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Lysosomes Quotes By Robert Skinner

Intermittent fasting definitely and massively increases autophagy. And thanks to our caveman history, it thrived. In times of little food, lysosomes would race around the body looking for damaged cells, pre-diseased cells, and cells which weren't doing much. It would chop them apart - into their smallest parts - and either burn them for energy, or use them to repair other areas. Simply, it would perform miracles without any outside help. — Robert Skinner

Lysosomes Quotes By Christian De Duve

I knew the lysosomes and peroxisomes because I had discovered them; I knew the mitochondria because I was interested in them. I knew the membrane system because my friend, George Palade, had worked on that. — Christian De Duve

Lysosomes Quotes By Christian De Duve

The possibility that lysosomes might accidentally become ruptured under certain conditions, and kill or injure their host-cells as a result, was considered right after we got our first clues to the existence of these particles. — Christian De Duve

Lysosomes Quotes By Steven Daniel Garber

When tadpole tails shrink in size,
their constituents are being broken down by lysosomes, and these organic molecules are then reabsorbed to fuel the growth of new structures such as the frog's budding arms and legs. — Steven Daniel Garber