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Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Benjamin Disraeli

And it is a singular truth that, though a man may shake off national habits, accent, manner of thinking, style of dress,
though he may become perfectly identified with another nation, and speak its language well, perhaps better than his own,
yet never can he succeed in changing his handwriting to a foreign style. — Benjamin Disraeli

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Ford Forkum

make peace with death, and accept it as a moving on to a higher level of existence, or, alternately, as a relief from having to put up with any more bullcrap. — Ford Forkum

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Kent Haruf

I wake each day and try to see what I might do that is of some value and joy. It's a strange life. I don't know how long it'll go on. I don't look past tomorrow. Anything beyond tomorrow seems like hearsay. Or fairy tales. — Kent Haruf

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Ljupka Cvetanova

I don't have an idol. I don't like imitations. — Ljupka Cvetanova

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Neil Gaiman

You never say no to the opportunity to piss, to eat, or to get half an hour's shut-eye. — Neil Gaiman

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Joseph E. Stiglitz

Privatization, of course, is based on yet another myth: that government-run programs must be inefficient, and privatization accordingly must be better. In fact, as we noted in chapter 6, the transaction costs of Social Security and Medicare are much, much lower than those of private-sector firms providing comparable services. This should not come as a surprise. The objective of the private sector is to make profits - for private companies, transactions costs are a good thing; the difference between what they take in and what they pay out is what they want to maximize.31 — Joseph E. Stiglitz

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Alexandre Kojeve

Indeed, we all know that the man who attentively contemplates a thing, who wants to see it as it is without changing anything, is 'absorbed,' so to speak, by this contemplation
i.e., by this thing. He forgets himself, he thinks only about the thing being contemplates; he thinks neither about his contemplation, nor
and even less
about himself, his "I," his Selbst. The more he is conscious of the thing, the less he is conscious of himself. He may perhaps talk about the thing, but he will never talk about himself; in his discourse, the word 'I' will not occur.
For this word to appear, something other than purely passive contemplation, which only reveals Being, must also be present. And this other thing, according to Hegel, is Desire, Begierde ... — Alexandre Kojeve

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Albert Einstein

My success wasn't so much due to intelligence, but the fact that I stuck with problems longer. — Albert Einstein

Maximize My Social Security Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

The public declaration and confession of Orthodoxy is usually encountered among dull-witted, cruel and immoral people who tend to consider themselves very important. — Leo Tolstoy