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Top Marriage Of Sticks Quotes

Marriage Of Sticks Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Life with a man is more businesslike after it, and money matters work better. And then, you see, if you have rows, and he turns you out of doors, you can get the law to protect you, which you can't otherwise, unless he half-runs you through with a knife, or cracks your noddle with a poker. And if he bolts away from you
I say it friendly, as woman to woman, for there's never any knowing what a man med do
you'll have the sticks o' furniture, and won't be looked upon as a thief. — Thomas Hardy

Marriage Of Sticks Quotes By Jonathan Silverman

I don't want to make any judgments, and I don't want to preach, but I'm hoping that marriage can work: that when people do fall in love, when people do find their soul mate, everyone sticks to it. It has the potential to be a very powerful thing, marriage. — Jonathan Silverman

Marriage Of Sticks Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Don't be fretting ... about me marrying. Marrying's a trouble and not marrying's a trouble and I sticks to the trouble I knows. — L.M. Montgomery

Marriage Of Sticks Quotes By Marlo Thomas

Marriage is like a vacuum cleaner. You stick it to your ear and it sucks out all your energy and ambition. — Marlo Thomas

Marriage Of Sticks Quotes By Ozzy Osbourne

With marriage, you've just got to stick it out. You can't jump off the boat at the first bump in the waves. — Ozzy Osbourne