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Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Norah Jones

Making records is fun. It's not some big statement. You're allowed to make mistakes. — Norah Jones

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

Make excellent mistakes.
Too many people spend their time avoiding mistakes. They're so concerned about being wrong, about messing up, that they never try anything
which means they never do anything. Their focus is avoiding failure. But that's actually a crummy way to achieve success. The most successful people spectacular mistakes
huge, honking screwups! why? They're trying to do something big, but each time they make a mistake, they get a little better and move a little closer to excellence.
Making mistakes seems risky. It is/ But it's more risky not to.
I'm not talking about random, stupid, thoughtless blunders, though. I'm talking about good mistakes.
Mistakes come from having high aspirations, from trying to do something nobody else has done. — Daniel H. Pink

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Minari Endou

There are some things in my past that I'd like to do over. The temptation to reset things is so alluring ... But ... There are things I gained as a result of making mistakes. Things lost and things gained ... We can't really pick and choose among them. If we could, it might lead to big trouble. So, for the future ... in order to save ... anything and everything ... — Minari Endou

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Bode Miller

In some ways, that's the story of my season - when I wasn't making big mistakes, I was winning races and being on the podium. And when I made mistakes I was still fourth or fifth, just off the podium. — Bode Miller

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Burt Reynolds

That's a big responsibility, and the details obsess me. And, also, I no longer feel I have to do the Tonight Show every time I open my mouth. Twenty years ago, I told myself I'd rather direct than act, and it's taken me this long. You lose your passion in acting. You make too many mistakes. Maybe that's why I make so many movies; if you don't like this one, another one's opening on Tuesday. But then I spent six months of my life on 'At Long Last Love,' a picture nobody saw. I enjoyed making it, I learned from it, I grew, but that's too much time out of my life. — Burt Reynolds

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Andy Rooney

We're all proud of making little mistakes. It gives us the feeling we don't make any big ones. — Andy Rooney

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Avra Amar Filion

Mr. Ellison is that unreasonable man that possesses the ostranenie effect-- he has a keen eye to see the simplest things and make them profound, and make simple minded people see deeply into mundane topics- bringing a philosophical charm to even politics.

No man, not even a semi-god lived an entire life without making a mistake and the fact that Mr. Ellison has lived a life so grandiose with such few errors, is a testament and a plaque to the big person he is. — Avra Amar Filion

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Kirsten Miller

The problems come when it's time to put our faith in things other than the Lord. There's no doubt that other people can be tricky. But once again, it's all about listening to your heart. That don't mean you should ignore what your head's telling you. But your heart will do a much better job of helping you figure out who's good and who ain't. Who deserves your faith, and who doesn't. If you judge solely by evidence, you could wind up making some big mistakes. — Kirsten Miller

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Jenn Bennett

When he makes mistakes, he's so focused on righting the wrong, and so overconfident about his ability to fix it all, that he loses sight of the big picture and ends up making things worse. — Jenn Bennett

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Stephane Hessel

From 1967, all the Israeli governments continued making two big mistakes: occupation and settlement in the territories. — Stephane Hessel

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Kristen Ashley

I am who I am, a big dork who makes mistakes and deals the best way I can. I'm going to keep making mistakes and being a big dork because that's who I am. You can't deal with it, then you best walk out that door because that's the way it is. — Kristen Ashley

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Robert M. Pirsig

On any mechanical repair job ego comes in for rough treatment. You're always being fooled, you're always making mistakes, and a mechanic who has a big ego to defend is at a terrific disadvantage. If you know enough mechanics to think of them as a group, and your observations coincide with mine, I think you'll agree that mechanics tend to be rather modest and quiet. There are exceptions, but generally if they're not quiet and modest at first, the works seems to make them that way. And skeptical. Attentive, but skeptical. But not egotistic. There's no way to bullshit your way into looking good on a mechanical repair job, except with someone who doesn't know what you're doing. — Robert M. Pirsig

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Cybill Shepherd

We have to keep trying things we're not sure we can pull off. If we just do the things we know we can do ... you don't grow as much. You gotta take those chances on making those big mistakes. — Cybill Shepherd

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Ken Livingstone

I became a councillor back in 1971, so if by this stage in politics I'm making lots of big mistakes, then I shouldn't be here. — Ken Livingstone

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Jenny Han

Honey, I appreciate that so much, I really do, but it's not just transferring that I'm worrying about. I'm worried about his mind-set. When he gets to UVA, he needs to be focused. He's going there to be a student athlete. He can't be driving down to North Carolina every weekend. It just isn't practical. You're both so young. Peter's already making big life decisions based on you, and who even knows what's going to happen with you two in the future. You're teenagers. Life doesn't always work out the way you think it's going to work out. . . . I don't know if Peter ever told you this, but Peter's dad and I got married very young. And I'd - I'd just hate to see you two make the same mistakes we did." She hesitates. "Lara Jean, I know my son, and he's not going to let you go unless you let him go first." I — Jenny Han

Making Big Mistakes Quotes By Mike Scioscia

In this game, you have to think about making plays, you can't worry about making mistakes. At times, a guy will get thrown out, but in the bigger scheme, the bases we're going to take will far outweigh that occasional misread. And it depends on what you call a mistake. If the outfielder puts the ball right on the money, he's out by a quarter-step and it's a bang-bang play, that's not a mistake. That's baseball. If you're out by four or five steps, it's ugly, it's a misread, but in the big picture, that aggressiveness is going to help us more than the occasional blunder will hurt. — Mike Scioscia