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Mentally Retarded Quotes By Meg Cabot

You're like the little mentally retarded sister I never had — Meg Cabot

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Steven Pinker

An average teenager today, if he or she could time-travel back to 1950, would have had an IQ of 118. If the teenager went back to 1910, he or she would have had an IQ of 130, besting 98 percent of his or her contemporaries. Yes, you read that right: if we take the Flynn Effect at face value, a typical person today is smarter than 98 percent of the people in the good old days of 1910. To state it in an even more jarring way, a typical person of 1910, if time-transported forward to the present, would have a mean IQ of 70, which is at the border of mental retardation. With the Raven's Progressive Matrices, a test that is sometimes considered the purest measure of general intelligence, the rise is even steeper. An ordinary person of 1910 would have an IQ of 50 today, which is smack in the middle of mentally retarded territory, between "moderate" and "mild" retardation. — Steven Pinker

Mentally Retarded Quotes By William F. Buckley Jr.

Bobby Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller are having a row, ostensibly over the plight of New York's mentally retarded, a loose definition of which would include everyone in New York who voted for Bobby Kennedy or Nelson Rockefeller. — William F. Buckley Jr.

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Lou Holtz

We have an obligation to help people that cannot help themselves. The mentally retarded, the physically retarded, et cetera. — Lou Holtz

Mentally Retarded Quotes By D. Allen Miller

Learning has been liberated from the despotism of the few and is now available to the mass public for one's own evolution. Yet many of us continue to find solace in illusions, in conformity to systematical oppression, in distractions that keep us mentally, socially and often physically retarded. — D. Allen Miller

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Robert Reisner

If the president finds time to help the mentally retarded, what are you doing that's so important? [Written underneath:] Working to get them out of Washington. — Robert Reisner

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Alex Pacheco

We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded human nchild because they are equal mentally in terms of dependence on others. — Alex Pacheco

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Frans De Waal

Our northern brethren buried their dead, were skilled toolmakers, kept fires going, and took care of the infirm just like early humans. The fossil record shows survival into adulthood of individuals afflicted with dwarfism, paralysis of the limbs, or the inability to chew. Going by exotic names such as Shanidar I, Romito 2, the Windover Boy, and the Old Man of La Chapelle-aux-Saints, our ancestors supported individuals who contributed little to society. Survival of the weak, the handicapped, the mentally retarded, and others who posed a burden is seen by paleontologists as a milestone in the evolution of compassion. This communitarian heritage is crucial in relation to this book's theme, since it suggests that morality predates current civilizations and religions by at least a hundred millennia. — Frans De Waal

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Roma Downey

There's an assumption in many of these cultures that these children are mentally retarded, when in fact they're not at all. I saw how the operation affects the child, as well as the child's family and often the village. — Roma Downey

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Daniel Keyes

What an incredible thing! How much less they had than other human beings. Mentally retarded, deaf, mute - and still eagerly sanding benches. — Daniel Keyes

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Jonathan Coe

Well, there'll be an outcry, of course, but then it'll die down and something else will come along for people to get annoyed about. The important thing is that we save ourselves a lot of money, and meanwhile a whole generation of children from working-class or low-income families will be eating nothing but crisps and chocolate every day. Which means, in the end, that they'll grow up physically weaker and mentally slower.' Dorothy raised an eyebrow at this assertion. 'Oh, yes,' he assured her. 'A diet high in sugars lead to retarded brain growth. Our chaps have proved it.' He smiled. 'As every general knows, the secret of winning any war is to demoralize the enemy'. — Jonathan Coe

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Margaret Atwood

Being socially retarded is like being mentally retarded, it arouses in others disgust and pity and the desire to torment and reform. — Margaret Atwood

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Rachel Gibson

What is the politically correct term for 'retarded'?""I think the words you're fishing for are 'mentally disabled.' And no. I'm not mentally disabled. — Rachel Gibson

Mentally Retarded Quotes By John Kenneth Galbraith

But there is merit even in the mentally retarded legislator. He asks the questions that everyone is afraid to ask for fear of seeming simple. — John Kenneth Galbraith

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Dannel Malloy

I was diagnosed as mentally retarded as late as the fourth grade. — Dannel Malloy

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Alanea Alder

I think my mate may be mentally retarded, either that or she has a severe inner ear imbalance. — Alanea Alder

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Carlos Mencia

Dee Dee Dee dosen't mean mentally retarded. It means stupid. This song goes out to all the stupid people out there. Your gonna find this song hilarious, and you don't even know it's about you. — Carlos Mencia

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Harold S. Kushner

When a mentally retarded child is born, the religious question we often ask is, "Why does God let this happen?" The better question to pose is to ask, "What kind of community should we be so that mental retardation isn't a barrier to the enjoyment of one's full humanity?" — Harold S. Kushner

Mentally Retarded Quotes By Tom G. Palmer

Libertarians recognize the difference between adults and children, as well as differences between normal adults and adults who are insane or mentally hindered or retarded. — Tom G. Palmer