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Top Misurare Collection Quotes

Misurare Collection Quotes By Emma Cline

These long-haired girls seemed to glide above all that was happening around them, tragic and separate. Like royalty in exile. I — Emma Cline

Misurare Collection Quotes By Jan Neruda

The two men were greedily hunched over the table, like two wolves disputing a carcass, but their muttered speech in the echoing hall resembled more the grunting of pigs. One was less than a wolf: he was a public prosecutor. The other was more than a pig, he was a chief commissioner of police. — Jan Neruda

Misurare Collection Quotes By John G. Kemeny

A considreable portion of my high school trigonometry course was devoted to the solution of oblique triangles ... I have still not had an excuse for using my talents for solving oblique triangles. If a professional mathematician never uses these dull techniques in a highly varied career, why must all high school students devote several weeks to the subject? — John G. Kemeny

Misurare Collection Quotes By Roy Scheider

Freedom is a muscle ... you have to exercise it. — Roy Scheider

Misurare Collection Quotes By Chaim Potok

I like his optimism,' I said. 'I like the way when he and some other rabbis saw a jackal in the ruins of Jerusalem, and the others began to cry, he laughed and said that just as the prophecy of the destruction of the temple was fulfilled, so the prophecy of the rebuilding would also be fulfilled. I like that. — Chaim Potok

Misurare Collection Quotes By Paul McAuley

Everything's a data point. — Paul McAuley

Misurare Collection Quotes By Guy De Maupassant

But a vague jealousy, one of those dormant jealousies that develop between brothers or sisters almost unnoticed until maturity, only to burst out when one of them marries or has a stroke of good fortune, kept them constantly on the alert in a fraternal, unaggressive hostility. They did love each other, yet they kept an eye on each other. — Guy De Maupassant

Misurare Collection Quotes By Umberto Eco

[I am fascinated by stupidity] because normal intelligence is boring. Two plus two makes four - finished. You have no possibilities! Stupidity is infinite. Two plus two can make billions of different numbers. — Umberto Eco