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Top Millrace Quotes

Millrace Quotes By Paul Hawken

If you look at the science that describes what is happening on earth today and aren't pessimistic, you don't have the correct data. If you meet people in this unnamed movement and aren't optimistic, you haven't got a heart. — Paul Hawken

Millrace Quotes By Matthew Henry

A state of apostasy is worse than a state of ignorance. — Matthew Henry

Millrace Quotes By Teresa Flavin

Blaise decided that the thing he would remember most about this London was the sour stink of it. The overripe foulness of the streets made him gag, and when a woman emptied a chamber pot from a top window, nearly catching him in its spray, he bent over and wretched, much to the Nightsneaks' amusement. — Teresa Flavin

Millrace Quotes By Confucius

A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart. — Confucius

Millrace Quotes By Robert Louis Stevenson

The most racking pangs succeeded: a grinding in the bones, deadly nausea, and a horror of the spirit that cannot be exceeded at the hour of birth or death. Then these agonies began swiftly to subside, and I came to myself as if out of a great sickness. There was something strange in my sensations, something indescribably sweet. I felt younger, lighter, happier in body; within I was conscious of a heady recklessness, a current of disordered sensual images running like a millrace in my fancy, a solution of the bonds of obligation, an unknown but innocent freedom of the soul. I knew myself, at the first breath of this new life, to be more wicked, tenfold more wicked, sold a slave to my original evil and the thought, in that moment, braced and delighted me like wine. — Robert Louis Stevenson

Millrace Quotes By Guy Pearce

Well, I never wear shoes at home. Never. — Guy Pearce

Millrace Quotes By Zainab Omaki

The chaos of their voices registers as a single, overwhelming force cutting off her ability to reason, and all she wants is to get as far away from people as possible. — Zainab Omaki

Millrace Quotes By Billy Corgan

Most people don't know that wrestling came out of the circus. — Billy Corgan

Millrace Quotes By Amy Fusselman

And this is how I come face to face with my selfishness, because I don't know if I can enjoy this goldfish without knowing that he loves me, or if not loves me, then at least depends on me, i.e., swims up to my fingers greedily when I fill them with salty-smelling rainbow-colored flakes, and wiggle them over his head.

And this is disturbing to realize, that I have such difficulty enjoying anything that doesn't know I exist. Especially when I stop and think how big the world is, the world that is not even Japan or India, the world that is the room next door. — Amy Fusselman

Millrace Quotes By Fazlur Rahman

The successful are those who can be saved from their own selfishness. — Fazlur Rahman

Millrace Quotes By Betty Smith

Several times that day, the name or thought of Papa had come up. And each time, Francie had felt a flash of tenderness instead of the old stab of pain. "Am I forgetting him?" she thought. "In time to come, will it be hard to remember anything about him? I guess it's like Granma Mary Rommely says: 'With time, passes all.' The first year was hard because we could say last 'lection he voted. Last Thanksgiving he ate with us. But next year it will be two years ago that he ... and as time passes it will be harder and harder to remember and keep track. — Betty Smith

Millrace Quotes By Sharon Stone

The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men. — Sharon Stone

Millrace Quotes By Paulo Coelho

True love, is the love that seduces and will never allow itself to be seduced. — Paulo Coelho