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Top Lumea Quotes

Lumea Quotes By Patsy Kensit

Up until the age of 30 I could eat whatever I wanted - I mean, literally, I never put on a pound; if anything, I was criticised in the media for being too skinny. — Patsy Kensit

Lumea Quotes By Chris Priestley

Does something amuse you?' asked Uncle Montague.
'I was merely reminding myself, Uncle, that I am getting too old to be so easily frightened by stories.'
'Really?' said Uncle Montague with a worrying degree of doubt in his voice. 'You think there is an age at which you might become immune to fear? — Chris Priestley

Lumea Quotes By Guillermo Del Toro

The proper term is "occultation." The moon occults the sun, casting a small shadow onto the surface of the earth. It is not a solar eclipse, but in fact an eclipse of the earth. — Guillermo Del Toro

Lumea Quotes By Jennifer Megan Varnadore

What makes us humans? We are not good or bad. We are yes, no, and maybe all at once. Machines are neither good or back either. It is the people using them who make the distinction. — Jennifer Megan Varnadore

Lumea Quotes By Anthony Zinni

I think the Mogadishu effect, if I had to define it, is we need to be more careful where we decide to commit US forces, and for what reason, and to make a clear judgment as to what we can and can't do and whether it's in our interests, or we could afford the resources that it would take to make the situation right. — Anthony Zinni

Lumea Quotes By Mz. Toni

While talking to the girls, I watched as Mega stared at me with his puppy dog eyes, I could care less. — Mz. Toni

Lumea Quotes By Debasish Mridha

The time is always right, just act. — Debasish Mridha

Lumea Quotes By Scott Kahn

I don't think it's wise to manufacture a painting, just for the sake of working ... if the impulse isn't truly there, the painting will lack power. — Scott Kahn

Lumea Quotes By Zakk Wylde

Being in the studio, it's more of a controlled environment, where you can be Salvador Dali and sit back and look at the painting. And you can go, 'Ah, you know what? Maybe a little bit more red over here ... maybe add some blue over here.' You can sit back and look at the painting. — Zakk Wylde

Lumea Quotes By Angelina Jolie

Family is what grounds you. — Angelina Jolie

Lumea Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

That was another thing people used to be able to do, which they can't do anymore: enjoy in their heads events which hadn't happened yet and might never occur. My mother was good at that. Someday my father would stop writing science fiction, and write something a whole lot of people wanted to read instead. And we would get a new house in a beautiful city, and nice clothes, and so on. She used to make me wonder why God had ever gone to all the trouble of creating reality.
Quoth Mandarax:
Imagination is as good as many voyages - and how much cheaper!

Lumea Quotes By Brom

Did he dare trust this insane boy? — Brom