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Top Mario Bava Quotes

Mario Bava Quotes By Felix Alexander

For it is known that love creates a bond that unites lovers until the end of time. — Felix Alexander

Mario Bava Quotes By Rachel Aaron

As soon as the cold became uncomfortable, Eli had opened his shirt and had a nice long chat with the burn on his chest. Karon was happy to help them stick it to the ice and wind spirits, and he cheerfully kept the air around Eli as warm and dry as a smokehouse.
"I only wish it didn't reek of sulfur," Josef said, pressing up the mountainside. "I'd almost rather deal with the cold."
"Well, don't let me stop you," Eli huffed, though even he looked a little green. "Who am I to stand between a man and his frostbite? — Rachel Aaron

Mario Bava Quotes By Bryan Stevenson

In Alabama, even though 65 percent of all homicide victims were black, nearly 80 percent of the people on death row were there for crimes against victims who were white. — Bryan Stevenson

Mario Bava Quotes By Holly Webb

was remembering the illustrations from Morally Instructive Tales for the Nursery, which was one of the books in the schoolroom. The two little boys who owned the boat in the original story fought about who got to sail it first, which obviously meant that one of them drowned in the fountain. Most of the books in the schoolroom had endings like that. Rose quite enjoyed working out the exact point when the characters were beyond hope. It was usually when they lied to get more jam. — Holly Webb

Mario Bava Quotes By Marieke Nijkamp

Dad always told me there are more stories in the universe than stars in the sky. And in every story, there's the light of hope. That's why the seniors sent lanterns up to the sky-to make sure the darkness is never absolute. — Marieke Nijkamp

Mario Bava Quotes By Richard Jefferies

When even the most strictly logical mind looks round and investigates the phenomena attending its own existence, perhaps the first fact to attract attention by its strongly marked prominence is the remarkable loneliness of man. He stands alone. — Richard Jefferies

Mario Bava Quotes By Idries Shah

When there is a true or useful thing, there is sure to be a counterfeit. — Idries Shah

Mario Bava Quotes By Tony Hawk

I've definitely had my share of calls where I just laugh. Someone came to me once and wanted to do a signature Hawk cologne. I was like, 'Of what? Sweaty pads? Am I wringing out my pads into a little perfume bottle?' — Tony Hawk

Mario Bava Quotes By Gary Allan

It's always performing for me. I write and I record so I can perform. It all ties to that. I've done it since I was a little kid. That's my absolute rush, is playing for different people every night, bringing something else to the table they've never seen. — Gary Allan