am dead, And these perhaps are phantoms vain; - These motley phantasies that pass At night through my disordered brain. Perhaps with ancient heathen shapes, Old faded gods, this brain is full; Who, for their most unholy rites, Have chosen a dead poet's skull ... — Heinrich Heine

Mithridates Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

One more royal trait properly belongs to the poet. I mean his cheerfulness, without which no man can be a poet,
for beauty is his aim. He loves virtue, not for its obligation, but for its grace; he delights in the world, in man, in woman, for the lovely light that sparkles from them. Beauty, the spirit of joy and hilarity, he sheds over the universe. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mithridates Quotes By Plato

You ask a question, I said, to which a reply can only be given in a parable. Yes, Socrates; and that is a way of speaking to which you are not at all accustomed, I suppose. — Plato

Mithridates Quotes By Napoleon Bonaparte

Variety made the Revolution. Liberty was just a pretext. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Mithridates Quotes By Jack Benny

I practice three hours daily on my violin so I won't get worse. — Jack Benny

Mithridates Quotes By Robert Graves

The Governor of Syria, when he heard of this horrid act called a council of his staff to decide whether Mithridates should be avenged by a punitive expedition against his murderer, who now reigned in his stead; but the general opinion seemed to be that the more treacherous and bloody the behaviour of Eastern kings on our frontier, the better for us - the security of the Roman Empire resting on the mutual mistrust of our neighbours - and that nothing should be done. — Robert Graves

Mithridates Quotes By Deyth Banger

You lost your son, but reality he is alive, my father I lost him I know on 99% he is dead if this is faken okay, I will know that he is alive, but who knows?? I haven't met him after I lost him, you met your son didn't you?? And then you lost him, it sounds fair does it?? (Storm Of The Century by Stephen King) — Deyth Banger

Mithridates Quotes By Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham

How few successful men are interesting! Hannibal, Alcibiades, with Raleigh, Mithridates, and Napoleon, who would compare them for a moment with their mere conquerors? — Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham

Mithridates Quotes By Charlie Munger

It would be nice if this [finding really cheap stocks] happened all the time. Unfortunately, it doesn't. — Charlie Munger

Mithridates Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

Has it ever occured to you, Master Ninefingers, that a sword is different from other weapons? Axes and maces and so forth are lethal enough, but they hang on the belt like dumb brutes. But a sword ... a sword has a voice.
Sheathed it has little to say, to be sure, but you need only put your hand on the hilt and it begins to whisper in your enemy's ear. A gentle word. A word of caution. Do you hear it?
Now, compare it to the sword half drawn. It speaks louder, does it not? It hisses a dire threat. It makes a deadly promise. Do you hear it?
Now compare it to the sword full drawn. It shouts now, does it not? It screams defiance! It bellows a challenge! Do you hear it? — Joe Abercrombie

Mithridates Quotes By Stephen R. Lawhead

Arthur is no fit king. Uther's bastard, Merlin's pawn, he is lowborn and a fool. He is wanton and petty and cruel. A glutton and a drunkard, he lacks all civilized graces. In short, he is a sullen, ignorant brute.
All these things and more men say of Arthur. Let them. When all the words are spoken and the arguements fall exhausted into silence, this single fact remains: we would follow Arthur to the very gates of Hell and beyond if he asked it. And that is the solitary truth.
Show me another who can claim such loyalty. — Stephen R. Lawhead

Mithridates Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

So, suspecting that Nero had a contract on her, she got herself Mithridatized against the poisons that would have been available to her son's underlings. Like Mithridates, Agrippina eventually died by more mechanical methods as her son (supposedly) had assassins slay her, thus providing us with the small but meaningful lesson that one cannot be robust against everything. And, two thousand years later, nobody has found a method for us to get "fortified" against swords. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Mithridates Quotes By Andrea Cremer

There's no shame in honest suffering, my dear. — Andrea Cremer

Mithridates Quotes By Thomas B. Macaulay

We hardly know an instance of the strength and weakness of human nature so striking and so grotesque as the character of this haughty, vigilant, resolute, sagacious blue-stocking, half Mithridates and half Trissotin, bearing up against a world in arms, with an ounce of poison in one pocket and a quire of bad verses in the other. — Thomas B. Macaulay

Mithridates Quotes By A.E. Housman

Mithridates, he died old. Housman's passage is based on the belief of the ancients that Mithridates the Great [c. 135-63 B.C.] had so saturated his body with poisons that none could injure him. When captured by the Romans he tried in vain to poison himself, then ordered a Gallic mercenary to kill him. — A.E. Housman

Mithridates Quotes By Masaaki Hatsumi

The simplest is always the most difficult. — Masaaki Hatsumi