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Top Medical Career Quotes

Medical Career Quotes By J.R. Ward

Perfect!" Wrath bellowed. "And this is a doctor saying it
I mean, she went to medical school."
"And Dr. Sam told me she's delivered over fifteen thousand babies over the course of her career
"See!" Wrath yelled. "She knows these things. My son is perfect! — J.R. Ward

Medical Career Quotes By Cobi Jones

As a player, I was fortunate to work with coaching and medical staffs that underscored the importance of utilizing injury prevention exercises, which contributed to my healthy and long playing career. — Cobi Jones

Medical Career Quotes By Anonymous

What it needed was a subtle but significant change in presentation. The students needed to know how to fit the tetanus stuff into their lives; the addition of the map and the times when the shots were available shifted the booklet from an abstract lesson in medical risk - a lesson no different from the countless other academic lessons they had received over their academic career - to a practical and personal piece of medical advice. And — Anonymous

Medical Career Quotes By Harold E. Varmus

Anyone graduating from medical school in 1966 had first to fulfill military service before launching a career. Fiercely opposed to the Vietnam War, I sought to avoid it through an assignment to the Public Health Service. — Harold E. Varmus

Medical Career Quotes By Richard Asher

For many doctors the achievement of a published article is a tedious duty to be surmounted as a necessary hurdle in a medical career. — Richard Asher

Medical Career Quotes By Rita Levi-Montalcini

At 20, I realized that I could not possibly adjust to a feminine role as conceived by my father and asked him permission to engage in a professional career. In eight months I filled my gaps in Latin, Greek and mathematics, graduated from high school, and entered medical school in Turin. — Rita Levi-Montalcini

Medical Career Quotes By Rubens Barrichello

When I first came round in the medical center after my accident, the first face I saw was Ayrton's, with tears in his eyes. I had never seen that with Ayrton before. I just had the impression that he felt as if my accident was like one of his own. He helped me a lot with my career and I can't find the words to describe his loss. — Rubens Barrichello

Medical Career Quotes By Jesse Eisenberg

If you went to Harvard Medical School, chances are you'll be a doctor at some place. There's a career trajectory. Acting, there's nothing. It's constantly trying to procure jobs - it's very disconcerting. — Jesse Eisenberg

Medical Career Quotes By Michael Milken

In the four decades of philanthropy that have paralleled my business career, I've found that the same principles apply whether you're providing access to capital to grow a business, creating a new paradigm for medical research, or pioneering innovative approaches to education: Empower the most talented people in each field and encourage them to pursue their passions. — Michael Milken

Medical Career Quotes By Robert Jarvik

I do not practice clinical medicine and hence do not treat individual patients. My career is in medical science. — Robert Jarvik

Medical Career Quotes By Donna Tartt

If your deepest self is singing and coaxing you straight toward the bonfire, is it better to turn away? Stop your ears with wax? Ignore all the perverse glory your heart is screaming at you? Set yourself on the course that will lead you dutifully towards the norm, reasonable hours and regular medical check-ups, stable relationships and steady career advancement, the New York Times and brunch on Sunday, all with the promise of being somehow a better person? Or - like Boris - is it better to throw yourself head first and laughing into the holy rage calling your name? It's — Donna Tartt

Medical Career Quotes By Harold E. Varmus

In preparation for a career in academic medicine, I worked as a medical house officer at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital from 1966 to 1968 and then joined Ira Pastan's laboratory at the National Institutes of Health as a Clinical Associate. — Harold E. Varmus

Medical Career Quotes By Jon Rappoport

At the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but its true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests — Jon Rappoport

Medical Career Quotes By Richard S. Weeder

Several years ago, I realized that I didn't want to spend all my life in medicine. It had me in a sort of spiritual box, like a plant whose roots are getting crowded. I felt I wasn't growing. So I promised myself that I would quit while I still had the energy to get involved in something new. There's nothing wrong with medicine. There's more paperwork, more lawsuits, less understanding between doctors and patients. But it's still a great business. But not for me - not any longer. — Richard S. Weeder

Medical Career Quotes By Robert Jarvik

As a medical doctor who chose a career in artificial heart technology rather than clinical practice, I decided not to take an internship, which is required for licensing. Instead, I work with invention, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and clinical application of artificial hearts. — Robert Jarvik

Medical Career Quotes By John Hutton

For too long nurses have been undervalued, restricted in what they could do, with too few career opportunities in clinical practice. For far too long, nurses have endured a pay system that has held them back - both professionally as well as financially. — John Hutton

Medical Career Quotes By Michael Lewis

The deeper he got into his medical career, the more Burry felt constrained by his problems with other people in the flesh. He briefly tried to hide in pathology, where the people had the decency to be dead, but that didn't work. — Michael Lewis

Medical Career Quotes By Mary Pope Osborne

Hough I was creative, I also liked math and science. At Knox College, I studied creative writing and earned a degree in chemistry, thinking I would attend medical school. Ultimately, I decided that a career in nursing would allow more time for pursuing other creative interests. While I worked as an RN, I wrote stories inspired by my patients, designed t-shirts, and made hand-painted sandals. — Mary Pope Osborne

Medical Career Quotes By Chris Christie

A retired teacher paid $62,000 towards her pension and nothing, yes nothing, for full family medical, dental and vision coverage over her entire career. What will we pay her? $1.4 million in pension benefits and another $215,000 in health care benefit premiums over her lifetime. — Chris Christie