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Top Messing Up With Someone Quotes

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Laila Ali

While I was boxing professionally, I never thought about my looks. The furthest thing from my mind was 'messing up my pretty face' when I was on my way to the ring to meet my opponent. Yet, people I'd meet along the way would always ask me if I was worried about my looks. Then they would go on to say that I was 'too pretty to box.' — Laila Ali

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Debra Messing

Court TV. I can't stop watching it. I am absolutely obsessed! If I'm not reading a book or spending time with my husband, my friends or my dog, I am watching Court TV. — Debra Messing

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By John Brownlow

Ted: A fucking good poem is a weapon.
and not like a
a popgun or something.
- It's a bomb.
It's like a bloody big bomb.
Sylvia: That's why they make children
learn them in school.
They don't want them messing about
with them on their own.
I mean, just imagine
if a sonnet went off accidentally.
Boom. — John Brownlow

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Buchi Emecheta

I always value my large kitchen because it was better to do everything there, you wash up, you do everything, rather than messing up another room and I pop my typewriter just next to it. So I still write now but I was doing more writing when the children were younger. — Buchi Emecheta

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Samantha Chase

He still had the problem with getting the album finished. Now was definitely not the time to be messing around with a reporter or a woman. And now he had both those things rolled into one glorious package. He just hoped he survived them both. — Samantha Chase

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Bijou Hunter

I want to punch him, but I don't because he's Pax. I can never tell if he's really so dumb that he doesn't even know he's dumb. If he's that stupid, I don't feel good about messing with him. — Bijou Hunter

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Max Cannon

I just don't want anyone messing around with my pure smoking pleasure. — Max Cannon

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Robert Radcliffe

Splash or crash? Do you want special ops messing about in boats? Or special ops messing in aeroplanes? — Robert Radcliffe

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Jon S. Lewis

Relax, Salazar. I'm just messing around. Besides, I have my eye on somebody right now."
"Who?" Danielle and Colt said at the same time.
"That's on a need-to-know basis," Oz said, "and right now neither one of you needs to know. — Jon S. Lewis

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Simone Elkeles

What are you boys doing?" she asks, as if we're still little kids messing around.
"Arguin'," Carlos says matter-of-factly. — Simone Elkeles

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Chris Pine

When I'm kissing someone, I don't want to feel as though I'm rubbing off all the makeup that's on their face or messing things around. I think natural is better. — Chris Pine

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Debra Messing

I'm a mom, and I'm always looking for ways to encourage, support, and embolden my son to help make him believe in himself. — Debra Messing

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Romesh Wadhwani

I don't want to live with the guilt of messing up someone's retirement fund. — Romesh Wadhwani

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Morgan Matson

She seemed to still be completely unaware that Elliot was pining openly for her and messing up customers' orders as a result. And the one time I'd tried to hint to her that there might be dating prospects with someone she already knew, someone she was friends with, she'd thought I was trying to set her up with Warren, and things had briefly gotten very uncomfortable. — Morgan Matson

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Debra Messing

You can see with the proliferation of magazines, you know, that just focus entirely on that. So it just - it seems like there (was) a lot of fodder and a lot of stories and fun things to poke fun at and highlight. — Debra Messing

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Codi Gary

She was the best friend he'd ever had, and he'd tried to resist messing it up, tried not to feel anything else for her, but it was inevitable. He was meant to love Gemma Carlson. — Codi Gary

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Robert J. Crane

The hot air wrapped me up like a blanket, curling around my body and making me want to hang my tongue out like a dog. And then spray it with water. From a fire hose. On full blast. I don't know, I think the heat was messing with my mind. It — Robert J. Crane

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Amanda Hocking

You can't go messing around with people's hearts. It never ends well, no matter how good your intentions might be -Daniel — Amanda Hocking

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Nick Clegg

I've just been away for a week, and I dropped my BlackBerry in the sea while I was messing around with the kids, so no one can reach me. Blissful. I heartily recommend it. — Nick Clegg

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Robert Benchley

What is to be done with people who can't read a Sunday paper without messing it all up? ... Show me a Sunday paper which has been left in a condition fit only for kite flying, and I will show you an antisocial and dangerous character who has left it that way. — Robert Benchley

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By J. Randy Taraborrelli

What's to rationalize? You mean you shouldn't pray if you haven't got your s
t together? This is another fairly common misconception of faith, which is that people who go to church, or people who pray, or people who talk about their religion must be, somehow more pious or ethically rigorous or have more morally cleansed lifestyle. The high correlation is supposed to be between faith and your search, the depth of your search, your willingness to try, your willingness to admit error, your hope and belief in the ultimate meaning and value of that search.' - Timothy Shriver — J. Randy Taraborrelli

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Jonathan Maberry

Yo! Deadheads," he yelled, waving his sword to taunt them. "Nice try, but you're messing with Benny-freaking-Imura, zombie killer. Booyah! — Jonathan Maberry

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Klay Thompson

As a rule, I do not approve of messing around with coffee. No sugar, no milk, no chocolate, hazelnuts, cinnamon, no nothing ... Just drink it black, the way God does — Klay Thompson

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Debra Messing

Write hand-written notes daily and commit to supporting the growth and self-esteem of children, because it makes such a big difference in terms of their capacity for learning. — Debra Messing

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Andy Milonakis

I want to put some effort into a bunch of different types of videos. I don't think I'm gonna do 'Man On The Street' messing with people, I don't think I'm gonna do over-the-top wacky comedy. — Andy Milonakis

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Jaci Burton

She hated that he was here, messing up her life, making her want things she'd wanted for a long time, then pushed to the back of her mind, forcing herself to forget.
She inhaled the scent of him. Big mistake, because God help her, she wanted to put her hands on him, and in that moment she realized the feelings she had for him weren't dead. — Jaci Burton

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Nessie Q.

Say my name with hints of longing and hunger. I'd like to hear the desire in your voice scraping against the walls, messing up the sheets of my bed, scratching on my skin. Caress every single letter of me like you're making love to me. I want to be owned by you. — Nessie Q.

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Debra Messing

Repeat after me: 'I am doing the best that I can.' — Debra Messing

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Markus Zusak

Have me, they said, and there was no stopping them. They were frightened, no question, but they were not afraid of me. It was a fear of messing up and having to face themselves again, and facing the world, and the likes of you.
There was nothing I could do.
They had too many ways, they were too resourceful - and when they did it too well, whatever their chosen method, I was in no position to refuse. — Markus Zusak

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Debra Messing

I love to do glamorous things, like wear Valentino. — Debra Messing

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By David Levithan

He wants to know, "Why would you fuck up Tris's Barbies?" and now I'm like, Shit, is this the price of the sacrifice for Caroline passing out unexpectedly early - that Nick has taken over the melancholy stage that usually follows Caroline's inquisitive one? "I have three sisters and I know that's some serious business, messing with another girl's Barbies." Okay, maybe he's not being melancholy because his sarcastic smile lets me know he's back to being standard-issue band-boy irony creature. Damn him that it somewhat makes me wanna jump his bones. — David Levithan

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Stacia Kane

We don't like murders here, said a man's voice, low and threatening, from the back of the crowd. Megan glanced at Cassie and her friends. They looked away, as if they didn't see what was happening.
Anger boiled in her chest. Why wouldn't they leave her alone? She hadn't killed anyone. She hadn't killed Harlen Trooper, all those years ago. She knew it and the judge knew it. She hadn't even been charged.
If I wanted to, I could have you all killed, she thought, and was stunned when the thought didn't scare her the way it should. She looked at their faces, stony and stubbled, shiny with alcoholic sweat. The power in her chest hadn't worked against Ktana Leyak, but it could against them, this miserable bunch of humans with their heavy boots and beer guts.
She pictured those guts exploding. She pictured the terror in their eyes when they realized they were messing with the wrong fucking demon, they were -
Demon? — Stacia Kane

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Neil Gaiman

The world is full of all sorts of brilliant stuff and I haven't found out all about it yet, so I don't want anyone messing it about or endin' it before I've had the chance to find out about it.
-Adam to DEATH & the 4 horsepeople of the Apocalypse — Neil Gaiman

Messing Up With Someone Quotes By Debra Messing

I think the institute of marriage is a noble thing. The idea of a partner for life is incredibly romantic. But now we're living to 100. A hundred years ago people were dying at age 37. Til death do us part was a much different deal. — Debra Messing