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Mens Birthday Quotes & Sayings

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Top Mens Birthday Quotes

Mens Birthday Quotes By Penelope Ward

I lost all those years, only to end up in the same place, wanting you and wishing I hadn't ever let you go. — Penelope Ward

Mens Birthday Quotes By Dave Eggers

Recently, I've discovered Radiohead and find them to be quite good. So clearly, I'm some kind of musical retard. (Jonathan Ames, Middle-American Gothic) — Dave Eggers

Mens Birthday Quotes By Graham McTavish

Just the idea to have everything you need essentially stored in one piece of portable technology is very exciting. — Graham McTavish

Mens Birthday Quotes By Aries Spears

My momma used to kick in the door like SWAT! — Aries Spears

Mens Birthday Quotes By Ozzy Osbourne

It was such an amazing time for music in the Sixties. When popular music hit me, it was like magic was in the air. — Ozzy Osbourne

Mens Birthday Quotes By Arthur Miller

The brain heals the past like an injury ... — Arthur Miller

Mens Birthday Quotes By Carl Theodor Dreyer

You can't simplify reality without understanding it first. — Carl Theodor Dreyer

Mens Birthday Quotes By James Buchan

To give money to a woman - and here I must speak as a man - is to deny her special quality, her irreplaceability, and reduce her unique amiability to a commodity. Money takes away her name, while transforming her lover into a nameless customer of a market of appetites. — James Buchan

Mens Birthday Quotes By Niels Bohr

Physics is the belief that a simple and consistent description of nature is possible. — Niels Bohr

Mens Birthday Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

Practice really hearing what people say. Do your best to get inside their minds. — Marcus Aurelius

Mens Birthday Quotes By Kelly Reilly

I'd love to work on a real girl piece with some fabulous actresses. I feel like I've worked with so many men. — Kelly Reilly