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Top Messy Situations Quotes

Messy Situations Quotes By Anthony D. Ravenscroft

It's a false premise to say that most monogamous people have chosen monogamy. Most people belong to the religion they were raised in ... because that's what's familiar. That's the milieu they grew up in, and, for better or worse, they're just continuing the pattern. Until this traditionalist mindset is shaken loose, you would likely try from reflex to impose notions onto nonmonogamy that are not only untenable in the new context but spel sudden and messy doom even in situations that otherwise could be worked out. — Anthony D. Ravenscroft

Messy Situations Quotes By Michele Bachmann

A lot of families deal with messy, inconvenient situations. Because that's life. Life doesn't turn out and it's not perfect. My life hasn't been perfect but it's what I'm going to make out of it. — Michele Bachmann

Messy Situations Quotes By Bill Cosby

There are no absolutes in raising children. In any stressful situation, fathering is always a roll of the dice. The game may be messy, but I have never found one with more joys and rewards. — Bill Cosby

Messy Situations Quotes By Kerri Maniscalco

What I'm talking about is trying to solve a riddle or crime. Emotions play no role there. They're too messy and complicated." He leaned on his elbows, staring into my eyes. "But they're good in other situations, I suppose. For instance - I've not yet figured out the formula for love or romance. Perhaps I shall learn one day soon. — Kerri Maniscalco

Messy Situations Quotes By Meg Wolitzer

What was it about needy girls? Jules wondered. They felt like they had the right to be needy, because they knew that other people would be interested in - although annoyed at - their needs. ... They got all the attention. Boys turned their focus toward them, and messy situations results. — Meg Wolitzer