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Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

Creating life simply to destroy it is wrong. — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Lisa Kessler

He seems like a good guy, but we need to focus on finding Nia's killer, and then finish the theater. We don't have time for distractions. No men."
"Yeah, yeah, I know." Mel rolled her eyes.
"Inspiration before intercourse."
Callie chuckled. "I should put that on a T-shirt. — Lisa Kessler

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Usually when a lot of men get together, it's called a war. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel White

A few years ago I switched to an entirely different kind of New Year's resolution. Instead of vowing to improve, I pledge to do a better job of accepting my bad habits - to stop worrying about failing to be the person I used to imagine I could be. — Mel White

Mel Quotes By Jenn McKinlay

As you know from our trips to Belmont Park in San Diego, I can scream like a girl when required." he said.
Angie laughed then she grabbed him by the face and planted a kiss on the lips so fierce, Mel wondered if it was Angie's way of putting a lip-lock protective spell on her man. She hoped it was and she hoped it worked. — Jenn McKinlay

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

As far as songwriters, I've always been a fan of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin; those guys mean a lot to me. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Ferrer

Every musician liked Peggy Lee, but not the general public. — Mel Ferrer

Mel Quotes By Mel Parnell

I was known as a Yankee killer. My best year against them was 1953. I beat them five times and shut them out four times. You just played a little harder against them. — Mel Parnell

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Comedy is serious - deadly serious. Never, never try to be funny! The actors must be serious. Only the situation must be absurd. Funny is in the writing, not in the performing. If the situation isn't absurd, no amount of joke will help. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

You got to be brave. If you feel something, you've really got to risk it. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

I was born on the kitchen table. We were so poor my mother couldn't afford to have me; the lady next door gave birth to me. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

If you're alive, make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Blanc

The Man of a Thousand Voices — Mel Blanc

Mel Quotes By Chris Thile

I was trained completely by ear. And it was actually diving into the Bach that led me to get - there was like a Mel Bay "Teach Yourself How To Sight Read ... " — Chris Thile

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

I don't believe in this business of being behind, better to be in front. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Joan Rivers

Mel Gibson's father doesn't think there was a Holocaust? Great. I don't think there's a movie. We're even. — Joan Rivers

Mel Quotes By Robyn Carr

Wanting a woman was something he knew quite well - but wanting to take care of a woman so that she would never hurt, never want, never be afraid or lonely - he had no experience with that. There had been beautiful women in his past; intelligent women, clever women, women with wit and courage and passion, but as far as he could remember, never one like Mel; never before a woman who had everything he'd ever wanted. — Robyn Carr

Mel Quotes By Mel Martinez

In America, all things are possible. — Mel Martinez

Mel Quotes By Mel Allen

Here's the pitch. Mantle swings. There's a tremendous drive going into deep left field! It's going, going! It's over the bleachers ... over the sign atop the bleachers ... into the yards of houses across the street! It's got to be one of the longest runs I've ever seen! How about that! — Mel Allen

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

The thing is to be brave and move the audience with you, instead of cater to the lowest common denominator, you know, slipping on a banana peel and falling on your ass. You got to move the audience a little further ahead in terms of their appreciation of what is comedy. It's complicated. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel White

Daniel Nahmod's music is addictive and contagious ... and is equally comfortable addressing your spirituality, your co-dependence and anger, your hungry stomach or your loving heart. His songs run the gamut from meditative to wise-ass to joyful to everything in between, and he is particularly wonderful working with children (and the young-at-heart). When CDs 4 and 5 come out, you can feel totally comfortable buying them unheard and unseen
all of Daniel's music is amazing. — Mel White

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

You cannot have fun with anything that you don't love or admire or respect. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Humor keeps the elderly rolling along, singing a song. When you laugh, its an involuntary explosion of the lungs. The lungs need to replenish themselves with oxygen. So you laugh, you breathe, the blood runs, and everything is circulating. If you dont laugh, youll die. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Smith

I don't think London has been given enough credit in a lot of the movies that we make here. — Mel Smith

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Everything we do in life is based on fear, especially love. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Look at Jewish history. Unrelieved lamenting would be intolerable. So for every ten Jews beating their breasts, God designated one to be crazy and amuse the breast-beaters. By the time I was five I knew I was that one. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By J. Robert Spencer

Because of my comedic-influence growing up, Mel Brooks, Jim Carrey, Steve Martin. A lot of Jeff comedic-influences included Charlie Chaplin and physical comedians of the silent-era. What we were able to do together is to show all these major influences but make it into our own comedy. We've seen the stereotypical boy-meets-girl story a hundred thousand times. — J. Robert Spencer

Mel Quotes By Nick Kroll

No doubt there are people who are our guests [ in Oh, Hello] who are more famous, but to me, Mel Brooks is the most famous person. So that was really cool. — Nick Kroll

Mel Quotes By Mel Cormican

I hadn't watched any of the Olympics, apart from the evening we arrived in St Petersburg. I figured why watch it, I'm doing it. — Mel Cormican

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Cat angels are the reason there are no mice angels. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Karmazin

You may not like the humor, but that is why every radio has an on-off button. — Mel Karmazin

Mel Quotes By MEL D

Ocean?""Yeah baby." "Please don't leave me like everyone else, don't let me drown Ocean." "I hugged her tighter. "Livie I won't let you drown. If you drown, I drown baby." I held onto her and closed my eyes, and silently cried myself to sleep. *Ocean Hawthorne* — MEL D

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Could be worse ... could be raining."

- Igor — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Tillis

I remember li'l ol' Hank Jr. - he was just a baby back in them days, you know - but he used to hang around. His mama would bring him around. He was just a natural. — Mel Tillis

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

I don't have a mission. I don't have a torch to burn. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Sophia Amoruso

In a 2011 TED Talk in San Francisco, author and speaker Mel Robbins talked about how the chances that you are you are about 1 in 400 trillion. (Yes, that's a four hundred followed by twelve zeros.) This takes into account the chance of your parents meeting out of all the people on the planet, the chance of them reproducing, the chance of you being born at the exact moment that you were, and every other wildly improbable factor that goes into each individual person. The whole point of her crazy calculation was that we should take the sheer improbability of our own existence as a kick in the butt to get out of bed in the morning. — Sophia Amoruso

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

The only way to maintain a moderate sum of happiness in this life, is not to worry about the future or regret the past too much — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Sophie Marceau

Mel Gibson would not be a good James Bond. — Sophie Marceau

Mel Quotes By Mel Karmazin

There could be no better time to fully integrate Infinity with Viacom's tremendous portfolio of assets. Infinity is performing at record levels and continues to generate a tremendous amount of free cash flow that will now fully benefit Viacom. — Mel Karmazin

Mel Quotes By Robyn Carr

I mean, I don't want to pass judgment - I just wish my husband didn't shoot deer."
"Oh, Mel, don't worry. I've been hunting with your husband - the deer are completely safe. — Robyn Carr

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

Above all, film is a business ... Independence is a really cool thing as you can be a bit more bold, and take a few more chances with what you do. — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Jim Caviezel

What actor wouldn't want to work with Mel Gibson? — Jim Caviezel

Mel Quotes By Bill Maher

I can't stay mad at Pope Frank. I just can't. It's a funny situation that I like the pope and Mel Gibson doesn't. — Bill Maher

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Comedy is lively, comedy is joy, and that's what keeps us [people] going, we've got to look forward to little, little happiness's. Little, little joys, and comedy is very, very important, it's a vital. We underestimate its value, but we should see more comedies. Comedy is life giving, it's invigorating. I really believe it. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Liam Hemsworth

Mel's Diner in L.A. - they are my favorite hamburgers. I could eat there every day. They are ridiculous. — Liam Hemsworth

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

Writing is a hard gig, and it's hard to convey a lot. That's why scripts tend to be a little bit overwritten. — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Mel Odom

Does any Watcher ever know that he is suddenly watching the Slayer until that moment is announced to him? — Mel Odom

Mel Quotes By Mel Robbins

If you only ever did the things you don't want to do, you'd have everything you've ever wanted. — Mel Robbins

Mel Quotes By Craig Ferguson

The three drunkest cities in America: Fresno, Riverside, and whatever Mel Gibson is driving through. — Craig Ferguson

Mel Quotes By Mel Hurtig

The Canada we know and love will not survive another four years of Stephen Harper and his Conservative government. — Mel Hurtig

Mel Quotes By Mel Torme

Right now, my career is in three directions: as a performer, as an arranger, as an author - and I don't give any one of them true precedent, or true top marks, as opposed to the other two. — Mel Torme

Mel Quotes By Mel Lawrenz

God uses millions of no-name influencers every day in the simplest selfless acts of service. They are the teachers whose names will never be in the newspaper, pastors who will never author a book, managers who will never be profiled in a magazine, artists whose work is buried in layers of collaboration, writers whose sphere of influence is a few dozen people who read their blogs. But they are the army that makes things happen. To them devotion is its own reward. For them influence is a continual act of giving, nothing more complicated than that. — Mel Lawrenz

Mel Quotes By Patrick Ness

Your stomach isn't the boss of you,' Mel says evenly.
'Oh,' Jared says, realizing. 'Sorry-'
Mel shakes her head, brushing it off. 'Not what I meant. Your heart isn't the boss of you other. Thinks it is. Isn't. You can always choose. Always.'
'You can't choose not to feel,' Henna says.
'But you can choose how to act. — Patrick Ness

Mel Quotes By Laura Ruby

How do you know which one's the queen?'
'She's bigger than the others,' said Mel.
'That doesn't always help,' Petey said, 'I can't always find her.'
'Because she's not that much bigger, said Mel. 'You don't rely on her size as much as you try to use the way she moves. It's hard to describe. It's as if she walks in a more determined way' She pulled off her hat and smoothed her long, straight hair. 'She's got a big job. Babies to bear. Workers to inspire. A colony to manage. She moves like that. Like she's a woman with a plan. The best way to see her is to let your eyes lose their focus, let things get a bit fuzzy on you. See the bees as a whole rather than individuals. When you do that, you understand the entire pattern. The queen's movements will stick out because they're so different from everyone else's. — Laura Ruby

Mel Quotes By Mel Bossa

O'Reilly, I've been running from the worst of myself all my life, and now it looks like the best of me just caught up. — Mel Bossa

Mel Quotes By Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Don't you think you're a little old now to be quoting The Chronicles of Narnia?' I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.
'You read Harry Potter,' Will protests.
'Everyone reads Harry Potter,' I exclaim. 'It's an institution. Besides, it's not really a kids book, it's a metaphor for the world at large. It's almost philosophical in its way. — Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Mel Quotes By Mike Gayle

Sometimes I really feel sorry for Mel - Her life would've been so much better if she'd fallen in love with someone normal. Instead she fell in love with me and had been paying for the mistake ever since. — Mike Gayle

Mel Quotes By Mel Puspita

being odd is even — Mel Puspita

Mel Quotes By Robyn Carr

I asked Phil Prentiss what he would do if they never got a baby and he said they'd die with a lot of excess love in their hearts ... ." "And let's not," Jack said. "Let's spend every drop. On the kids, on our families, on your patients, on the town. On people we don't know yet and the ones who have been our good friends forever. On each other. Let's spend our last drop as we're taking our last breaths. — Robyn Carr

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

I've been accused of vulgarity. I say that's bullshit. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Martinez

It is proper that the federal government help alleviate short-term disruptions and price spikes such as those brought about by Hurricane Katrina. — Mel Martinez

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

I don't make things complicated, that's the way they get all by themselves. — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Mel Odom

Another thing: if you should decide you must kill me before you talk to [ ... ], do not do it while we are still inside the inn. You will need help to get out. — Mel Odom

Mel Quotes By George W. Bush

I also have picked a secretary for Housing and Human Development. Mel Martinez from the state of Florida. — George W. Bush

Mel Quotes By Mel Reynolds

You know, all of us have fallen short of our dreams in life on occasion, but it is part of the Judeo-Christian spirit to give people the opportunity to show what they can do. The most important thing, I believe, for a person when they make mistakes is what they do after they've made mistakes. — Mel Reynolds

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

Feminists don't like me, and I don't like them. — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Mel Chin

The survival of my own ideas may not be as important as a condition I might create for others' ideas to be realized. — Mel Chin

Mel Quotes By John C. McGinley

I wanted to be Red Barber, Mel Allen or Howard Cosell. I loved their personalities and all of their sounds. — John C. McGinley

Mel Quotes By Jim Cummings

I remember as a kid watching TV and seeing Mel Blanc doing his voices and Paul Winchell doing his ventriloquism and thinking, 'Those guys are having a good time. I want to do that.' — Jim Cummings

Mel Quotes By Justin Cartwright

The plane touches down on very rough ground: its wheelbarrow wheels bounce and one set of wings rises alarmingly while the other dips. Now the Masai and the plane are converging. It's a magnificent shot: the Masai run, run, run, run; because of the optics it is dreamlike. The little plane bounces, shudders, slews and finally makes lasting contact with the ground. At exactly the right moment, as the plane comes to a halt, the Masai warriors, in a highly agitated state, reach the plane, and the camera closes on the pilot, whose face as he removes his leather flying helmet and goggles, appears just above the bobbing red ochre composition of plaited hair and fat-shone bodies. It is Mel Gibson, with a grave expression, which can't quite suppress his unruly Aussieness. — Justin Cartwright

Mel Quotes By Mel Tillis

And then, when I started to school, I found out I couldn't talk. — Mel Tillis

Mel Quotes By Mel Bossa

You could cut ... all that out."
"You mean the men. Perhaps I could. I'm quite sure I could. But you see, Joe, I don't want to. What you call unnatural is the very essence of my nature. — Mel Bossa

Mel Quotes By Roger Ebert

Oh, here comes Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny and Jimmy Smits! — Roger Ebert

Mel Quotes By Mel Torme

How many radio shows I did is lost to memory now; it's in the hundreds - maybe even close to being in the thousands - for the span of years from the time I was eight till I was about fifteen. — Mel Torme

Mel Quotes By Tom Cole

I would like to say that what Mel Phillips was doing was not sexual harassment but more sexual abuse of children, because he was doing it in a sexual manner now that I look back on it. — Tom Cole

Mel Quotes By C.E. Murphy

I swear on Annie's grave," Gary repeated to Mel, "this ain't my fault. They were like this when I picked 'em up at the station. — C.E. Murphy

Mel Quotes By Tom Atkins

Mel Gibson was lovely. He was on the edge of both scenes that I had with Danny Glover. — Tom Atkins

Mel Quotes By Jenn McKinlay

Hey, no cracks about the leather if you want my help," he said. "Oh my god, it's like I have the Fonz for a brother," Angie said to Mel. MelJenn McKinlay

Mel Quotes By Rick Riordan

We don't have much time. Mel will be out of the restroom soon."
"You've got a magician named Mel? — Rick Riordan

Mel Quotes By Jesse McCartney

When I was a kid, I wanted to emulate Mel Blanc, who is arguably one of the most legendary voiceover recording artists of our time. I used to watch all the cartoons where he would voice Daffy, Elmer Fudd and Porky the Pig. I knew one day I wanted to do that. — Jesse McCartney

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

The Twelve Chairs is about the same thing. It's all about money or love. We know we need money, we know we have to get money, we know we have to hurt others to get money. But we don't know until maybe it's a little too late in life that love is the most important thing. Love, friendship, affection, bonhomie, whatever. Those are the only things that really count: to love and be loved. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Rob Brown

I get nostalgic for things that didn't really exist. I might have a cassette from the first time a Melle Mel track, say, got played on radio in Manchester. And it might be a copy of a copy of a copy of a tape and there's all these weird nuances and distortions that have affected what I know as the truth, if you like, of that track. — Rob Brown

Mel Quotes By Mel Ballew

Good, Star, because you may have felt you were the one needing saving, but it was me all along. You saved me. You taught me to love again. The ones you love may do things that upset you. Hell, they may give you a hundred reasons to give up. Thank you for not giving up on me. I may not be good enough. I know I am not the best for you, but you make me want to be the best I can be. I pray that is good enough. Thank you for loving me enough to hold on. - Stefan — Mel Ballew

Mel Quotes By Robyn Carr

It's up to you." He reached across the front seat and grabbed her hand. "It's always up to you." He drew her hand to his lips and pressed a soft kiss into her palm. — Robyn Carr

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

All short women have a delayed fuse. Marry a taller woman: My wife was an inch or two taller than me; it's a sign of security. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery and Robert Redford, Mel Gibson - at least in the Road Warrior films - and Harrison Ford are among my favorite actors. Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Deborah Winger, Jessica Lange, and of course, Shirley MacLaine, are among the women. — Frederick Lenz

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

I'm pretty fit, naturally. I do moderate exercise, and I try to eat pretty well and I think it has an effect on me. But hey, I'm putting on the insulin tire like everybody else, but that's just a function of getting older. — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Mel Martinez

I will always vote on the side of freedom and our right to keep and bear arms. — Mel Martinez

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Tolstoy was the most gifted writer who ever lived. It's like he stuck a pen in his heart and it didn't even go through his mind on its way to the page. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

THE 2,000-YEAR-OLD MAN'S SECRETS OF LONGEVITY 1. Don't run for a bus - there'll always be another. 2. Never, ever touch fried food. 3. Stay out of a Ferrari or any other small Italian car. 4. Eat fruit - a nectarine - even a rotten plum is good. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

I don't know what to say so I'll just say what's in my heart ... badoom, badoom, badoom. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

We all present a version of ourselves whether you've got a puppet on your hand or not. To actually be very real out there in a public way, why? — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By William Petersen

Corporate Hollywood thinks I'm a geek to go back and do theater. They don't understand why I don't want to be a movie star, why I'm not pursuing Mel Gibson's roles. — William Petersen

Mel Quotes By Kelly Rowan

A casting director who'd cast me in 'Assassins' sent a video to Kevin Reynolds, the director, and Mel Gibson, whose company is producing '187.' Then I went in and auditioned, and a few hours later, they called me. — Kelly Rowan

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

You can't live up to what people expect. Nobody can. But I guess that's my problem, not theirs. — Mel Gibson

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

I also try to surround myself with people I love - make a family out of the company. So I tend to use the same people over and over. There's a sort of Mel Brooks Repertory Company. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

If God wanted us to fly, He would have given us tickets. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Brooks

Good taste is the enemy of comedy. — Mel Brooks

Mel Quotes By Mel Gibson

I think everything is pretty well preordained - even your mistakes. — Mel Gibson