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Top Medical Quackery Quotes

Medical Quackery Quotes By George Eliot

Also, the high standard held up to the public mind by the College of which which gave its peculiar sanction to the expensive and highly rarefied medical instruction obtained by graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, did not hinder quackery from having an excellent time of it; for since professional practice chiefly consisted in giving a great many drugs, the public inferred that it might be better off with more drugs still, if they could only be got cheaply, and hence swallowed large cubic measures of physic prescribed by unscrupulous ignorance which had taken no degrees. — George Eliot

Medical Quackery Quotes By James J. Kilpatrick

The ... experts of the FDA have declared Laetrile to be worthless ... quackery and fraud ... These experts are the professional descendants of experts ... confident that mental illness should be cured by drilling holes in the skull, the better to let the demons out ... This is the Orwellian fashion in which the medical establishment throws its weight around ... — James J. Kilpatrick

Medical Quackery Quotes By James Morcan

Many of those in the medical fraternity instantly label treatments in the traditional, natural or holistic health fields as quackery. This word is even used to describe Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian Ayerveda, two medical systems which are far older than Western medicine and globally just as popular. — James Morcan

Medical Quackery Quotes By Dean Ornish

I am as non-accepting of medical quackery and unscientific approaches as anybody else. I've grown up as a card-carrying scientist, and I know the power of science to answer questions, and for many questions I don't know of anything better than scientific approaches to answer them. — Dean Ornish