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Top Lucifer Lilith Quotes

Lucifer Lilith Quotes By Lauren Kate

Then she was at the bottom, in the filtered light, alone. Black water filled her nose and mouth, her stomach, her lungs.
Her soul. — Lauren Kate

Lucifer Lilith Quotes By Ferdinand Von Schirach

And because people loved conspiracy theories even back then, suddenly everyone became a member of the Illuminati: Galileo, the Babylonian goddess Lilith, Lucifer, and eventually even the Jesuits themselves. — Ferdinand Von Schirach

Lucifer Lilith Quotes By Kenneth Anger

A film about the love generation - the birthday party of the Aquarian Age showing actual ceremonies to make Lucifer rise. Lucifer is the Light god, not the devil - the Rebel Angel behind what's happening in the world today. His message is that the key of joy is disobedience. Isis (Nature) wakes. Osiris (Death) answers. Lilith (Destroyer) climbs to the place of Sacrifice. The Magus activates the circle and Lucifer - Bringer of Light - breaks through. — Kenneth Anger

Lucifer Lilith Quotes By Lauren Kate

Why Lilith?" Cam asked. "Do you craft
everyone's Hell this way?"
Lucifer smiled. "The dull ones make
their own dull hells, fire and brimstone and
all that crap. They need no help from me. But
Lilith - she's special. Not that I have to tell
you that. — Lauren Kate