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Making Life Decisions Quotes By Marlene Steinberg

Some theorists believe that polyphasic functioning can, over time, affect a person's sense of identity by making it harder to distinguish central concerns from peripheral ones. When life is made up of decisions, decisions, decisions, all requiring attention at the same time, where to eat lunch on a particular day may seem as important a question as, Do I believe in God? We can get to a point where the dailiness of life matters as much as the core elements of identity: one's fundamental beliefs, moral convictions, or close relationships. — Marlene Steinberg

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Padma Viswanathan

She had always thought of her life as a series of submissions to God. What if she has been making her own decisions all along? — Padma Viswanathan

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Paul Walker

I like to make big decisions when I am at home living a routine life, getting up, walking my dog, having breakfast, when I have no pressure. I do not like doing it when I making a film. It is too stressful. — Paul Walker

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Caitlin Doughty

Going around not fully believing that you're going to die is really problematic because it affects how you think about the future of the planet, about the future of your own life, about the decisions you're making. — Caitlin Doughty

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Auliq Ice

Be open about your thoughts, ideas, and desires and you will be right with your decisions. — Auliq Ice

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Toni Sorenson

We're making decisions right now that shape our lives. Even indecision is a decision. What's going on today is a result of the choices we've made in the past. — Toni Sorenson

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Bohdi Sanders

Doing nothing is also an action; not making a decision is making a decision. — Bohdi Sanders

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Karrine Steffans

Making bad decisions and choosing the wrong partner can ruin your life for a long time, perhaps forever. — Karrine Steffans

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Nathaniel Branden

I am responsible for my personal happiness. One of the characteristics of immaturity is the belief that it is someone else's job to make me happy - much as it was once my parents' job to keep me alive. If only someone would love me, then I would love myself. If only someone would take care of me, then I would be contented. If only someone would spare me the necessity of making decisions, then I would be carefree. If only someone would make me happy. Here's a simple but powerful stem to wake one up to reality: If I take full responsibility for my personal happiness - . Taking responsibility for my happiness is empowering. It places my life back in my own hands. Ahead of taking this responsibility, I may imagine it will be a burden. What I discover is that it sets me free. — Nathaniel Branden

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Francis Chan

It is easy to use the phrase 'God's will for my life' as an excuse for inaction or even disobedience ... My hope is that instead of searching for 'God's will for my life' each of us would learn to seek hard after 'the Spirit's leading in my life today.' May we learn to pray for an open and willing heart, to surrender to the Spirit's leading with that friend, child, spouse, circumstance, or decision in our lives right now. — Francis Chan

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Augusta DeJuan Hathaway

Making life changing decisions are never easy but are a very important part of life. Some people will not like your decision and some may even get emotionally hurt. Ultimately it all comes back to what decisions are best for you. Remember this is "Your" life in which God gave you. So seek unbiased advice and not yes men, nor people attempting to influence your decision based on their motives. I heard a pastor once say " God did not call you to be unhappy to make others happy" you are not responsible for others happiness, but you are responsible for your own happiness -Live out your Dreams- — Augusta DeJuan Hathaway

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

You never want one thing at any given moment of life. Your mind always comes up with at least two choices. If your limbic system wins, the choice you make seems to be pleasurable at first but in the long run ends up being the wrong one. And if your prefrontal cortex wins the choice you make may appear rough at first, but in the long run it turns out to be the right one. — Abhijit Naskar

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Ted Nugent

I'm such a lucky guy. I've been able to make my own decisions for my own life for the last fifty years ... or sixty ... well maybe not sixty. Even though I think I was making my own decisions at the tender age of eight. — Ted Nugent

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Douglas Coupland

Imagine you're a forty-year-old, Richard," Hamilton said to me around this time, while working as a salesman at a Radio Shack in Lynn Valley,"and suddenly somebody comes up to you saying, 'Hi, I'd like you to meet Kevin. Kevin is eighteen and will be making all of your career decisions for you.' I'd be flipped out. Wouldn't you? But that's what life is all about - some eighteen-year-old kid making your big decisions for you that stick for a lifetime." He shuddered. — Douglas Coupland

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Meg Jay

Ian pretended that not knowing what to do was the hard part when, somewhere inside, I think he knew that making a choice about something is when the real uncertainty begins. The more terrifying uncertainty is wanting something and not knowing how to get it. It is working toward something even though there is no sure thing. When we make choices, we open ourselves up to hard work and failure and heartbreak, so sometimes it feels easier not to know, not to choose, and not to do. — Meg Jay

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Brendan Rodgers

I enjoy my work. The reason I worked so hard all my life is because I want to be making big decisions and managing at the very highest level. — Brendan Rodgers

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Anita Roddick

I run my company according to feminine principles, principles of caring, making intuitive decisions, not getting hung up on hierarchy or all those dreadfully boring business-school management ideas; having a sense of work as being part of your life, not separate from it; putting your labor where your love is; being responsible to the world in how you use your profits; recognizing the bottom line should stay at the bottom. — Anita Roddick

Making Life Decisions Quotes By David Emerald Womeldorff

Frozen in fear, you avoid responsibility because you think your experience is beyond your control. This stance keeps you from making decisions, solving problems, or going after what you want in life. — David Emerald Womeldorff

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Mohith Agadi

Making hard decisions in life to accomplish the dreams, It requires a gut from within. — Mohith Agadi

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Kevin Michel

In every moment of choice, you create a new destiny. — Kevin Michel

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

It was Friday, July 24, 1992, when I stepped on the train. Every year I think of it. I see it as my real birthday: the birth of me as a person, making decisions about my life on my own. I was not running away from Islam, or to democracy. I didn't have any big ideas then. I was just a young girl and wanted some way to be me; so I bolted into the unknown. — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Rachana Shakyawar

Some choices we make for people around and some decisions we take for thyself! — Rachana Shakyawar

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Rick Ross

There may be some difficulties during a period of adjustment. Specifically, picking up their life again and making their own truly independent decisions. — Rick Ross

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Amy Poehler

We don't want to be afraid to make a choice because we're afraid to make a mistake because most decisions aren't final. Feelings change all the time. You can always change your mind and taking risks and making choices is what makes life so exciting because we never know what's going to happen. Every day something new comes our way. — Amy Poehler

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If you are a person with victim mentality, start making decisions on your own and live using your own mind — Sunday Adelaja

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

Show the youth the consequences of their actions and why they should choose wisely — Sunday Adelaja

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Tony Robbins

What changes your life is not learning more. What changes your life is making decisions & using your personal power & taking action. — Tony Robbins

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Nina Guilbeau

Even when we do not actively participate in our destiny, we are still on a chosen path. Life has a way of making decisions for us. — Nina Guilbeau

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Veronica Roth

I guess we all decide our children's fates just by making our own life decisions, — Veronica Roth

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Daniel Suarez

Democracy requires active participation, and sooner or later someone 'offers' to take all the difficult decision-making away from you and your hectic life. But the darknet throws those decisions back onto you. It hard-codes democracy into the DNA of civilization. You upvote and downvote many times a day on things that directly affect your life and the lives of people around you - not just once every few years on things you haven't got a chance in hell of affecting. — Daniel Suarez

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Mark Batterson

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. Set God-sized goals. Pursue God-ordained passions. Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. Keep asking questions. Keep making mistakes. Keep seeking God. Stop pointing out problems and become part of the solution. Stop repeating the past and start creating the future. Stop playing it safe and start taking risks. Expand your horizons. Accumulate experiences. Enjoy the journey. Find every excuse you can to celebrate everything you can. Live like today is the first day and last day of your life. Don't let what's wrong with you keep you from worshiping what's right with God. Burn sinful bridges. Blaze new trails. Don't let fear dictate your decisions. Take a flying leap of faith. Quit holding out. Quit holding back. Go all in with God. Go all out for God. — Mark Batterson

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Lisa Velthouse

If you don't want to deal with things like guilt, shame and disappointment later on in life, then you'll have t start now by making choices that won't result in those things...tomorrow's regret depends on today's decisions. If you don't want to regret your physical intimacy tomorrow, then you'll have to be living in un-regrettable physical intimacy today. — Lisa Velthouse

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Benjamin Bayani

Whether you decision is good or bad at least you had the balls to make one. — Benjamin Bayani

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

You are here and you are allowed to be here and therefore you are allowed to make decisions about yourself and the people in your life; rather than sort of backing up and making sure it's okay with everybody at every turn. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Claudia Gray

My paintings are the result of countless small brushstrokes, each one shaded with a different blend of colors, each one with a single, deliberate purpose. Every moment, every day, we are all making something - whether it's science or art, a relationship or a destiny - building it choice by choice, moment by moment. Our decisions shape other people's worlds as well as our own. We are all the center of our own universe and all of use in someone else's orbit. It's a paradox, but sometimes paradoxes are where truth begins.
My father would point out that the Beatles told us all of this decades ago. They one sang that in the end, the love we take is equal to the love we make. No, we can never be in complete control of our fates - we're all vulnerable to accidents, to cruelty, and to the random misfortune of life. But I try to think about how much of it is up to us. We decide what emotions serve as our building blocks, which feelings we'll use to shape our universe. — Claudia Gray

Making Life Decisions Quotes By J. B. Smoove

Keep it real by being straight forward. Don't pull no punches on people. It's better to tell somebody than just lollygag around, letting them think they're living their life the right way. Because some people don't know what the hell they're doing, they don't know if they're living the right way or making the right decisions. Some people don't know that. — J. B. Smoove

Making Life Decisions Quotes By David Allen

Welcome to the real-life experience of "knowledge work," and a profound operational principle: you have to think about your stuff more than you realize but not as much as you're afraid you might. As Peter Drucker wrote: "In knowledge work . . . the task is not given; it has to be determined. 'What are the expected results from this work?' is . . . the key question in making knowledge workers productive. And it is a question that demands risky decisions. There is usually no right answer; there are choices instead. And results have to be clearly specified, if productivity is to be achieved."* — David Allen

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Paulo Coelho

He does not however postpone making decisions. — Paulo Coelho

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Ann Brashares

I look back on my 20s. It's supposed to be the prime of your life, the most vital, the most beautiful. But you're making your critical decisions and sometimes your most critical mistakes. — Ann Brashares

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Tony Robbins

I think all people's lives are controlled by their decisions. You look at people's lives - it's not their conditions, it's their decisions. So everybody has a choice and every moment in your life you're making decisions. — Tony Robbins

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Madeline Zima

It's a good idea to prioritize your life and not making drinking the top priority. I think there are aspects of it that definitely illuminate bad decisions and how they'll negatively affect you. — Madeline Zima

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Monica Chrisandtras Hines

Stupidity is a mindset of those who refuse knowledge! A mistake of judgment is an error, we make mistakes all of the time, it's stupid if you keep making the same mistakes often. — Monica Chrisandtras Hines

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Mark Batterson

If you let fear dictate your decisions, you will live defensively, reactively, cautiously. Living by faith is playing offense with your life. — Mark Batterson

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Andy Stanley

Nothing is more honoring to your heavenly Father than making life decisions based upon what he has claimed about himself. — Andy Stanley

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

the tougher you are on yourself, the easier life will be on you. The quality of your life ultimately is shaped by the quality of your choices and decisions, ones that range from the career you choose to pursue to the books you read, the time that you wake up every morning and the thoughts you think during the hours of your days. When you consistently flex your willpower by making those choices that you know are the right ones (rather than the easy ones), you take back control of your life. — Robin S. Sharma

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Gina Greenlee

In the changing weather of life, rather than drift with the currents or be cast about in storms, be the wind at your own back. — Gina Greenlee

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Laurence Steinberg

What causes adolescents to rebel is not the assertion of authority but the arbitrary use of power, with little explanation of therules and no involvement in decision-making ... Involving the adolescent in decisions doesn't mean that you are giving up your authority. It means acknowledging that the teenager is growing up and has the right to participate in decisions that affect his or her life. — Laurence Steinberg

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Sigmund Freud

When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature. — Sigmund Freud

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Tim Tebow

People often seem to think that when you're following the Lord and trying to do His will, your path will always be clear, the decisions smooth and easy, and life will be lived happily ever after and all that. Sometimes that may be true, but I've found that more often, it's not. The muddled decisions still seem muddled, bad things still happen to believers, and great things can happen to nonbelievers. When it comes to making our decisions, the key that God is concerned with is that we are trusting and seeking Him. God's desire is for us to align our lives with His Word and His will. — Tim Tebow

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Ari Kiev

How can you develop a self-concept linked to your untapped potential? First, you can decide on the kind of life you would like to lead in ten or fifteen years. This will give you a standard for making decisions about current activities and will reduce the inclination to compare yourself unfavorably to others. Learn to ask, "How would I handle this situation were I the person I hope to become?" And then take action in line with your vision. — Ari Kiev

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Benjamin Bayani

You are defined by the decisions you make. When one bites you in the ass the way you respond to it either makes or breaks you. — Benjamin Bayani

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Geneen Roth

When you decide that you need to lose twenty pounds because you are disgusting at this weight or that you need to meditate every day or go to church on Sundays because you will go to hell if you don't, you are making life decisions while you are being whipped with chains. The Voice-induced decisions - those made from shame and force, guilt or deprivation, cannot be trusted. They do not last because they are based on fear of consequences instead of longing for truth. Instead, ask yourself what you love. Without fear of consequences, without force or shame or guilt. What motivates you to be kind, to take care of your body, your spirit, others, the earth? Trust the longing, trust the love that can be translated into action without the threat of punishment. Trust that you will not destroy what matters most. Give yourself that much. — Geneen Roth

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Esther Hicks

I see myself in perfect health. I see myself in absolute prosperity. I see myself invigorated with life, appreciating, again, this physical life experience which I wanted so very much as I decided to be a physical Being. It is glorious to be here, a physical Being, making decisions with my physical brain but accessing the power of the Universe through the power of the Law of Attraction. — Esther Hicks

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Dallas Willard

So many people would like to have guidance from God because obviously, if you have a word from God, it's the best possible thing. But they don't relate that to life as a whole. Often they want guidance as a way of opting out of the responsibility of making decisions. — Dallas Willard

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Stephanie Lahart

Until YOU get enough of what you're going through, no matter what advice a person gives you, you'll continue to go through the same thing. When you get the courage to stop making excuses for them, and stop excusing their behavior, then you'll be able to break free from that unhealthy situation. You've got to be willing to face YOUR truth in order to move on and be at peace. You matter! — Stephanie Lahart

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Philip Arthur Fisher

I had made what I believe was one of the more valuable decisions of my business life. This was to confine all efforts solely to making major gains in the long-run. — Philip Arthur Fisher

Making Life Decisions Quotes By K. Martin Beckner

She chose the attractive room, not noticing the cloven hoof exposed beneath the ornate curtains. That decision has surely haunted her every day since, finally catching up to her. — K. Martin Beckner

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Terry Pratchett

For a witch stands on the very edge of everything, between the light and the dark, between life and death, making choices, making decisions so that others may pretend no decisions have even been needed. Sometimes they need to help some poor soul through the final hours, help them to find the door, not to get lost in the dark. — Terry Pratchett

Making Life Decisions Quotes By David Brooks

This is how life works. Deciding whom to love is not an alien form of decision-making, a romantic interlude in the midst of normal life. Instead, decisions about whom to love are more intense versions of the sorts of decisions we make throughout the course of our existence, from what kind of gelato to order to what career to pursue. Living is an inherently emotional business. — David Brooks

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Thomas Watson

"If you are loyal you are successful," ruminated the company paper at one time. "All useful work is raised to the plane of art when love for the task-loyalty-is fused with the effort. Loyalty is the great lubricant of life. It saves the wear and tear of making daily decisions as to what is best to do. The man who is loyal to his work is not wrung nor perplexed by doubts, he sticks to the ship, and if the ship founders he goes down like a hero with colors flying at the masthead and the band playing." — Thomas Watson

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Moe Cidaly

A man making decisions on another man's life should have already made up his mind about his own. — Moe Cidaly

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Will Smith

When you look around at the six people that you spend the most time with, that's who you are. I think that in making those decisions in who you are going to be married to, who your friends are going to be, those are really huge, critical, life decisions. Who gets to talk to you everyday, is almost like the food that you eat. It is a very huge critical situation to choose who the people are that you are spending your life with, spending your time with and who you are choosing to give your love and everything to. — Will Smith

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Jada Pinkett Smith

I'm the glue that keeps it all together. I'm the nucleus of an entertainment family. My day-to-day is making decisions to keep life above water. — Jada Pinkett Smith

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Barry Schwartz

The very wealth of options before us may turn us from choosers into pickers. A chooser is someone who thinks actively about the possibilities before making a decision. A chooser reflects on what's important to him or her in life, what's important about this particular decision, and what the short- and long-range consequences of the decision may be. A chooser makes decisions in a way that reflects awareness of what a given choice means about him or her as a person. Finally, a chooser is thoughtful enough to conclude that perhaps none of the available alternatives are satisfactory, and that if he or she wants the right alternative, he or she might have to create it. A picker does none of these things. — Barry Schwartz

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Your ego's job isn't to serve you. Its only job is to keep itself in power. And right now, your ego's scared to death cuz it's about to get downsized. You keep up this spiritual path, baby, and that bad boy's days are numbered. Pretty soon your ego will be out of work, and your heart'll be making all the decisions. So your ego's fighting for its life, playing with your mind, trying to assert its authority, trying to keep you cornered off in a holding pen away from the rest of the universe. Don't listen to it. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Karen Duffy

In the beginning, when I first found out I had a disease that was incurable, emotionally I had to get used to the idea of being sick before I could think about making any other major decisions in my life. — Karen Duffy

Making Life Decisions Quotes By MJ DeMarco

Your choices are made in a moment, and yet their consequences transcend a lifetime. — MJ DeMarco

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Alonzo Mourning

I had individuals in my life to help me make the right decisions because it wasn't about them accepting handouts. It was about them making the right decisions for me. — Alonzo Mourning

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Kevin DeYoung

So go marry someone, provided you're equally yoked and you actually like being with each other. Go get a job, provided it's not wicked. Go live somewhere in something with somebody or nobody. But put aside the passivity and the quest for complete fulfillment and the perfectionism and the preoccupation with the future, and for God's sake start making some decisions in your life. Don't wait for the liver-shiver. If you are seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, you will be in God's will, so just go out and do something. — Kevin DeYoung

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Amber Riley

I have great friends around me that are positive and I think that's the key to life is making your own path. Set your own rules because there is no set rule, there is no set look, there is no set anything. You make your own rules in your life. You make your own decisions. — Amber Riley

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Noreena Hertz

Most of us are going through life without interrogating whether our decision-making processes are fit for purpose. And that's something we need to change - especially when the stakes are high and the decisions are of real import. — Noreena Hertz

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Rob Lowe

In acting, there's a type of courage you're recognized for all the time. You lose 100 pounds and play a guy with AIDS, and you get rewarded. But, in life, doing what is courageous is quiet, and no one knows about it. Courage is someone making sacrifices for their family or making selfless decisions for what they hope or feel. — Rob Lowe

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Laura Ricketts

I don't really like politics, to be honest. But it's other people making decisions about my life and my country and my child's education ... I wish we didn't have so much money in politics, but that's not the world we live in. If we don't play here, we forfeit. And I'm not willing to forfeit my rights. — Laura Ricketts

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Paul Arden

Getting what you want means making the decisions you need to make to get what you want.
Not the decisions those around you think you should make.
Making the safe decision is full, predictable and elads nowhere new.
The unsafe decision causess you to think and respond in a way you hadn't thought of.
And that thought will lead to other thoughts which will help you achieve what you want.
Start taking bad decisions and it will take you to a plce where others only dream of being. — Paul Arden

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Tove Styrke

I really do know what I want with my life. I think that keeps me from making bad decisions and spending time doing stuff I don't enjoy. — Tove Styrke

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Mi

Making bad decisions is a part of life. Blaming others for your bad decisions is immature. — Mi

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Your leadership principles give that unique character to your leadership brand. When all your responses, decisions, choices and leadership practices are filtered through your well defined principles, you have automatically connected yourself to making the success of your leadership excellence brand more deliberate. — Archibald Marwizi

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Danica McKellar

You can be obsessed with makeup and hair products and, you know, your appearance and still be absolutely making smart life decisions and work on your smarts, develop your smarts by studying something like math. Then you'll make much better decisions on the brands of clothing that you buy or whatever it is that you want. — Danica McKellar

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Kimberly Giles

The reason you might not be creating the life you want is that you are making most of your decisions unconsciously, and most of your subconscious policies (programs and rules) are fear-based and inaccurate. These inaccurate policies are sabotaging your success, because they don't want the very things you think you consciously want. — Kimberly Giles

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Rachel Holmes

When you're writing, you're making decisions about compression and the shape of a life, which are very similar to how we experience our inner consciousness. — Rachel Holmes

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Anthony Trollope

There is nothing in the world so difficult as that task of making up one's mind. Who is there that has not longed that the power and privilege of selection among alternatives should be taken away from him in some important crisis of his life, and that his conduct should be arranged for him, either this way or that, by some divine power if it were possible, - by some patriarchal power in the absence of divinity, - or by chance, even, if nothing better than chance could be found to do it? But no one dares to cast the die, and to go honestly by the hazard. There must be the actual necessity of obeying the die, before even the die can be of any use. — Anthony Trollope

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Ben Horowitz

In life, everybody faces choices between doing what's popular, easy, and wrong vs. doing what's lonely, difficult, and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1,000 fold. As in life, the excuses for CEOs making the wrong choice are always plentiful. — Ben Horowitz

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Alfred W. Crosby

We of the richer societies, who have had access to more energy than we have the experience to wield intelligently are making decisions we are not qualified to make almost every time we enter the voting booth, go to the grocery store or step into a car show room. We do not know what is "normal." Because our whole life and in some respects a generation or two before us have only known this era of fossil fuel exploitation and resource grabbing; we call this normal. — Alfred W. Crosby

Making Life Decisions Quotes By John Powell

You just don't make decisions about what you're going to be like when you are old. I know that I am making that decision right now. Every time we perceive ourselves, others, life, the world and God in a certain way, we are deepening the habits that will take over in old age. Every time I act on the insights that I am getting now I am deciding my future and choosing to be a kindly or cynical old man. Our yesterdays lie heavily upon our todays and our todays will lie heavily upon our tomorrows. — John Powell

Making Life Decisions Quotes By John C. Maxwell

The law of the [Cub Scout] pack guides the boys to move in the direction of being helpful, friendly, courteous, trustworthy and promote qualities which parents and the community are looking for. The whole purpose of scouting is to help the children grow up making good decisions in life. — John C. Maxwell

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Tim Ferriss

Just because you are embarrassed to admit that you're still living the consequences of bad decisions made 5, 10, 20 years ago shouldn't stop you from making good decisions now. If you let pride stop you, you will hate life 5, 10, and 20 years from now for the same reasons. — Tim Ferriss

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Katie Kiesler

I should go into advertising or public relations because if there is someone or something I like, I will promote it like it's the cure for whatever ailment is in your life. If I love you, I want you to love what I love. Consider yourself smitten or else, suffer hearing me talk about it nonstop ... until you also love it. — Katie Kiesler

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Steve Almond

But the real life of a writer resides in showing up at the keyboard every day, with the necessary patience and mercy, and making the best decisions you can on behalf of your people. It's a slow process. It often feels hopeless, more like an affliction than an art form.
Most of us will have to find our readers one by one, in other words, and against considerable resistance. If anything qualifies us as heroic, it's that private perpetual struggle.
Put down the magazine, soldier. Forget about the other guy. Remember who you are. — Steve Almond

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Martha Reeves

After years of making wrong decisions in my life, in 1977 I found out that it was all right to be square, simple, and sober. — Martha Reeves

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Collegiate life presents a student with innumerable opportunities to engender personal growth by responding to a dynamic social, athletic, and academic environment. Students instigate personal development by making calculated and rash personal decisions pertaining to what activities to pursue and by measuring their string of reactions to new experiences. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Making Life Decisions Quotes By John Rush

The decisions we make lead us to complex behavioral sets, and what we decide to do can be consciously and unconsciously motivated. The human being, however, is a small-group decision-making animal, a small pack animal, with a will to life, who engages in sex and the food quest to propagate and maintain that life, and who needs acceptance and recognition from group members. — John Rush

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Paulo Coelho

A lack of serotonin impaired one's capacity to concentrate at work, to sleep, to eat, and to enjoy life's pleasures. When this substance was completely absent, the person experienced despair, pessimism, a sense of futility, terrible tiredness, anxiety, difficulties in making decisions, and would end up sinking into permanent gloom, which would lead either to complete apathy or to suicide. — Paulo Coelho

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Danica McKellar

Girls think that being glamorous means making mistakes and being irresponsible. And that's just not true. The smarter you are, the better prepared you are to make decisions in your life, the more likely you are to lead a satisfying life and be glamorous and fun and anything you want to be. — Danica McKellar

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Isabel Allende

She regretted nothing she had shared with her lover, nor was she ashamed of the fires that had changed her life; just the opposite, she felt that they had tempered her, made her strong, given her pride in making decisions and paying the consequences for them. — Isabel Allende

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Philip Seymour Hoffman

There are a lot of things going on with my life right now that don't just have to do with career. So I have a hard time making decisions about work. That's really a luxury problem. — Philip Seymour Hoffman

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Jeanette Purkis

You are the CEO of your own life. It;s you making the decisions — Jeanette Purkis

Making Life Decisions Quotes By William Gibson

Addictions [ ... ] started out like magical pets, pocket monsters. They did extraordinary tricks, showed you things you hadn't seen, were fun. But came, through some gradual dire alchemy, to make decisions for you. Eventually, they were making your most crucial life-decisions. And they were [ ... ] less intelligent than goldfish. — William Gibson

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Mandy Hale

Sometimes a "mistake" can end up being the best decision you ever make. — Mandy Hale

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Kevin Costner

I haven't lived a perfect life. I have regrets. But that's from a lifetime of taking chances, making decisions, and trying not to be frozen. The only thing that I can do with my regrets is understand them. — Kevin Costner

Making Life Decisions Quotes By Michael Hyatt

There's no work-life balance without making decisions and without courage. — Michael Hyatt