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Top Maturana Quotes

Maturana Quotes By Whoopi Goldberg

It you want to be somebody, If you want to go some where, you've got to wake up and pay attention — Whoopi Goldberg

Maturana Quotes By Humberto Maturana

Everything said is said by someone. — Humberto Maturana

Maturana Quotes By Mike Carey

On into the void he flies, unafraid. There is nothing in mere absence that can cow him. Or loneliness. Or the lack of maps and charts. For he is his own path. And he sees by his own light. We watch him from a great distance. From a vantage point no less subjective, no less absolute. And so it's hard to tell whether he imposes himself on the emptiness, or becomes it. — Mike Carey

Maturana Quotes By Steven Moffat

Sarah Jane Smith was everybody's hero when I was younger, and as brave and funny and brilliant as people only ever are in stories. But many years later, when I met the real Sarah Jane - Lis Sladen herself - she was exactly as any child ever have wanted her to be. Kind and gentle and clever; and a ferociously talented actress, of course, but in that perfectly English unassuming way. — Steven Moffat

Maturana Quotes By Humberto Maturana

The training is a set of interpersonal interactions that lead to emotional and intellectual experiences that provide a circumstance and an intrument for self awareness, self observation and reflection on the circumstances of the subject trainee, both in his individual life and as a social being. — Humberto Maturana

Maturana Quotes By Humberto Maturana

We say that the words were smooth, caressing, hard, sharp, and so on: all words that refer to body touching. Indeed we can kill or elate with words as body experiences. — Humberto Maturana

Maturana Quotes By Foster Friess

There isn't a person at the Koch brothers events who would not get a good return on their investment by investing in [Santorum] as president, because of what they believe about the free enterprise system. — Foster Friess

Maturana Quotes By Humberto Maturana

History is a process of transformation through conversation. In our efforts to produce change,we often forget how important it is to pay attention to what is being conserved. — Humberto Maturana

Maturana Quotes By Paul Kagame

Listen more to the one who criticizes you and less to
the one who praises you. Learn from them and do
something about it. — Paul Kagame

Maturana Quotes By Peter Schjeldahl

Black and white can show how something is. Color adds how it is, imbued with temperatures and humidities of experience. — Peter Schjeldahl

Maturana Quotes By Ruth Hurmence Green

I feel that we should stop wasting our time trying to please the supernatural and concentrate on improving the welfare of human beings. I think that, uh, we should use our energy and our initiative to solve our problems, and stop relying on prayer and wishful thinking. If we have faith in ourselves, we won't have to have faith in gods. — Ruth Hurmence Green

Maturana Quotes By Frank Herbert

The night is a tunnel, she thought, a hole into tomorrow ... — Frank Herbert

Maturana Quotes By Torae

If you can stand on stage and perform a record, you should be able to stand on stage and captivate the audience without the rhyme. You should be a master of ceremonies. — Torae

Maturana Quotes By Humberto Maturana

Things do not exist until they begin to appear. — Humberto Maturana

Maturana Quotes By L. Michael Hall

MEANING-MAKING The Human Adventure "Nothing means anything on its own. Meaning comes not from seeing or even observation alone, for there is no 'alone' in this sort. Neither is meaning lying around in nature waiting to be scooped up by the senses; rather it is constructed. 'Constructed' in this context means produced in acts of interpretation." Humberto R. Maturana "What an organism does is organize, and what a human organism organizes is meaning. It is not that a person makes meaning as much as that the activity of being a person is the activity of meaning-making. There is thus no feeling, no experience, no thought, no perception, independent of a meaning-making context in which it becomes a feeling, an experience, a thought, a perception, because we are the meaning-making context. — L. Michael Hall

Maturana Quotes By Mary Roach

The torpedo launch console has big square plastic buttons - Flood Tube, Open Shuttle, Ready to Fire - that flash red or green, like something Q would have built into James Bond's Aston Martin. The missile compartment has similarly retro-looking panels of buttons. They provided the setup for one of the more quotable things Murray said to me - a line that, were fewer precautions in place, could have joined "Houston, we've had a problem" or "Watch this" in the pantheon of understated taglines for calamity: "I wouldn't lean on that. — Mary Roach

Maturana Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

Envy is as evil a thing as arrogance. — Theodore Roosevelt

Maturana Quotes By Humberto Maturana

Love is the grounding of our existence as humans and is the basic emotioning in our systemic identity as human beings. — Humberto Maturana

Maturana Quotes By Humberto Maturana

Only love expands intelligence. To live in love is to accept the other and the conditions of his existence as a source of richness, not as opposition, restriction or limitation. — Humberto Maturana