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Top Melioristic Optimism Quotes

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

Knowing is not simply a material act, since the object that is known always conceals something beyond the empirical datum. All our knowledge, even the most simple, is always a minor miracle, since it can never be fully explained by the material instruments that we apply to it. In every truth there is something more than we would have expected, in the love that we receive there is always an element that surprises us. — Pope Benedict XVI

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Roald Amundsen

With sufficient planning, you can almost eliminate adventure from an expedition. — Roald Amundsen

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Barbara Holland

Sometimes, with luck, we find the kind of true friend, male or female, that appears only two or three times in a lucky lifetime, one that will winter us and summer us, grieve, rejoice, and travel with us. — Barbara Holland

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Clifford A. Pickover

For those of you who are about to embark on reading The Math Book from cover to cover, look for the connections, gaze in awe at the evolution of ideas, and sail on the shoreless sea of imagination. — Clifford A. Pickover

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Gina Carano

When you dream big, you eventually attract big things. — Gina Carano

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Where's he shooting from? (Syd)
I don't know. You want to go look out the window and tell me the answer? (Steele) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Mark Morris

Every child dances, and then you learn not to. — Mark Morris

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Melissa Haag

Feeling a light caress on my hair, I turned to look at Clay, who watched me again. "Do I say good morning or is it close to goodnight again?" He smiled at me, reached down to twine his fingers through mine, and brought my hand to his mouth. — Melissa Haag

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Miley Cyrus

Remember what things make you special and embrace those because there are so many things that aren't on the outside that are so important and people find so beautiful. — Miley Cyrus

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Mary Blakely

After I discovered the real life of mothers bore little resemblance to the plot outlined in most of the books and articles I'd read, I started relying on the expert advice of other mothers
especially those with sons a few years older than mine. This great body of knowledge is essentially an oral history, because anyone engaged in motherhood on a daily basis has no time to write an advice book about it. — Mary Blakely

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Deyth Banger

I most likely like books which are out of my language... English... for example is a great example - Not my native language, but I enjoy the covers and how the words sound. — Deyth Banger

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Mort Sahl

I don't believe in good people and bad people. I believe in the better parts of people. — Mort Sahl

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By James Patterson

You can help each other, Max, said the unwelcome voice. You're perfect complements to each other.
"Shut up!" I hissed under my breath, and Dylan looked startled.
"I didn't say anything."
Gritting my teeth, I nodded. "No, I know. It's just-" I decided to take a risk and stare him down. "I hear voices, okay? If you're gonna be here, get used to it. Or else keep your distance. — James Patterson

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Chris Christie

No parent at home is saying my gosh, if we can just get a higher minimum wage, all of our aspirations have been realized. — Chris Christie

Melioristic Optimism Quotes By Jennifer Handford

You've gotta believe that the split second that changed your life - the brief moment that took your leg and bruised your melon - can't be the defining moment of your life. It was just an instant, a flash. Just one second out of millions of seconds. It doesn't get to own you. — Jennifer Handford