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Top Mental And Physical Strength Quotes

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Rickson Gracie

Physical strength (hard work), mental strength (perseverance) and spiritual strength (love & acceptance) are the keys to continuous growth. — Rickson Gracie

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Bela Karolyi

A good 80 percent of the vault is still physical and another percentage of it, 20, 25 percent is mental. Mental is always the mental strength, the confidence building up to that contest or repetition, practice, practice, and practice. — Bela Karolyi

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Orson Scott Card

It was not about physical strength, Wit reminded himself. It was 90 percent mental, 10 percent physical. That's what the SEAL instructors were looking for: men and women who could disregard the pleadings of the body. Pain was nothing, sleep was nothing. What was chaffed skin, wrecked muscles, bleeding sores? The body chooses to be sore. The body chooses to be exhausted. But the SEAL mind rejects it. The SEAL mind commands the body, not the other way around. — Orson Scott Card

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Ellen G. White

God brought the Israelites from Egypt, that he might establish them in the land of Canaan, a pure, holy, and happy people. In the accomplishment of this object he subjected them to a course of discipline, both for their own good and for the good of their posterity. Had they been willing to deny appetite, in obedience to his wise restrictions, feebleness and disease would have been unknown among them. Their descendants would have possessed both physical and mental strength. They would have had clear perceptions of truth and duty, keen discrimination, and sound judgment. But their unwillingness to submit to the restrictions and requirements of God, prevented them, to a great extent, from reaching the high standard which he desired them to attain, and from receiving the blessings which he was ready to bestow upon them. [379] — Ellen G. White

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Pearl Zhu

The fitting BoD is less about physical strength, more about mental toughness, with fitting minds and fresh eyes. — Pearl Zhu

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Samina Baig

Mountaineering is one of the most difficult sports - we are away from routine life for days, living in tents, and it requires high degree of physical and mental strength. — Samina Baig

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Brad Alan Lewis

Racing serves as a formal demonstration of your ability to ride the three-headed monster. The first monster is your physical preparation-lifting weights for strength, running for endurance, working on your technique. The second monster is your mental preparation-all our jabbering about humility, battling for your life, taking complete responsibility for the outcome. The last monster is your X Factor, your soul, your courage. Taken altogether, I call this three-headed monster the Process of Winning. — Brad Alan Lewis

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Ellen G. White

Recreation Is Essential to Best Work - The time spent in physical exercise is not lost ... A proportionate exercise of all the organs and faculties of the body is essential to the best work of each. When the brain is constantly taxed while the other organs of the living machinery are inactive, there is a loss of strength, physical and mental. — Ellen G. White

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

Demanding recognition for something you did and getting angry or upset if you don't get it; trying to get attention by talking about your problems, the story of your illnesses, or making a scene; giving your opinion when nobody has asked for it and it makes no difference to the situation; being more concerned with how the other person sees you than with the other person, which is to say, using other people for egoic reflection or as ego enhancers; trying to make an impression on others through possessions, knowledge, good looks, status, physical strength, and so on; bringing about temporary ego inflation through angry reaction against something or someone; taking things personally, feeling offended; making yourself right and others wrong through futile mental or verbal complaining; wanting to be seen, or to appear important. — Eckhart Tolle

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Novak Djokovic

I stopped thinking too much about what could happen and relied on my physical and mental strength to play the right shots at the right time. — Novak Djokovic

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Wladimir Klitschko

I should say that mental strength is No. 1, experience [is] No. 2, physical strength is No. 3, and genetic ability that you're getting from Mother Nature probably comes after. — Wladimir Klitschko

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By David H. Murdock

Exercising and eating properly will build your physical and mental strength to endure the stressful situation. — David H. Murdock

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Micalea Smeltzer

Mental strength is harder to come by than physical. You have it, and don't ever forget it. — Micalea Smeltzer

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Jason Mraz

I ride a bicycle everywhere I go, the physical strength is obvious, but my mental strength and my capacity to love myself and to love others has definitely expanded. And that's the one thing I need the most in taking on a life of touring and a life of basically being with hundreds of people every day and not exhaust one's energy. — Jason Mraz

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Frederick Lenz

The degree of success that you attain in all of your physical, mental and spiritual undertakings is dependent upon the strength and clarity of your finite mind and your ability to access your infinite mind. — Frederick Lenz

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By William G. Bainbridge

The core of a soldier is moral discipline. It is intertwined with the discipline of physical and mental achievement. It motivates doing on your own what is right without prodding. It is an inner critic that refuses to tolerate less than your best. Total discipline overcomes adversity and physical stamina draws on an inner strength that says "drive on". — William G. Bainbridge

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Sri Aurobindo

The deeper we look, the more we shall be convinced that the one thing wanting, which we must strive to acquire before all others, is strength strength physical, strength mental, strength moral, but above all strength spiritual which is the one inexhaustible and imperishable source of all the others. If we have strength everything else will be added to us easily and naturally. — Sri Aurobindo

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Frances Power Cobbe

So immense are the claims on a mother, physical claims on her bodily and brain vigor, and moral claims on her heart and thoughts, that she cannot ... meet them all and find any large margin beyond for other cares and work. She serves the community in the very best and highest way it is possible to do, by giving birth to healthy children, whose physical strength has not been defrauded, and to whose moral and mental nature she can give the whole of her thoughts. — Frances Power Cobbe

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Sophia Tolstaya

I never had time to do anything for myself. I've always had to subordinate my energy and time to the demands of my husband and children at any given moment. And now old age has crept up on me and I have used up all my mental and physical strength on my family ... — Sophia Tolstaya

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By RZA

Kung fu was made so the monks could train their bodies and move their bodies with strength, so they could be physical enough to gain mental enlightenment. Before that, they kept falling asleep when [masters] were trying to teach them. — RZA

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Raymonde De Laroche

Flying does not rely so much on strength, as on physical and mental co-ordination. — Raymonde De Laroche

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Jacquelyn Nicole Davis

It takes all my strength to do daily tasks. To some people, I'm just a number. I'm a projected food stamps debit card lifetime member. I'm seen as crazy or insane, but it doesn't matter. I know I am bigger than my suffering. — Jacquelyn Nicole Davis

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Elizabeth George

Just as mental toughness and physical energy are the primary traits of an army, they also mark God's beautiful woman. — Elizabeth George

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Gerard Verschuuren

Exorcists always need to distinguish demonic possessions from mental or psychiatric disorders, and they use three symptoms to identify people as possessed. First, those people have the ability to see hidden sacred objects, which they always want removed. Second, they have an extraordinary physical strength. And third, they show an aversion to the sacred — Gerard Verschuuren

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Henri J.M. Nouwen

There are many forms of poverty: economic poverty, physical poverty, emotional poverty, mental poverty, and spiritual poverty. As long as we relate primarily to each other's wealth, health, stability, intelligence, and soul strength, we cannot develop true community. Community is not a talent show in which we dazzle the world with our combined gifts. Community is the place where our poverty is acknowledged and accepted, not as something we have to learn to cope with as best as we can but as a true source of new life.
Living community in whatever form - family, parish, twelve-step program, or intentional community - challenges us to come together at the place of our poverty, believing that there we can reveal our richness. — Henri J.M. Nouwen

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By A.J. Darkholme

Most physical battles begin once mental ones have been lost, anyway. Conquer the mind, conquer the body. — A.J. Darkholme

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Gary Neville

A coach once told me there are four factors that determine a players' performance: his tactical awareness, his physical condition, his technical ability and his mental strength. — Gary Neville

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Dan Groat

A government that thinks it can remedy personal failure is an intrusion in everybody's life. No law is going to cure a human's lack of physical or mental effectiveness. I'd rather see democracy promote strength than reward weakness. — Dan Groat

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Criss Jami

It is ironic that constructive thinkers are often misunderstood as negative, as they differ from those longing for positivity: constructive thinkers have been conditioned to find positive in negative rather than suffering from the negative in negative. Or as Paul the Apostle wrote, 'I have learned the secret to contentment in any and every circumstance.' He was right. Indeed the Lord is our strength, especially under the commandment to love one another. Otherwise we are nothing and easily thrown about by both our own and other people's mind control in a painful, mental, physical desperation to run from every thought, every thing, and every one not seeming so positive or immediately beneficial to us. — Criss Jami

Mental And Physical Strength Quotes By Gichin Funakoshi

One whose spirit and mental strength have been strengthened by sparring with a never-say-die attitude should find no challenge too great to handle. One who has undergone long years of physical pain and mental agony to learn one punch, one kick, should be able to face any task, no matter how difficult, and carry it through to the end. A person like this can truly be said to have learned karate. — Gichin Funakoshi