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Top Merging Quotes

Merging Quotes By Marie Dressler

Never one thing and seldom one person can make for a success. It takes a number of them merging into one perfect whole. — Marie Dressler

Merging Quotes By Virginia Lee

The merging of characteristics between different species creates a very powerful language, one that I love to explore through my art, enabling me to tap into the unconscious. — Virginia Lee

Merging Quotes By Phil McGraw

There has never been a merging of two lives where significant problems of daily living did not occur. One way or another, your relationship is going to be affected. The only question is how. There's a big difference between knowing and doing. It's not what happens between partners that determines the outcome of a relationship, it's how they handle what happens. If all you deal with in your relationship is problems, then you will have a problem relationship. If you want your pound of flesh with full acknowledgement that you're right, your future will be dim. — Phil McGraw

Merging Quotes By Art Hochberg

When you really merge with someone, it's not that you merge with them, you're merging with love. — Art Hochberg

Merging Quotes By Scott Cunningham

Magic is not always serious or solemn.
It is a joyous celebration and merging with the life-force. — Scott Cunningham

Merging Quotes By Sidney Lanier

Gradually I find that my whole soul is merging itself into this business of writing, and especially of writing poetry. I am going to try it; and am going to test, in the most rigid way I know, the awful question whether it is my vocation. — Sidney Lanier

Merging Quotes By Natasa Nuit Pantovic


flow of Life governed by Tao
flow of change

acting through non-action

connecting with Earth and Moon and Sun

not inert or lazy or passive
but swimming swiftly
within the current
merging Life with Tao

quiet and watchful
receptive alert directly connected

acting without action
trusting detached without desire
spontaneous natural effortless
Living — Natasa Nuit Pantovic

Merging Quotes By Anais Nin

For the neurotic, the merging of the subconscious and the conscious may be risky, just as it is for the users of drugs. But for the writer who is aware of the way in which this connection exists in reality and nourishes creativity, the sooner he can achieve a synthesis among intellect, emotion, and instinct, the sooner his work will be integrated. — Anais Nin

Merging Quotes By Liu Cixin

And now we know that this is the journey that must be made by every civilization: awakening inside a cramped cradle, toddling out of it, taking flight, flying faster and farther, and, finally, merging with the fate of the universe as one. The ultimate fate of all intelligent beings has always been to become as grand as their thoughts. — Liu Cixin

Merging Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

It is also good to love: because love is difficult. For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us, the ultimate task, the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation ... Loving does not at first mean merging, surrendering, and uniting with another person (for what would a union be of two people who are unclarified, unfinished, and still incoherent?), it is a high inducement for the individual to ripen, to become something in himself, to become world, to become world in himself for the sake of another person; it is a great, demanding claim on him, something that chooses him and calls him to vast distances ... Merging and surrendering and every kind of communion is not for them (who must still, for a long, long time, save and gather themselves); it is the ultimate, is perhaps that for which human lives are as yet barely large enough. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Merging Quotes By Linwood Barclay

Switching over to a hybrid car is one of those right things, but, unfairly or not, it still has a reputation among car enthusiasts as something you have to pedal really fast when you're on the ramp merging into traffic on the 401. — Linwood Barclay

Merging Quotes By Anthony Burgess

Immortality makes sense only when the individual soul can be thought of as merging into a great collective mush of sainthood. If we take anything with us into the next world, it is not what survives in the memories of our relicts. — Anthony Burgess

Merging Quotes By Maya Lin

I left science, then I went into art, but I approach things very analytically. I choose to pursue both art and architecture as completely separate fields rather than merging them. — Maya Lin

Merging Quotes By Rajneesh

The master is already merged into existence. Merging into the master you are really merging with existence itself. The master functions only as a door, and a door is an emptiness; you pass through it. The master is the door to the beyond. — Rajneesh

Merging Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Meditation is existence. When we meditate, all we are simply doing is letting go and allowing ourselves to dissolve back into that which we really are. We are merging with life and light. — Frederick Lenz

Merging Quotes By Paul Davies

Very, very slowly, the dwarf remnants of what was once our mighty sun will cool and dim, until it embarks on its final metamorphosis, gradually solidifying into a crystal of extraordinary rigidity. Eventually it will fade out completely, merging quietly into the blackness of space. — Paul Davies

Merging Quotes By George MacDonald

heaven is high and deep, and its lower air is music; in the upper regions the music may pass, who knows, merging unlost, into something endlessly better! — George MacDonald

Merging Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

Loving isn't merging, surrendering, uniting with the other. Rather, it's a kind of solitude; of profound aloneness. It induces you to mature and become whole for the sake of your beloved ... to truly love another, you must first wholly love yourself. Love therefore exacts the most demanding claim of all; it both chooses you and pursues you, and reaches out, as if over vast distances, to call and draw you into your now and future self.
John VanDyke Wilmerding, ideas put forth inspired by ('after') Rainer Maria Rilke's 'Letters to a Young Poet — Rainer Maria Rilke

Merging Quotes By James Dyson

I'm not into politics but I am committed to a cause: ensuring design technology and engineering stays on the U.K. curriculum, alongside science and maths - grounding abstract theory, merging the practical with the academic. — James Dyson

Merging Quotes By Ted Dekker

To love in any way is to be like a child - it means to be vulnerable, to be wide-eyed, to be selfless. There is no such thing as free love; love is the most
costly expression in the world. To love romantically is to give of
oneself fully and completely, a merging and meshing of souls so
that the twain become a unity. It is to allow the sense of wonder
to fully enrapture. — Ted Dekker

Merging Quotes By Greg Cox

Perhaps, but this Awakening felt very different from those in the past. A peculiar sensation seemed to
spread throughout his body, propelled by the very beating of his heart. Within his veins, lycan blood
mixed with his own, merging in an unexpected alchemical reaction. He felt a change come over him, a
fundamental transformation in his very nature. Power such as he had never known surged through his
His eyes snapped open, revealing a pair of jet-black orbs.
Hybrid eyes. — Greg Cox

Merging Quotes By Rak Razam

The sound of his purging next to me, long and deep and often was like a backbeat throughout the night. He's been wrestling with visions of the spirit world, alien landscapes like inverted Photoshop jungle lakes, plants merging into the sky and insects and beasts alive with the sweat and pulse of life, all of us cuaght up in a genomic swirl. — Rak Razam

Merging Quotes By Jay Kristoff

With a far-future setting merging Chinese and American culture, 'Firefly' also saw high-tech futurism blended with the traditional Wild West. — Jay Kristoff

Merging Quotes By Virginia Woolf

... she felt, more and more strongly, outside that eddy; or as if a shade had fallen, and robbed of colour, she saw things truly ... Nothing seemed to have merged. They all sat separate. And the whole of the effort of merging and flowing and creating rested ... and so, giving herself the little shake that one gives a watch that has stopped, the old familiar pulse began beating, as the watch begins ticking - one, two, three, one, two, three. And so on and so on, she repeated, listening to it, sheltering and fostering the still feeble pulse as one might guard a weak flame with a newspaper ... life being now strong enough to bear her on again, she began all this business, as a sailor not without weariness sees the wind fill his sail and yet hardly wants to be off again and thinks how, had the ship sunk, he would have whirled round and round and found rest on the floor of the sea. — Virginia Woolf

Merging Quotes By David Letterman

I heard this rumor that al Qaeda is merging with Hamas. Yeah, I got that tip from Martha Stewart. — David Letterman

Merging Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

I'm beyond rational thought. Beyond words, beyond comprehensible ideas. Seconds are merging into minutes and hearts are collapsing and hands are grasping and I've tripped over a planet and I don't know anything anymore, I don't know anything because nothing will ever be able to compare to this. Nothing will ever capture the way I'm feeling right now. — Tahereh Mafi

Merging Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

An introspective person seeks to attain a pure state of consciousness by merging finitude in infinity and by expressing the rapture of the soul through the contemplation and adoration of beauty. In this brief interlude of time, I surrender to becoming a cog in the roadway, an insentient time traveler, a ward of eternity, a day-tripper, a nighttime dream weaver, a blip in the cosmos, a freebase glob of energy, an imaginable disk of bundled vitality that wants for nothing. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Merging Quotes By Albert Camus

For the Greeks, values existed a priori and marked out the exact limits of every action. Modern philosophy places its values at the completion of action. They are not, but they become, and we shall know them completely only at the end of history. When they disappear, limits vanish as well, and since ideas differ as to what these values will be, since there is no struggle which, unhindered by these same values, does not extend indefinitely, we are now witnessing the Messianic forces confronting one another, their clamors merging in the shock of empires. Excess is a fire, according to Heraclitus. The fire is gaining ground; Nietzsche has been overtaken. It is no longer with hammer blows but with cannon shots that Europe philosophizes. — Albert Camus

Merging Quotes By Anne Enright

And what amazes me as I hit the motorway is not the fact that everyone loses someone, but that everyone loves someone. It seems like such a massive waste of energy
and we all do it, all the people beetling along between the white lines, merging, converging, overtaking. We each love someone, even though they will die. And we keep loving them, even when they are not there to love any more. And there is no logic or use to any of this, that I can see. — Anne Enright

Merging Quotes By Iain M. Banks

Ulver Seich woke up in the best possible way. She surfaced with a languorous slowness through fuzzy layers of luxurious half-dreams and memories of sweetness, sensuality and sheer carnal bliss ... to find it all merging rather splendidly into reality, and what was happening right now. — Iain M. Banks

Merging Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Financial institutions have been merging into a smaller number of very large banks. Almost all banks are interrelated. So the financial ecology is swelling into gigantic, incestuous, bureaucratic banks-when one fails, they all fall ... We have moved from a diversified ecology of small banks, with varied lending policies, to a more homogeneous framework of firms that all resemble one another. True, we now have fewer failures, but when they occur ... I shiver at the thought. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Merging Quotes By Beryl Bender Birch

The experience of yoga is unspeakable. It's the experience of samadhi. It's the experience of connectedness, of oneness, boundlessness, merging with God consciousness ... even if it's just for an instant. — Beryl Bender Birch

Merging Quotes By Erna Paris

In our tribunal, we look only at personal criminal responsibility in a very tightly defined, narrow way and we demand proof beyond a resonable doubt about the involvement of the individual. We do no have a mandate to establish the moral responsibility of those who saw things happen and did nothing, including people who might have had the capacity to stop the process and did nothing. But we have to be careful in thinking that just because we focus on individual criminal guilt we therefore absolve the community. The old distinctions are too simplistic when we move up the chain of command and witness the merging of the collectivity into the personae of these charismatic political and military leaders.'
-Louise Arbour, Chief Prosecutor for International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia — Erna Paris

Merging Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

The point of marriage is not to create a quick commonality by tearing down all boundaries; on the contrary, a good marriage is one in which each partner appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude, and thus they show each other the greatest possible trust. A merging of two people is an impossibility, and where it seems to exist, it is a hemming-in, a mutual consent that robs one party or both parties of their fullest freedom and development. But once the realization is accepted that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvelous living side-by-side can grow up for them, if they succeed in loving the expanse between them, which gives them the possibility of always seeing each other as a whole and before an immense sky. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Merging Quotes By Leah Raeder

Two boys, both in varsity football, kissing under the bleachers, muscular silhouettes merging against the deep purple sky. I wasn't the only one with a secret. In the grand scheme of things, my secret wasn't even as dangerous as some of theirs. — Leah Raeder

Merging Quotes By Marie Rutkoski

The beauty of the flute was in its simplicity, in its resemblance to the human voice. It always sounded clear. It sounded alone. The piano, on the other hand, was a network of parts - a ship, with its strings like rigging, its case a hull, its lifted lid a sail. Kestrel always thought that the piano didn't sound like a single instrument but a twinned one, with its low and high halves merging together or pulling apart. — Marie Rutkoski

Merging Quotes By Charles Seife

Banishing zero also solves the infinity problems in general relativity. If you imagine a black hole as a string, no longer do objects fall through a rip in the fabric of space-time. Instead, a particle loop approaching a black-hole loop stretches out and touches the black hole. The two loops tremble, tear, and form one loop: a slightly more massive black hole. (Some theorists believe that the act of merging a particle to a black hole creates bizarre particles such as tachyons: particles with imaginary mass that travel backward in time and move faster than light. Such particles might be admissable in certain versions of string theory.) — Charles Seife

Merging Quotes By Laini Taylor

Walking through, Karou experienced it all in a rush of old and new experience that was like the convergence of two swift rivers: Madrigal's memory and Karou's marvel, merging at every step. — Laini Taylor

Merging Quotes By Adam McKay

Benito Mussolini created the word 'fascism.' He defined it as 'the merging of the state and the corporation.' He also said a more accurate word would be 'corporatism.' This was the definition in Webster's up until 1987 when a corporation bought Webster's and changed it to exclude any mention of corporations. — Adam McKay

Merging Quotes By Christina Baker Kline

It's hard selling books in general: companies are merging, editors being laid off, bricks-and-mortar bookstores closing, large chain bookstores squeezing out independents, and online retailers squeezing out chain bookstores. — Christina Baker Kline

Merging Quotes By Matt Haig

And after that, after the awkward shuffling away of that last thin layer of clothes, words retreated to the sounds they once were. We had sex. A happy entanglement of warm limbs and warmer love. A physical and psychological merging that conjured a kind of inner light, a bio-emotional phosphorescence, that was overwhelming in its gorgeousness. I wondered why they weren't prouder of it. Of this magic. I wondered why, if they had to have flags, why they didn't just opt for one with a picture of sex. — Matt Haig

Merging Quotes By Ryan Seacrest

As much as we all talk about the future and how so many things are merging, there is a simplicity that is crucial. — Ryan Seacrest

Merging Quotes By Marshall McLuhan

An administrator in a bureaucratic world is a man who can feel big by merging his non-entity in an abstraction. A real person in touch with real things inspires terror in him. — Marshall McLuhan

Merging Quotes By Swami Dhyan Giten

Enlightenment is not an experience at all, because the experiencer is lost. The "I", the ego is lost.
Enlightenment is more like an experiencing. It is a process. It begins, but it never ends. You enter it, but you can never possess it. It is a deep merging and melting with Existence. It is a oneness. It is like a drop dropping into the Ocean. — Swami Dhyan Giten

Merging Quotes By Walter Kirn

Literature had torn Tessa and me apart, or prevented us from merging in the first place. That was its role in the world, I'd started to fear: to conjure up disagreements that didn't matter and inspire people to act on them as though they mattered more than anything. Without literature, humans would all be one. Warfare was simply literature in arms. The pen was the reason man invented the sword. — Walter Kirn

Merging Quotes By Amy Harmon

And I shut off my anxious heart and my nervous head as dusk descended into another night, another meaningless merging, another attempt to find myself as I gave myself away. — Amy Harmon

Merging Quotes By Jane Olson

Comfort foods they may have been, but helpful foods they most definitely were not. By merging my identity with certain foods and thinking of them as old friends, I found myself in the food equivalent of a co-dependent, destructive relationship. I was allowing food to have the power of defining me as a person. And those foods had defined me, all right; they'd defined me as fat, miserable, out of breath, lacking in energy and self-worth, and looking terrible in sweat pants. If I was going to insist on relating to food as a friend, then clearly I needed new friends. — Jane Olson

Merging Quotes By W.E.B. Du Bois

The history of the American Negro is the history of this strife,
this longing to attain self-conscious manhood, to merge his double self into a better and truer self. In this merging he wishes neither of the older selves to be lost ... He simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both a Negro and an American ... — W.E.B. Du Bois

Merging Quotes By Ella Frank

In his mind, it's becoming more and more difficult to differentiate between the two. Both woman seem to be merging into one, and it's now impossible for him to stay away. — Ella Frank

Merging Quotes By Ventseslav Konstantinov

The greatest pleasure in translating is precisely this feeling of spiritual closeness and spiritual merging with the translated author. Moreover this spiritual relation is different with every writer. — Ventseslav Konstantinov

Merging Quotes By Nancy Friday

After sex, men fear too much intimacy; they want to separate again. Women want to talk, to continue the merging, melting fusion into one. Postcoital conversations keep the woman's power alive. Through unconscious severance, by falling asleep, the man regains his self. — Nancy Friday

Merging Quotes By S.J. Watson

I closed my eyes and he kissed my eyelids, barely brushing them with his lips. I felt safe, at home. I felt as if here, against his body, was the only place in which I belonged. The only place I had ever wanted to be. We lay in silence for a while, holding each other, our skin merging, our breathing synchronized. I felt as if silence might allow the moment to last for ever, which would still not be enough. — S.J. Watson

Merging Quotes By Morrissey

I had discovered that if you were to walk out of the school building with
concentrated quietism you would be neither stopped nor thought to be suspicious and this I did regularly for days of self exile in Longford Park awaiting signs of 3:40 movement when it would be safe to be seen on civilian streets. All of the vile merging forces of St. Mary's reduced me to nobody and it could only be by fleeing the wreckage that I saved myself. — Morrissey

Merging Quotes By Samuel Beckett

Words and images run riot in my head, pursuing, flying, clashing, merging, endlessly. But beyond this tumult there is a great calm, and a great indifference, never really to be troubled by anything again. — Samuel Beckett

Merging Quotes By Virginia Satir

Rearing a family is probably the most difficult job in the world. It resembles two business firms merging their respective resources to make a single product. All the potential headaches of that operation are present when an adult male and an adult female join to steer a child from infancy to adulthood. — Virginia Satir

Merging Quotes By J.M. McDermott

Do you know anything about hearts, Jona? The Senta know hearts. Hearts are not one organ. Inside a mother's womb, two pulsing bags of blood seek their eternal mate."
Her hand reached out to his. She opened his palm, and traced a finger down his lifeline, then his loveline. She lifted it up to her own face. She placed it on her cheek.
"Lungs are fine apart," she said, "Hands do not need another but to clap. Brains gnarl like roots in the nothing of soul, and guts spin in knots around the nothing of hunger. But hearts are made by two complete parts merging together. Once the two pieces sense each other in the blood flow, they cross every bloody cliff inside of us. The arteries bind the halves close. The veins make love to each other in the life pulse that makes all life from love entwined. — J.M. McDermott

Merging Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

There were days when Amory resented that life had changed from an even progress along a road stretching ever in sight, with the scenery merging and blending, into a succession of quick, unrelated scenes... — F Scott Fitzgerald

Merging Quotes By Yayoi Kusama

Suppose I put polka dots all over my body and then cover my background completely with polka dots. The polka dots on my body, merging with those in the background, create an optically strange scene. — Yayoi Kusama

Merging Quotes By Harriet Lerner

We commonly confuse closeness with sameness and view intimacy as the merging of two separate I's into one worldview. — Harriet Lerner

Merging Quotes By Olivia Laing

Collapse, spread, merging, union: these things sound like the opposite of loneliness, and yet intimacy requires a solid sense of self to be successful and satisfying. — Olivia Laing

Merging Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

A merging of two people is an impossibility, and where it seems to exist, it is a hemming-in, a mutual consent that robs one party or both parties of their fullest freedom and development. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Merging Quotes By Scott A. Lukas

Like the careful attention to the field of vision and landscape in pleasure gardens the tower uses vision as an apparatus to generate amusement, but it does so with a twist. By merging height and field of vision the Iron Tower allows the amusement patron to see everything that is happening below. Just — Scott A. Lukas

Merging Quotes By Stephen King

The essential and defining characteristic of childhood is not the effortless merging of dream and reality, but only alienation. There are no words for childhood's dark turns and exhalations. A wise child recognizes it and submits to the necessary consequences. A child who counts the cost is a child no longer. — Stephen King

Merging Quotes By Daniel Amory

The stars glittered in the sky and as the number of people at the party grew there were merging conversations and laughter and bodies moving in outlines around the kegs of beer in a curtsy of youth. — Daniel Amory

Merging Quotes By Philip K. Dick

Grief reunites you with what you've lost. It's a merging; you go with the loved thing or person that's going away. You follow it a far as you can go.
But finally,the grief goes away and you phase back into the world. Without him.
And you can accept that. What the hell choice is there? You cry, you continue to cry, because you don't ever completely come back from where you went with him
a fragment broken off your pulsing, pumping heart is there still. A cut that never heals.
And if, when it happens to you over and over again in life, too much of your heart does finally go away, then you can't feel grief any more. And then you yourself are ready to die. You'll walk up the inclined ladder and someone else will remain behind grieving for you. — Philip K. Dick

Merging Quotes By Franz Kafka

Last night I dreamed about you. What happened in detail I can hardly remember, all I know is that we kept merging into one another. I was you, you were me. Finally you somehow caught fire. — Franz Kafka

Merging Quotes By Mary Doria Russell

If somebody honks a horn in Cleveland, they're saying 'Hi.' It's so rare to be honked at in anger. When we have merging traffic, we just interweave. There's real courtesy. — Mary Doria Russell

Merging Quotes By Neal A. Maxwell

Even the early droplets of selfish decisions suggest a direction. Then the little inflecting rivulets come, merging into small brooks and soon into larger streams; finally one is swept along by a vast river which flows into the "gulf of misery and endless wo" (Hel. 5:12). — Neal A. Maxwell

Merging Quotes By Craig Newmark

The problem is that with blogging, the model is publish first, maybe fact-check later. In newspapers, the model is you fact check first and then publish. But those models are merging. — Craig Newmark

Merging Quotes By L.J.Smith

Merging like two drops of water.
Together in a way that humans could never know. — L.J.Smith

Merging Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Happiness is only gained when your mind is in extended states of attention, when your mind is merging with the infinite. — Frederick Lenz

Merging Quotes By Richelle Mead

Whether it's simply some fierce animal
joining of mates or a sublime merging
of souls, she is mine, and I am hers. — Richelle Mead

Merging Quotes By Penney Peirce

Projection into the future does not create security because the future is not really there. It's a fluid mirage. The only security is merging with The Field, right now. — Penney Peirce

Merging Quotes By Greg Thain

Once sufficient concentration and merging have taken place, the winners hope to be free to establish a more orderly form of competition between themselves, one where they create differential advantages for their stores, so that 'their shoppers' no longer see one store as substitutable for any other. — Greg Thain

Merging Quotes By Natasa Nuit Pantovic

The Secret of Enlightenment is not in Perfection but in Completeness. Everything that is below the Abyss carries the imperfection within.
After the Infinite establishes Divine Order, the Life of Duality as we know it on Earth begins. It is Yin and Yang in its Manifestation, and only through the two meeting, marrying, merging, they both reach God.' Ama Alchemy of Love by Nuit Quote — Natasa Nuit Pantovic

Merging Quotes By Howard Rheingold

We think of them as mobile phones, but the personal computer, mobile phone and the Internet are merging into some new medium like the personal computer in the 1980s or the Internet in the 1990s. — Howard Rheingold

Merging Quotes By Voltaire

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity. — Voltaire

Merging Quotes By Robert D. Kaplan

Indeed, Chicago seems to have literally sucked the air out of Springfield: another case of American becoming a network of massive city-states more intimately interconnected with other continents than with their own hinterlands. It is in the merging with the rest of the world and global civilization that the forces of division come to the fore at home. Springfield: another small city that should inspire but doesn't. — Robert D. Kaplan

Merging Quotes By Selma Dabbagh

Soldier on guard says they've identified "someone on two legs a hundred metres from the outpost". The other soldier, in the lookout, says "A girl about ten," but by then they're already shooting. Girl's dead[ ... ]The point is this use of code, on two legs, denoting human. It reminded me of that speech by their Prime Minister saying that we were beasts walking on two legs [ ... ]The idea that having legs makes you human. I thought of adding a Primo Levi-ish dimension to it. Merging this two-legged idea with a sort of general question about what is a man, you know, linking it to "if this is a man who labours in the mud/ who knows no peace/ who fights for a crust of bread?" [ ... ] my thesis being that the occupation, the closures, the siege have made amputees of all of us, crawling around in the mud. Legless in Gaza. The lot of us. — Selma Dabbagh

Merging Quotes By Rumi

Life Is Sweet
But Merging With You
Is Far Sweeter — Rumi

Merging Quotes By Haruki Murakami

You have to experience it to understand. One thing I can say, though, is that once you see that true sight with your own eyes, the world you've lived in up till now will look flat and insipid. There's no logic or illogic in that scene. No good or evil. Everything is merged into one. And you are part of that merging. You leave the boundary of your physical body behind to become a metaphysical being. You become intuition. — Haruki Murakami

Merging Quotes By Jeff Brown

Love doesn't fail us, it's our expectations that fail us. Lovers sometimes forget that the gift is the call to love itself, and not the result. The quickening, the deepening, the merging, the burning bright in love's cosmic kiln. That's the great gift, no matter where it leads. — Jeff Brown

Merging Quotes By B.K.S. Iyengar

In Savasana or in meditation, the light of the eyes is drawn towards the lotus of the heart, so that the seat of the intelligence of the head is brought into contact with the seat of the intelligence of the heart, which is called the mind. Thus one passes from the individualistic state of consciousness to the universal state of consciousness. It is the merging of the intellect of the brain with the intellect of the soul. — B.K.S. Iyengar

Merging Quotes By Sienna McQuillen

Many fear the loss of the Ego, but it is actually gain.
When a person loses the Ego, she can become One with All.
This is the Source of all Power, Grace, and Dignity.
The loss of Ego and the merging into the One actually increases personal power beyond verbal description.
Some experience this in the Marriage merger of two into one, and that is good, however, the married couple can also surrender its collective Ego to become One with All.
This is what some people hint at when they say God is the 3rd Person in their marriage.
Obviously, God is much more than that.
Perhaps such a married couple could say,
We are One with God,
We are One with All. — Sienna McQuillen

Merging Quotes By Mooji

We think there is a knowledge or practice or surrender is needed that will close an imagined or felt gap, and allow some kind of merging with the truth. This is an idea, a thought that will keep you searching forever for some blissful experience that will last - no experience lasts. Who is watching this? Don't try to imagine it. You will only create another concept an imagined object and a lot frustration. Just be that. - and don't expect it to be wow experience ... don't expect it to be anything. — Mooji

Merging Quotes By George Takei

'Star Trek' is science fiction. 'Star Wars' is science fantasy. Based on the episodes I worked on, I think with 'Star Wars: Clone Wars,' we're starting to see a merging, though. It does deal, philosophically, with some of the issues of the time, which is always something 'Star Trek' was known for. — George Takei

Merging Quotes By Gloria E. Anzaldua

The U.S.-Mexican border es un herida abierta where the Third World grates against the first and bleeds. And before a scab forms it hemorrhages again, the lifeblood of two worlds merging to form a third country - a border culture. — Gloria E. Anzaldua

Merging Quotes By Sabine Baring-Gould

The history of the Welsh, the Irish, the Highlanders, is just the same as that of the Gauls, one of internecine feud, no political cohesion, no capacity for merging private interests, forgetting private grudges for a patriotic cause. — Sabine Baring-Gould

Merging Quotes By Lauren Oliver

Of all the miracles Po had seen in the time and space of its death, Po thought this
the absorption of another, the carrying of it
was the most bewildering and remarkable of all. Whenever Bundle separated again, Po was left with an ache of sadness that reminded the ghost of the body it had left behind. — Lauren Oliver

Merging Quotes By Virginia Woolf

The inner life has its soft and gentle beauty; an abstract formlessness as well as a subtle charm. I often consider myself as a figure in a foggy painting: faltering lines, insecure distances, and a merging of greys and blacks. An emotion or a mood - a mere wisp of color - is shaded off and made to spread until it becomes one with all that surrounds it. — Virginia Woolf

Merging Quotes By Curtis Jackson

The opportunity and the concept of merging music culture with actual boxing is exciting. It's bringing a younger demographic to the sport. — Curtis Jackson

Merging Quotes By Erma Bombeck

You hear a lot of dialogue on the death of the American family. Families aren't dying. They're merging into big conglomerates. — Erma Bombeck

Merging Quotes By George C. Scott

Acting is characterization, the process of two entities merging-the actor and the role. — George C. Scott

Merging Quotes By Jonah Books

Once you cross the threshold of 30 plus years of marriage you soon realize that what use to be two is now merging into one. — Jonah Books

Merging Quotes By Paul Anthony

From one small spark a bushfire grows.
Sellers of misery are our foes.
Merging ruthlessly tongues of flame.
Point your finger at those to blame. — Paul Anthony

Merging Quotes By Ayn Rand

Only when you can feel contempt for your own priceless little ego, only then can you achieve the true, broad peace of selflessness, the merging of your spirit with the vast collective spirit of mankind. There is no room for the love of others within the tight, crowded miser's hole of a private ego. — Ayn Rand

Merging Quotes By Jonny Greenwood

It's like that scene from The Player when they talk about merging Star Wars and Kramer vs. Kramer, or whatever. You could do that with music and it would just be awful. — Jonny Greenwood

Merging Quotes By Samanthe Beck

Researchers could probably explain how the combination of thick black hair, riveting green eyes, and a slow, confident smile provoked some cascade of estrogen designed to fool the female mind into confusing a simple kiss with a merging of souls. — Samanthe Beck

Merging Quotes By Alexandra Katehakis

Remember, sex is never a thing you just had. Sex is the intercourse, the merging or convergence, of who the two of you are - your spirits merging. People ask, "How was it for you?" The reply is often, "It was great." But is this really the right question and answer? Instead, personalize your question and ask, "How are you?" Respond with depth. Gaze into each other's eyes and speak your truth: "I'm over the moon," or "I love you," or "I melted and I'm just coming back into myself. — Alexandra Katehakis

Merging Quotes By Herman Melville

At the time I now write of, Father Mapple was in the hardy winter of a healthy old age; that sort of old age which seems merging into a second flowering youth, for among all the fissures of his wrinkles, there shone certain mild gleams of a newly developing bloom - the spring verdure peeping forth even beneath February's snow. — Herman Melville