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Top Measuring Change Quotes

Measuring Change Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Time never changes - only we change. We measure the changes of our lives and think that we are measuring time. We are just measuring the movement of the earth. — Debasish Mridha

Measuring Change Quotes By George Zebrowski

Time is a relationship that we have with the rest of the universe; or more accurately, we are one of the clocks, measuring one kind of time. Animals and aliens may measure it differently. We may even be able to change our way of marking time one day, and open up new realms of experience, in which a day today will be a million years. — George Zebrowski

Measuring Change Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Selecting the right measure and measuring things right are both art and science. And KPIs influence management behavior as well as business culture. — Pearl Zhu

Measuring Change Quotes By Irwin Rose

Enzymologists usually study the initial rates of reactions measuring product formation as a function of substrate concentration or other variable. Cell biologists are more likely to want to know the effect of a change on the steady state behavior of a complex system. — Irwin Rose

Measuring Change Quotes By Jeremy Rifkin

The revolution here is from hierarchical to lateral power. That's the power shift. So increasingly a younger generation that's grown up on the internet and now increasingly distributing renewable energies, they're measuring politics in terms of a struggle between centralized, hierarchical, top-down and closed and proprietary, versus distributed, open, collaborative, transparent. This shift, from hierarchical to lateral power, is going to change the way we live, the way we educate our children, and the way we govern the world. — Jeremy Rifkin

Measuring Change Quotes By Sylvia Plath

I hated these visits, because I kept feeling the visitors measuring my fat and stringy hair against what I had been and what they wanted me to be, and I knew they went away utterly confounded. — Sylvia Plath

Measuring Change Quotes By Ethan Nichtern

A spiritual path based on unverifiable ideas is stripped of any real accountability to the world we live in. If our spiritual path is not held accountable to the evidence of direct experience in the world, we have no real measuring stick for how our journey is progressing. At the extreme end of this spectrum, we might pay no attention to climate change because we are convinced the Rapture is coming soon. A more subtle instance of an unscientific spirituality might involve thinking that the number of compassion mantras we recite is more important than how well we treat our romantic partner. — Ethan Nichtern

Measuring Change Quotes By Chaz Brenchley

Happy is measuring your life against the options and not wanting to change it. It's getting the best of a series of bargains, bad or otherwise. — Chaz Brenchley

Measuring Change Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Perhaps the difficulty in measuring Change Management is that the very thing we are measuring is changing. — Pearl Zhu

Measuring Change Quotes By Judith C. Waller

As Mary Grannon, the beloved Mary of The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's 'Just Mary' hour says:
So many parents are clinging to some favorite story in their own youth and measuring all children's material by it - forgetting what the last minstrel found out in his travels, that 'old times are changed, old manners gone, a stranger fills the Stuart's throne.' Let's not be like the bigots of the iron time; let's be rooters for the modern. — Judith C. Waller

Measuring Change Quotes By Anonymous

Software-based. Hardware-based sensors are physical components built into a handset or tablet device. They derive their data by directly measuring specific environmental properties, such as acceleration, geomagnetic field strength, or angular change. Software-based sensors are not physical devices, although they mimic hardware-based sensors. Software-based sensors derive their data — Anonymous

Measuring Change Quotes By Toby Robins

Environmental policies are not just about good publicity; they are about responding to the moral imperative to address both climate change and resource depletion ... A company culture that is based on measuring everything in purely financial terms will be crippled by a high turnover of staff, customers and suppliers — Toby Robins

Measuring Change Quotes By Michael Hutchison

It says quite clearly that processes within the brain that trigger a hormone release can cause enormous effects on the body." It says, that is, that what we think can change our bodies, that there is a quantifiable chemical link between mind and matter, spirit and body, imagination and reality. Spiritual leaders, great thinkers, artists have been saying this very thing for ages, but the fact that hardheaded, hard-research oriented neuroscientists are not just saying it but actually identifying and measuring the very neurochemicals that link idea with matter adds a new legitimacy and urgency to the idea. — Michael Hutchison

Measuring Change Quotes By Kerry Patterson

Instead, they count on three keys to success - keys that all influencers adhere to and that you can use to your own benefit: 1. Focus and measure. Influencers are crystal clear about the result they are trying to achieve and are zealous about measuring it. 2. Find vital behaviors. Influencers focus on high-leverage behaviors that drive results. More specifically, they focus on the two or three vital actions that produce the greatest amount of change. 3. Engage all six sources of influence. Finally, influencers break from the pack by overdetermining change. Where most of us apply a favorite influence tool or two to our important challenges, influencers identify all of the varied forces that are shaping the behavior they want to change and then get them working for rather than against them. And now for the really good news. According to our research, by getting six different sources of influence to work in their favor, influencers increase their odds of success tenfold. — Kerry Patterson

Measuring Change Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

They oughtta change Black History Month to Black Progress Month and start measuring it. — Rush Limbaugh