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Marketing Yourself Quotes By Seth Godin

Go for the edges. Challenge yourself and your team to describe what those edges are, and then test which edge is most likely to deliver the marketing results you seek. — Seth Godin

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Richie Norton

How much longer will you wait until you take a chance on yourself? — Richie Norton

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Christine Comaford-Lynch

Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for. — Christine Comaford-Lynch

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Eric Schmidt

product excellence is now paramount to business success - not control of information, not a stranglehold on distribution, not overwhelming marketing power (although these are still important). There are a couple of reasons for this. First, consumers have never been better informed or had more choice.13 It used to be that companies could turn poor products into winners by dint of overwhelming marketing or distribution strength. Create an adequate product, control the conversation with a big marketing budget, limit customer choice, and you could guarantee yourself a good return. — Eric Schmidt

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Bill Hicks

By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. — Bill Hicks

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Richie Norton

Do you ever see someone doing something cool and you say to yourself, "I could do that" ... And then you don't? Ask yourself, why not? Honestly, why not? You really may not have a reason to do it, but if you'd regret not doing it? That's a whole other story. — Richie Norton

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Alexis Munier

l'after-shave, le badge, le barbeque, le best-seller, le blue-jean, le blues, le bluff, le box-office, le break, le bridge, le bulldozer, le business, le cake, la call-girl, le cashflow, le check-in, le chewing-gum, le club, le cocktail, la cover-girl, le cover-story, le dancing, le design, le discount, le do-it-yourself, le doping, le fan, le fast-food, le feedback, le freezer, le gadget, le gangster, le gay, le hall, le handicap, le hold-up, le jogging, l'interview, le joker, le kidnapping, le kit, le knock-out, le label, le leader, le look, le manager, le marketing, le must, les news, le parking, le pickpocket, le pipeline, le planning, le playboy, le prime time, le pub, le puzzle, se relaxer, le self-service, le software, le snack, le slogan, le steak, le stress, le sweatshirt, le toaster and le week-end. — Alexis Munier

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Eric Weiner

Ask yourself if you are happy and you cease to be so." That was John Stuart Mill, the nineteenth-century British philosopher who believed that happiness should be approached sideways, "like a crab." Is Bhutan a nation of crabs? Or is this whole notion of Gross National Happiness just a clever marketing ploy, like the one Aruba dreamed up a few years ago. "Come to Aruba: the island where happiness lives. — Eric Weiner

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Seth Godin

Marketing yourself to a new person often involves being charismatic, clever and quick-but most jobs and most relationships are about being consistent, persistent and brave. — Seth Godin

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Keith Rabois

Force yourself to simplify every initiative, every product, every marketing, everything you do. — Keith Rabois

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Anthony Evans

I didn't have to fit into a mold. You make the mold. People can smell a rat. If you're doing thing for marketing and for a record label, you're going to set yourself up to be called a phony. As long as it's true to you, you do it. — Anthony Evans

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Laura Busche

What is the "Once upon a time" of your brand story? Ask yourself this: "How does what I'm building help consumers close the gap between who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow? — Laura Busche

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Anonymous

P R E S I D E N T Y O S H I D A'S T E N S P A R T A N R UlE S Hideo Yoshida's quest for management excellence was no doubt driven by his visions for Japanese marketing and media, but also by an overall worry about Japan's economic prospects after World War II. As a result, he developed a set of business and work principles, or rules, which he called the "Ten Spartan Rules": difficult work.5. Once you begin a task, complete it. Never give up.6. Lead and set an example for your fellow workers.7. Set goals for yourself to ensure a constant sense of purpose.8. Move with confidence. It gives your work force and substance.9. At all times, challenge yourself to think creatively and find new solutions.10. When confrontation is necessary, don't shy away from it. Confrontation is often necessary to achieve progress. These traditional work rules still guide Dentsu's employees, and are carried around in their notebooks — Anonymous

Marketing Yourself Quotes By April WIlliams

Today is a good day to tackle a fear and make yourself proud. — April WIlliams

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Jay Baer

If your stories are all about your products and services, that's not storytelling. It's a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger. — Jay Baer

Marketing Yourself Quotes By F. Marco-Serrano

Do not lie to yourself: not every penny you invest in marketing and promotion is an actual investment. What's the difference? It is easy - if you spend your precious money in a marketing campaign and this provokes increased profit, then that is well invested money. — F. Marco-Serrano

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Simon Zingerman

It's ever so important to believe in what you do, trust your ability to create and show yourself worthy. Never sell yourself short. — Simon Zingerman

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Melanie Pinola

How do you want the world to see you professionally? What kinds of work do you enjoy doing? Why are you on LinkedIn? Those are the questions you should think about when creating your LinkedIn profile, so it's aligned with your personal brand. While marketing-speak like 'personal brand' feels fake to many of us, we're really just talking about setting the right tone for your profile and positioning yourself for the kinds of opportunities you're interested in. — Melanie Pinola

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Carol White

What I always tell my clients is to put yourself in your potential customer's shoes - what would you want to hear about this story/book and does this [marketing material] deliver that information? — Carol White

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

True humility is when you can surprise yourself more than others; the rest is either shyness or good marketing — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Marketing Yourself Quotes By John Kremer

You can sell a lot more books if you work with other authors than if you try to do everything all by yourself. — John Kremer

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Jana Elston

Market your business to the customer YOU WANT.
Most beauty businesses try to be everything to everyone. It's exhausting and expensive promoting yourself to everyone. Most people simply give up.
Focus on the customers you really want. What is your passion, what do you excel in? Who is your ideal customer? What would you ideally like to do every day in your business?
Focus on what you want to do and the clients you want, and market directly to them and only them. — Jana Elston

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Billy Corgan

You could have a zillion Facebook followers. Those people don't buy records. It's about a hundred to one ... Record companies, they don't have any money, so they see social media as the free marketing ... So ... 'Billy, light yourself on fire and stand upside down, and that'll market the record.' — Billy Corgan

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Clifton Hill

When everyone thinks something is true, it does not make it anything more than effective marketing. — Clifton Hill

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Richie Norton

People love to say, "You gotta fake it till you make it." But this implies that the fake you is someone better than who you inherently are, and this is simply not the truth. Let me say this loud and clear: the person you imagine yourself to be in the very best and most powerful moments of your life, is the authentic you. And in truth, I imagine you're probably much more amazing even than that. — Richie Norton

Marketing Yourself Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Um um um um um. This business of - this business about marketing yourself, there's nothing wrong with that. Unless we're allowed to think that that's - that that's it. That that's the point, that that's the goal, you know? And that's the reason we're here - because that's so empty. And you as a writer know that it's - if you as a writer think that your job is to get as many people to like your stuff and think well of you as possible ... And I could, we could both, name writers that it's pretty obvious that's their motivation? It kills the work. Each time. That that's maybe 50 percent of it, but it misses all the magic. And it misses, it doesn't let you be afraid. Or it doesn't, like, let you like make yourself be, be vulnerable. Or ... nah, see, I'm not ... Anyway, anyway. — David Foster Wallace

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Richie Norton


Finding your weird is a lot like finding your voice. Although, your voice is more about your passion, your story, your way of communicating with the world.

Your weird is that thing you do that people would miss if you were gone.

Your weird is the thing that keeps your followers following you.

Your weird puts a smile on a face or an idea in a mind or money in your pocket.

Your weird is how we remember you.

What's your weird?

If you don't know, ask someone. Ask lots of people!

When you embrace your weird, you
love your life, share your story, meet new people, experience great things, freak yourself out, live on purpose, "save the whales," enjoy the moment.

Find your weird.

But first, breathe. — Richie Norton

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Sharlto Copley

You need that marketing power. You need to go do the interviews. You need to put yourself out there and risk and be open to the fact that people are going to not like you, and they are just going to rip you apart, and whatever you say in an interview can get quoted out of context. — Sharlto Copley

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Keith Rabois

You can build the most important companies in history with a very simple to describe concept. You can market products in less than 50 characters. There is no reason why you can't build your company the same way. So force yourself to simplify every initiative, every product, every marketing, everything you do. Basically take out that red and start eliminating stuff. — Keith Rabois

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Shirley George Frazier

Surround yourself with like-minded people who support you on the road to success. — Shirley George Frazier

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Satyendra Pandey

You need to ask yourself " How much do you want" before you start your online business. — Satyendra Pandey

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Erica Bauermeister

Jack's marketing books had been a part of her life for so long that she had ceased to register their presence, simply moving them from the couch to the coffee table, from the bed to the nightstand. How to Sell Everything to Anybody. Eight Great Habits of CEOs. They all seemed to involve numbers, as if you could simply count yourself to riches, like following sheep to sleep. — Erica Bauermeister

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Princess Diana

You see yourself as a good product that sits on a shelf and sells well, and people make a lot of money out of you. — Princess Diana

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Dane Brookes

If you're asking yourself who the content is for, it's already too late to make an impact. — Dane Brookes

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Daphne Guinness

Everyone wants to get behind the red rope, but actually: be yourself, don't believe what you see, don't believe all this marketing. — Daphne Guinness

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Tara Mohr

Feedback doesn't tell you about yourself. It tells you about the person giving the feedback. In other words, if someone says your work is gorgeous, that just tells you about *their* taste. If you put out a new product and it doesn't sell at all, that tells you something about what your audience does and doesn't want. When we look at praise and criticism as information about the people giving it, we tend to get really curious about the feedback, rather than dejected or defensive. — Tara Mohr

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Ben E. King

It's a different thing when you go into a studio and you record with the intent of going somewhere and you're marketing yourself for that direction. — Ben E. King

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Timothy M. Houston

You need to position yourself to your referral sources and your current clients as providing exceptional value and experiences in everything you do — Timothy M. Houston

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Timothy M. Houston

When you are networking you are doing more than just marketing your business; you are marketing yourself. — Timothy M. Houston

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Joel Stein

I'm good at marketing myself through the columns. But compared to other people I know, as far as networking and pushing yourself out there, I'm not very good at that. — Joel Stein

Marketing Yourself Quotes By Kathleen Hanna

It can be really painful to have to face how fucked up shit is and how scared people are ... of being alive. Scared of things that are amazing. Scared of things that aren't like television or aren't dead. A lot of people can't deal with three-dimensional human beings, they only know how to deal with other products - they see themselves as other products. When the world only treats you like a dot on a marketing scheme, you can learn to treat yourself and other people like that. — Kathleen Hanna