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Top Miracles From Heaven Quotes

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Vaughn J. Featherstone

I bear my humble witness to you that the great God of heaven will open doors and means in a way we never would have supposed, to help all those who truly want a years supply ... All we have to do is to decide, commit to it, and then keep the commitment. Miracles will take place ... — Vaughn J. Featherstone

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Daniel Webster

If an angel should be winged from Heaven, on an errand of mercy to our country, the first accents that would glow on his lips would be, Beware! Be cautious! You have everything to lose; nothing to gain. We live under the only government that ever existed which was framed by the unrestrained and deliberate consultations of the people. Miracles do not cluster. That which has happened but once in six thousand years cannot be expected to happen often. Such a government, once gone, might leave a void, to be filled, for ages, with revolution and tumult, riot and despotism. — Daniel Webster

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Suzy Kassem

The perfect orchestration of the symphony of life is one of the Creator's greatest and most beautiful miracles. — Suzy Kassem

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Matthew Quick

Why did You give us so many stories about miracles? Why did You
send Your Son down from heaven? Why did You give us movies if life doesn't ever end well?
What kind of fucking God are You? Do You want me to be miserable for the rest of my life? — Matthew Quick

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Hannah Brencher

I don't know what actually goes down in heaven, if heaven has a grand staircase or a theater where you get to see your impact in a "Crash" kind of cinematic adventure, but I do know our stories work that way--the imprints of ourselves we press into the palms of others have the power to be passed and passed through the hands of many. That the smallest things we do, never thinking twice about them, might be the very things that keep a person alive, and breathing, and standing on that day. I've stopped doubting that kind of impact because believing in it - believing in miracles in the mud of the mundane - gives you so much more purpose than not believing in it at all. — Hannah Brencher

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Lydia Millet

Forget the buildings and the monuments. Let the softness of dark come in, all those light-years between stars and planets. Cities were the works of men but the earth before and after those cities, outside and beneath and around them, was the dream of a sleeping leviathan--it was god sleeping there and dreaming, the same god that was time and transfiguration. From whatever dreamed the dream at the source, atom or energy, flowed all the miracles of evolution--tiger, tiger burning bright, the massive whales in the deep, luminescent specters in their mystery. The pearls that were their eyes, their tongues that were wet leaves, their bodies that were the bodies of the fantastic.

Spectacular bestiaries of heaven, the limbs and tails of the gentle and the fearsome, silent or raging at will . . . they could never be known in every detail and they never should be. — Lydia Millet

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Jean Dechanet

To get rid of a few problems in general health, to increase one's capacity for work, to make one's character gentler and stronger, to free oneself of various complexes, to create in oneself a whole atmosphere of calm and silence, and to do this by exercises in a gymnastic of repose and by a simple but careful method of breath-control - such aims may appear humble enough, rather down to earth, and a far cry form the goal of even the most modest of yogis. Yet I am certain that they will be able to work real miracles here in the West; to change lives and temperaments completely, making them healthier, more open; to increase their degree of engagement; and to render them more receptive to impulses and promptings from heaven. — Jean Dechanet

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By M. Scott Peck

In thinking about miracles, I believe that our frame of reference has been too dramatic. We have been looking for the burning bush, the parting of the sea, the bellowing voice from heaven. Instead we should be looking at the ordinary day-to-day events in our lives for evidence of the miraculous, maintaining at the same time a scientific orientation. — M. Scott Peck

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Randall Robinson

I am not a churchgoing man. Strangled in the vines of form and choked with ritual Christians, Sunday service held no appeal for me as a child. When my parents released me from compulsory attendance, I would never return. In my view, religion is best practiced out of doors, in nature's cathedral of miracles where spirits and the arts of heaven mingle unencumbered. The spirits were present on the tiny unmarked parcel at Mount Vernon that early autumn afternoon.
Hazel and I stood for a long while in complete silence. Words would have marred, much as they misserve this inadequate telling of what we felt. We had been touched by wearied souls calling, in a language ethereal as morning mist, from the near realm that awaits us all.
These were 'our' ancestors and, alone behind an old wooden outbuilding, my wife and I had wordlessly worshiped with them on that clear crisp afternoon. — Randall Robinson

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Alberto Caeiro

One day when God fell asleep
And the Holy Ghost went off flying,
He got into a box of miracles and stole three.
With the first he made it so that no one would know he had run away.
With the second he made himself a human boy forever.
With the third he created a Christ eternally crucified
And left him nailed to the cross that there is in Heaven
Where he's used as a model for other crosses.
Then he ran away to the sun
And came down on the first ray he caught. — Alberto Caeiro

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Samuel Rutherford

Heaven is a house full of miracles; yea, of spectacles and images of free grace. — Samuel Rutherford

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Christmas, when observed with the right spirit, still has the power to call miracles from Heaven to Earth. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Sarah Vowell

Heaven, such as it is, is right here on earth. Behold: my revelation: I stand at the door in the morning, and lo, there is a newspaper, in sight like unto an emerald. And holy, holy, holy is the coffee, which was, and is, and is to come. And hark, I hear the voice of an angel round about the radio saying, "Since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell." And lo, after this I beheld a great multitude, which no man could number, of shoes. And after these things I will hasten unto a taxicab and to a theater, where a ticket will be given unto me, and lo, it will be a matinee, and a film that doeth great wonders. And when it is finished, the heavens will open, and out will cometh a rain fragrant as myrrh, and yea, I have an umbrella. — Sarah Vowell

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Jim Elliot

I have prayed for new men, fiery, reckless men, possesed of uncontrollably youthful passion - these lit by the Spirit of God. I have prayed for new words, explosive, direct, simple words. I have prayed for new miracles. Explaining old miracles will not do. If God is to be known as the God who does wonders in heaven and earth, then God must produce for this generation. Lord, fill preachers and preaching with Thy power. How long dare we go on without tears, without moral passions, hatred and love? Not long, I pray, Lord Jesus, not long ... — Jim Elliot

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Life is a miracle. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By David Holdsworth

Are you prepared to follow the Lamb whithersoever? The Lord does as He chooses. He dispenses miracles as He chooses for His own glorious purposes. He doesn't always give us what we asked for. He doesn't always give that healing and even when He does we still become sick and die eventually. Do we trust in His sovereign choices or trust only in getting what we want? Will we fix our eyes on the storm in this fading world or on the Christ of heaven? — David Holdsworth

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By David G. McAfee

Miracles are commonplace in religious scripture. Our ancient ancestors are said to have felt Jesus' wounds, verified Muhammad's ascent to heaven, and even interacted with their respective deities directly. Today, believers have no such luxury. They are forced to rely on blind faith that these things occurred, that people were at one time able to overcome or render inert natural laws. — David G. McAfee

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Mary Shelley

The ancient teachers of this science," said he, "promised impossibilities and performed nothing. The modern masters promise very little; they know that metals cannot be transmuted and that the elixir of life is a chimera but these philosophers, whose hands seem only made to dabble in dirt, and their eyes to pore over the microscope or crucible, have indeed performed miracles. They penetrate into the recesses of nature and show how she works in her hiding-places. They ascend into the heavens; they have discovered how the blood circulates, and the nature of the air we breathe. They have acquired new and almost unlimited powers; they can command the thunders of heaven, mimic the earthquake, and even mock the invisible world with its own shadows. — Mary Shelley

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

Real religion does not mean Gods - it does not mean Angels and Demons - it does not mean miracles of healing. Real religion is all about you and your fellow humans. There is nothing else. — Abhijit Naskar

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Ruth Hurmence Green

The plan was for Jesus to come to Earth two thousand years ago with a pocketful of miracles and souls for the people who were then alive. After his return to heaven from Earth he is going to build those mansions, come back before his generation dies out, finally put an end to the world which has been such a rotten disappointment, and deposit most of these souls in hell. No wonder heaven is only 12,000 furlongs wide, long, and high. — Ruth Hurmence Green

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By J.C. Ryle

It describes him as a fallen creature, of his own nature inclined to evil, a creature needing not only a pardon, but a new heart, to make him fit for heaven. It shows him to be a corrupt being under every circumstance, when left to himself, corrupt after the loss of paradise, corrupt after the flood, corrupt when fenced in by divine laws and commandments, corrupt when the Son of God came down and visited him in the flesh, corrupt in the face of warnings, promises. miracles, judgments, mercies. — J.C. Ryle

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Lionel Suggs

People thank God when God no longer sits on the throne. The angels descend down to deliver miracles because they are trying to maintain the face of God. In the end, you must place your hopes and prayers with the angels. It has become quite sad in Heaven without its puppet master. — Lionel Suggs

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By R. Alan Streett

Many theologians believe the Gospel writers include miracle stories in order to prove that Jesus is divine. But miracles are not proof of deity. Many Old Testament prophets heal people and even raise them from the dead, yet they are mere mortals. Jesus's miracle ministry is a demonstration that the kingdom of God has arrived. Heaven on Earth, pg. 105. — R. Alan Streett

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Samuel Rutherford

When I look to my guiltiness, I see that my salvation is one of our Saviour's greatest miracles, either in heaven or earth. — Samuel Rutherford

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By T.H. White

Jenny, all my life I have wanted to do miracles. I have wanted to be holy. I suppose it was ambition or pride or some other unworthy thing. It was not enough for me to conquer the world
I wanted to conquer heaven too. — T.H. White

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

I don't need to go to heaven or hell. I have been both places and always wanted more. I will settle for somewhere in between, so eternity never becomes dull and every miracle is something I never take for granted. — Shannon L. Alder

Miracles From Heaven Quotes By Jeffrey Tucker

The market economy is delivering miracles by the minute and yet we hardly notice or care; worse, we denounce the realization of this dream of all of history, this coming of heaven on earth and call it decadent and dangerous. — Jeffrey Tucker