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Top Manifesting Thoughts Quotes

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Hina Hashmi

If your thoughts, feelings and actions are not in harmony of what you desire, you won't materialize it. — Hina Hashmi

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Russell Anthony Gibbs

If you focus your mind on "not wanting" something, you are giving energy to and manifesting the thing you do not want. If you worry or fixate on a problem, you are channeling energy to maintain the problem. Focus thoughts and beliefs on the solution, and do not fixate on the problem. — Russell Anthony Gibbs

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Marc Maron

I've gotta stop thinking I know what other people think, cause most of 'what other people think' is something I'm making up. So I should just let them have their experience, I'll have my experience and not pretend to know, and just get past that. [I think that] is a major obstacle: manifesting that insecurity, that fear. Believing the audience in your head as opposed to what's really going on in the world - not responding to the one I'm making up, which is always going to judge me harder than the real one. — Marc Maron

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Wayne Dyer

One of the reasons most people are not good at solving problems and manifesting or attracting into their life what they want is because their thoughts are always on what's wrong and on what's missing and on the problem. — Wayne Dyer

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Shelby Harris

If there's a lot of fear that's going on, if there's a lot of anxiety, it's manifesting itself in your nocturnal world so that analyzing it can help open up basically thoughts about what you need to do during the day. So a lot of people who subscribe to the psychoanalysis, the Jungian thought will really focus a lot on dreams, the meaning, and how it can be used to help you during the day. — Shelby Harris

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

Whatever we are constantly thinking about becomes our stronghold. It doesn't matter what sort thought we have, it could be a bad or good, negative or positive thought that ultimately exalts itself by manifesting through our actions. — Euginia Herlihy

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Roshan Sharma

It takes time for the things to manifest. Everything needs necessary energy for its manifestation. — Roshan Sharma

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Christopher Dines

The process of creating your dream ought to be playful, mixing and channelling your inspirational thoughts and intuitive feelings into manifesting your dream. — Christopher Dines

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Once you put your attention, your thoughts, your energy, your consciousness on a new intention, that's what you begin manifesting into your life. The word "intention," I believe, is really important, because it doesn't leave any room for doubt or maneuvering: "I intend to create this in my life out of the circumstances that I'm now experiencing." — Wayne Dyer

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Tom Althouse

Pause, breathe, and lift, undefined, what is possible. Let the feeling of celebration come upon you, even if you do not comprehend cerebral reasons to justify it. For from that center, it will generate its own, able to carry you, until the original ones manifest, from that very portal you chose to fashion, unrestricted. — Tom Althouse

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Stephen Richards

Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about. Your entire life and everything in it is a result of your belief system coupled with your thoughts. The feelings and emotions you have cement this in your mind, and the illusion of all of this combined is what you see as your reality on a moment-to-moment and day-to-day basis. — Stephen Richards

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Debbianne DeRose

If change is what you're after, unify your broadcast and quit muddying up the signals with thoughts that contradict your preferences. The experience of happiness, love and abundance is actually the default Life design. It's already available. You just need to clean out the debris that's blocking your view. — Debbianne DeRose

Manifesting Thoughts Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Act as if what you intend to manifest in life is already a reality. Eliminate thoughts of conditions, limitations, or the possibility of it not manifesting. If left undisturbed in your mind and in the mind of intention simultaneously, it will germinate in the physical world. — Wayne Dyer