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Top Make Money Online Quotes

Make Money Online Quotes By Kalup Linzy

I feel like my perception has changed a little because when I was posting stuff online it was an extension of my studio and then it started getting some of the attention. Now it's like, "Oh, this is actually a place where you can make money," but I'm not interested in competing in that space. It seems like too much to deal with. — Kalup Linzy

Make Money Online Quotes By Jeffrey Walker

I think there's two ways to make money online. One way is by selling other people's stuff, the other way is by selling your stuff. — Jeffrey Walker

Make Money Online Quotes By Clayton Christensen

For online universities, like Liverpool and the University of Phoenix, if prices drop by 60%, they still make money. But for the vast majority of traditional universities, if the prices fall by 10%, they are bankrupt; they have no wriggle room. — Clayton Christensen

Make Money Online Quotes By Barry Diller

The directories businesses still make nothing but money. They're overleveraged, they're bankrupt entities, but they still are the largest. This is all going to move online over time. Why Citysearch and Service Magic are so important to us, is because nobody has really colonized it yet completely. — Barry Diller

Make Money Online Quotes By Marc Ostrofsky

Online business models are still evolving. New and different products and services pop up every day. This gives rise to supporting products and services. A business can make substantial profit by helping others execute their plans for making money. — Marc Ostrofsky

Make Money Online Quotes By Jon Ronson

Google has the informal corporate motto of "don't be evil", but they make money when anything happens online, even the bad stuff.' In — Jon Ronson

Make Money Online Quotes By Anonymous

YouTube is still the big gorilla of online video, especially as an archive for work with lasting appeal and as a place where creators can make money from ads sold around their material. But Facebook's ability to use social connections to make content popular quickly, along with changes the social network has made to its news feed to showcase video better, have helped fuel rapid growth in the amount of video viewed on the service over the last year. — Anonymous

Make Money Online Quotes By Chris Smith

If you want to make more money by closing online leads, you have to pick up the damn phone. If you have more usernames and passwords than customers you are doing it wrong. — Chris Smith

Make Money Online Quotes By Aaron Patzer

Carefully calculate the potential size of your market to make sure you can grow. Before starting Mint, I knew that there were about 20 million people who had purchased 'Quicken' or 'Microsoft Money' over the years, and 80 million people using online banking in the U.S. alone. — Aaron Patzer