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Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes & Sayings

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Top Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

There is no point in worrying about the effect [result], which has already occurred. It is worth paying attention to the facts (causes) upon which the effects [results] are based. — Dada Bhagwan

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Saint Augustine

God will cleanse your sins if you yourself are dissatisfied with yourself and will keep on changing until you are perfect. — Saint Augustine

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Michael Collins

I am also planning to leave a lot of things undone. Part of life's mystery depends on future possibilities, and mystery is an elusive quality which evaporates when sampled frequently, to be followed by boredom. For example, catching various types of fish is on my list of good things to do, but I would be reluctant to rush into it, even if i had the time. I want no part of destroying fishing as a mysterious sport. — Michael Collins

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Tom Wolfe

The greatest promotion I ever had on a newspaper was when 'The Washington Post' suddenly promoted me from city-side general assignment reporter to Latin American correspondent and sent me off to Cuba. Fidel Castro had just come to power. It was a very exciting assignment, but also very serious. — Tom Wolfe

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Marina Keegan

The notion that it's too late to do anything is comical. It's hilarious. — Marina Keegan

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By E. M. Forster

Self-pity ? I see no moral objections to it, the smell drives people away, but that's a practical objection, and occasionally an advantage. — E. M. Forster

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Carl J. Lavie

But because of this, in many ways obesity is also the ultimate scapegoat - the villain we can easily blame when there's anything wrong going on in the body. And we often blame obesity as the prime suspect even when it's a mere consequence of other problems going on in the body. — Carl J. Lavie

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Paul Auster

Children, I mean, think of your own childhood, how important the bedtime story was. How important these imaginary experiences were for you. They helped shape reality, and I think human beings wouldn't be human without narrative fiction. — Paul Auster

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Soman Chainani

It's not what we are, Sophie. It's what we do. — Soman Chainani

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Richard Platt

The Christian apologist has become someone who is virtually expected to apologize for being a Christian, and that has to stop. — Richard Platt

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Dean Koontz

To understand the universe, our world, and all life in the world, you have to step out of time, which for living humanity is not an option, because we are a part of this painting, characters within it, able to perceive it only as a continuing series of events, episodes. However, because we are conscious creatures with the gift of reason, we can seek and learn and extrapolate from what we learn, and conceive the truth. — Dean Koontz

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Maria Mitchell

I made observations for three hours last night, and am almost ill today from fatigue; still I have worked all day, trying to reduce the places, and mean to work hard again tonight. — Maria Mitchell

Michael Collins Astronaut Quotes By Bertrand Russell

My sad conviction is that people can only agree about what they're not really interested in. — Bertrand Russell