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Top Making Peace With Enemies Quotes

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By George R R Martin

The only peace you make is with your enemies. That is why they call it 'making peace'. — George R R Martin

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Christina Engela

Peace with non-fundamentalists terrifies the fundamentalist because to them, being Christian doesn't mean just being 'good' - it means being 'better' than others. Being better that others means having to see them as enemies - and making war on them. The fundamentalist views not being allowed to make war on their enemies as oppression of their faith, or defeat. — Christina Engela

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Thomas Huynh

When two sides who consider each other enemies converge in armed struggle, for the moment they are no longer enemies. They are fellow human beings who face the same two choices that their ancestors did for centuries before them: to destroy each other or to prosper together. — Thomas Huynh

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Donald R. Clymer

Peacemaking contains all the elements of the Christian faith. Peacemaking is the result of not only taking the beatitudes seriously, but living them. It involves right relationships. Right relationships with God, right relationships with God's people and right relationships with God's creation. It involves love. Proper love of self, love of God and creation, and love of all people - even our enemies. It is not passive, it is active; it is peacemaking not peacekeeping. Above all, it is following the way of Jesus, which was the way of the cross, where his power was 'made perfect in weakness' (2 Cor. 12:9). — Donald R. Clymer

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Imi Lichtenfeld

One not need make peace with friends, only with enemies — Imi Lichtenfeld

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By George R R Martin

We only make peace with our enemies. That's why it's called making peace. — George R R Martin

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Nhat Hanh

Listening is a very deep practice. You have to empty yourself. You have to leave space in order to listen especially to people we think are our enemies - the ones we believe are making our situation worse. When you have shown your capacity for listening and understanding, the other person will begin to listen to you, and you have a change to tell him or her of your pain, and it's your turn to be healed. This is the practice of peace. — Nhat Hanh

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Hazrat Inayat Khan

Before making peace, war is necessary, and that war must be made with our self. Our worst enemy is our self: our faults, our weaknesses, our limitations. And our mind is such a traitor! What does it? It covers our faults even from our own eyes, and points out to us the reason for all our difficulties: others! So it constantly deludes us, keeping us unaware of the real enemy, and pushes us towards those others to fight them, showing them to us as our enemies. — Hazrat Inayat Khan

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Carlos Wallace

My incentive? Making a peaceful spirit second nature. And that is so worth the effort. — Carlos Wallace

Making Peace With Enemies Quotes By Anne E.G. Nydam

Why is it considered so glorious to kill an enemy, when it is not considered contemptible to create one? — Anne E.G. Nydam