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Quotes & Sayings About Miami University

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Miami University Quotes By Howard Finster

I had a call to the University of Miami where I'd run a revival in 1950. — Howard Finster

Miami University Quotes By Jason Silva

I was at the University of Miami, and I still had, like, a semester or so left. And through the film school, I found out that Al Gore was launching a new TV network; they were looking for passionate young storytellers to transform television, which was, like, ambiguous but magnificent-sounding. — Jason Silva

Miami University Quotes By Lisa Birnbach

The University of Miami is not a campus with visible school spirit, just visible tan lines. — Lisa Birnbach

Miami University Quotes By Paul Levine

At the prosecution table, Flagler gave me his Ivy League snicker. If I wanted, I could dangle him out the window by his ankles. But then, I was picking up penalties for late hits while he was singing tenor with the Whiffenpoofs. Okay, so I'm not Yale Law Review, but I'm proud of my diploma. University of Miami. Night division. Top half of the bottom third of my class. — Paul Levine

Miami University Quotes By Peter Nygard

Stem cells are being used for anti-aging, and the University of Miami is doing a study about that to prove that it is true. They are looking at me, and my markers have shown exactly that I have been actually reversing my aging and getting younger. I am taking perhaps more stem-cell treatment than anybody else in the world. — Peter Nygard

Miami University Quotes By Carmen Busquets

I was always into fashion, and used to go on spending sprees when I was a university student in Miami. My father would be furious, but I would always say, 'It was an emergency! I had a party to go to!' — Carmen Busquets

Miami University Quotes By Jonathan Vilma

Coming from the University of Miami, I developed really good study habits. — Jonathan Vilma

Miami University Quotes By Ray Liotta

My dad said, 'Go to college and take whatever you want.' So, I went to the University of Miami. When I got up to the line at registration, I saw that you had to take math and history. I said, 'There's no way I'm taking math and history.' And right next to it was the line for the drama department. — Ray Liotta

Miami University Quotes By Chuck Todd

I'm an avid University of Miami Hurricanes fan. I hope to come to the day where I can still do some stuff for NBC and somehow integrate it with an RV tour of the South for college football. Luckily, my wife, she's a Florida State alum, so I wouldn't have to talk her into it. I think our kids would think we're weird. — Chuck Todd

Miami University Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

At nineteen, I certainly didn't know the answer, although I already knew more about death than most of the other pimple-ridden pudding heads in my sophomore class at the University of Miami. — Jeff Lindsay

Miami University Quotes By Jimmy Johnson

The other thing was that when I was at the University of Miami, we ran a pro-style offense and defense. I started each year by going to a pro training camp, I visited with various pro coaches, and I did this for five years. — Jimmy Johnson

Miami University Quotes By Gloria Estefan

I'd love to have a program like 'Dr. Laura.' I studied psychology at the University of Miami, and when I rode the bus home from school, perfect strangers would strike up conversations with me and end up telling me their life stories. I think they could sense that I was studying to help people. That, or I have a face like a priest. — Gloria Estefan