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Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Jason Blum

The model we established was to give creative people complete creative freedom in exchange for betting on themselves, so they work for the minimums you're allowed to work for, and if the movies work in a big way, everyone does very well. If the movies don't, nobody loses too much money. The benefit to doing all the movies low budget is we can tell different types of stories and take creative risks. The Purge would have been irresponsible to do for $20M, but to do it for $3M makes sense. — Jason Blum

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Ask the questions. Do not just accept anything without question. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Tate did anything he wanted to and expected me to put up with it or give into it. This was annoying. I was all for Tate being a macho man, badass, bounty-hunting biker because all that was immensely attractive but I'd spent more than ten years being in the control of a man. I wasn't looking for that kind of thing again no matter what form it came in. That said, as Caroline noted, Brad thought he was all that and wasn't but Tate was. No man liked a bitchy, nagging, argumentative shrew and, I would guess, definitely not a man like Tate. If I didn't cool that too maybe I'd turn him off and lose him. — Kristen Ashley

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Taisha DeAza

I was a wildflower that would continue to grow in the most unexpected weather. — Taisha DeAza

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Lauren Oliver

The past: It drifts, it gathers. If you are not careful, it will bury you. This is half the reason for the cure: It clean-sweeps; it makes the past, and all its pain, distant, like the barest impression on sparkling glass. — Lauren Oliver

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By John Gardner

As in the universe every atom has an effect, however miniscule, on every other atom, so that to pinch the fabric of Time and Space at any point is to shake the whole length and breadth of it, so that to change a character's name from Jane to Cynthia is to make the fictional ground shudder under her feet. — John Gardner

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By The Covert Comic

Secret 3963. It's only a sucking chest wound if you're not the shooter. — The Covert Comic

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Thomas Caplan

titillate an ocelot?' Answer: 'Oscillate its tit a lot. — Thomas Caplan

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Twyla Tharp

While most people in the arts think they have to be constantly looking forward to be edgy and creative ... the real secret of creativity is to go back and remember. — Twyla Tharp

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Jorge Paulo Lemann

It takes the same effort to think small than to think big. But to think big frees you from the insignificant details. — Jorge Paulo Lemann

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Betty White

Well, I mean, if a joke or humor is bawdy, it's got to be funny enough to warrant it. You can't just have it bawdy or dirty just for the sake of being that - it's got to be funny. — Betty White

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Tove Lo

A rock star is expected to act like a mess, sound like a mess and look like a mess. People don't expect you to show up on time and be a professional. But when you're a pop star, you have to do all that, look perfect and be a role model. — Tove Lo

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Robin Kaye

I'm told he takes after our father - a sweet-talker he is not. His mouth sees more feet than a treadmill at a crowded gym. — Robin Kaye

Lymaris Vazquez Quotes By Elle Varner

As soon as I could speak, I was singing. Before I could even speak full words, I would make up ones to sing and I have it on tape, too. — Elle Varner