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Love Genuinely Quotes By Darynda Jones

I don't understand people. They smile when they are mad. They hug people they hate. They steal from people they genuinely love. And they are jealous of babies. — Darynda Jones

Love Genuinely Quotes By Chris Matakas

I have been given the rare opportunity to teach Jiu Jitsu for a living. This is a privilege that I wake up everyday grateful for, and a responsibility that I hold dearly. I understand how rare it is to be employed through a labor you genuinely love, and one which can be used as a vehicle for positive change in the lives of others. Even rarer still, I am often reminded of the quality of Jiu Jitsu I have learned, and the opportunity to have learned it. — Chris Matakas

Love Genuinely Quotes By Francis Chan

When we love God because we feel we SHOULD love him, instead of genuinely love out of our true selves, we have forgotten who God really is. — Francis Chan

Love Genuinely Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

Letting go of the belief that we're powerless to help relieve our own suffering enhances our ability not only to heal but also to genuinely love and receive the love of others. — Sharon Salzberg

Love Genuinely Quotes By Bell Hooks

As more people have found the courage to break through shame and speak about woundedness in their lives, we are now subjected to a mean-spirited cultural response, where all talk of woundedness is mocked. The belittling of anyone's attempt to name a context within which they were wounded, were made a victim, is a form of shaming. It is psychological terrorism. Shaming breaks our hearts. All individuals who are genuinely seeking well-being within a healing context realize that it is important to that process not to make being a victim a stance of pride or a location from which to simply blame others. We need to speak our shame and our pain courageously in order to recover. Addressing woundedness is not about blaming others; however, it does allow individuals who have been, and are, hurt to insist on accountability and responsibility both from themselves and from those who were the agents of their suffering as well as those who bore witness. Constructive confrontation aids our healing. — Bell Hooks

Love Genuinely Quotes By Tony Blackburn

I'm not a showbiz person. I just enjoy talking nonsense on the radio. I'm not bothered about going to clubs or the paparazzi, I genuinely prefer my neighbours. Spending time with my family and watching Coronation Street are what I love best. People are just people, aren't they? — Tony Blackburn

Love Genuinely Quotes By Alaric Hutchinson

Master Teachers who genuinely embody an enlightened state of being never stop "doing the work". The ego is what assumes it knows enough, causing cessation of these daily practices, and therefore, Masters without attachment to ego are forever students of the Universe. The Masters attain an illuminated state of "Being" as the outcome, yet it is the consistent "doing" that promotes and maintains their enlightenment. — Alaric Hutchinson

Love Genuinely Quotes By Rick Warren

What are you doing personally to make your church family more warm and loving? There are many people in your community who are looking for love and a place to belong. The truth is, everyone needs and wants to be loved, and when people find a church where members genuinely love and care for each other, you would have to lock the doors to keep them away. — Rick Warren

Love Genuinely Quotes By A.C. Heller

More often than not, the chances that are presented to us go unnoticed. Their lessons left unlearned. The most common occurrence is love. Many guard their hearts out of fear that they will be broken, but what is learned by denying one's self? Chance is a miracle. Not an act of God, but a genuinely inexpiable opportunity that can surpass the bonds of one's fate potentially altering the outcome. — A.C. Heller

Love Genuinely Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Love is just a further impetus, not something that will prevent us going forward. We do not realize that those who genuinely wish us well want us to be happy and are prepared to accompany us on that journey. — Paulo Coelho

Love Genuinely Quotes By Mayer Hawthorne

Everybody comments that I'm white. I'm surprised I haven't gotten more criticism for it. I'm always expecting any day now it's gonna come. I guess I just attribute the lack of hate to people hearing the music and hearing how much I genuinely love it. — Mayer Hawthorne

Love Genuinely Quotes By Larry Crabb

The central truth that serves as the platform for Christian marriage - and for all Christian relationships - is that in Christ we are at every moment eternally loved and genuinely significant. — Larry Crabb

Love Genuinely Quotes By Gordon T. Smith

If Roman Catholic Christianity has always struggled with the threat of works righteousness, Reformed Protestantism has always struggled with the threat of cheap grace. For many, if not the majority of Protestants, God's love and acceptance do not lead to personal transformation. Evangelical formation often involves seeking to reestablish a pattern of maturing behaviour that should be integral to one's conversion. So both traditions can be challenged on whether there is a genuinely helpful connection between conversion and transformation. — Gordon T. Smith

Love Genuinely Quotes By Gary Chapman

Third, one who is "in love" is not genuinely interested in fostering the personal growth of the other person. "If we have any purpose in mind when we fall in love it is to terminate our own loneliness and perhaps ensure this result through marriage. — Gary Chapman

Love Genuinely Quotes By Simon Pegg

You know what, despite my complaints about The Phantom Menace and Episode II, when Episode III comes out I'll be first in line. I genuinely love it. — Simon Pegg

Love Genuinely Quotes By Justin Chon

I didn't become an actor to be famous. I genuinely love acting and never expected to make a penny at it. — Justin Chon

Love Genuinely Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Why is it we must suffer the loss of something so dear before we realize what a treasure we had?
Why must the sun be darkened before we feel how genuinely impossible it is to live without its warmth?
Why within the misery of absence does love grow by such bounds?
Why must life be this way?
It is a strange existence where such suffering makes us far better people. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Love Genuinely Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Love is worth so much more than money. There are so many people who are filthy rich, but have nobody to genuinely love them. Unconditional love is priceless. If you have someone who really loves you for your heart, without any conditions, then you are truly one of the wealthiest people in the world. — Suzy Kassem

Love Genuinely Quotes By Megan Amram

I love kale. Genuinely. I really am glad that I have a platform to express that. I think a good raw kale salad is always just a meaty mouth feel. I also really like kelp noodle pasta with a little kale on top. — Megan Amram

Love Genuinely Quotes By Stephen K. De Silva

The Church is the only entity equipped to penetrate to the spiritual roots of our moral illnesses. We are to call out the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the economy, enlisting the weapons of love, joy, patience, goodness, kindness and self-control, which are the foundation of true freedom. Many Christian teachers rightly point out that our society's willingness to take on the slavery of debt in exchange for stuff is an expression of the deep emptiness that people are seeking to fill within themselves. One of the most powerful aspects of the Gospel is that this emptiness can only be filled by the loving reconnection with the Father that Jesus offers. For this reason, it is less critical that we condemn the world's decadence than that we make an appeal to human desire and how it is genuinely fulfilled. — Stephen K. De Silva

Love Genuinely Quotes By Lilly Singh

The platform got me out of a very dark period of my life, so I love YouTube genuinely. — Lilly Singh

Love Genuinely Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

Whatever the one generation may learn from the other, that which is genuinely human no generation learns from the foregoing ... Thus no generation has learned from another to love, no generation begins at any other point than at the beginning, no generation has a shorter task assigned to it than had the previous generation. — Soren Kierkegaard

Love Genuinely Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

Don't listen to those people who suggest you should be "over" your daughter's death by now. The people who squawk the loudest about such
things have almost never had to get over anything. Or at least not anything that was genuinely, mind-fuckingly, soul-crushingly life altering. Some of
those people believe they're being helpful by minimizing your pain. Others are scared of the intensity of your loss and so they use their words to
push your grief away. Many of those people love you and are worthy of your love, but they are not the people who will be helpful to you when it
comes to healing the pain of your daughter's death.
They live on Planet Earth. You live on Planet My Baby Died. — Cheryl Strayed

Love Genuinely Quotes By Criss Jami

I do not believe it possible for one to genuinely love Truth more than people (or vice versa). One might fall into the snare of loving the search more than people, or the pride of having exposed something or someone, but not the truth itself. For if you love Truth you love people; because to love people at all and without illusion, you must also love the truth about them. — Criss Jami

Love Genuinely Quotes By Gary Chapman

Our most basic emotional need is not to fall in love but to be genuinely loved by another, to know a love that grows out of reason and choice, not instinct. — Gary Chapman

Love Genuinely Quotes By Nick Clegg

I genuinely believe that we will look back on today as a landmark for equality in Britain ... No matter who you are and who you love, we are all equal. Marriage is about love and commitment, and it should no longer be denied to people just because they are gay. — Nick Clegg

Love Genuinely Quotes By Lauren Groff

If the literary category of 'mordant fable' exists at all, it may be because Brock Clarke invented it. The Happiest People in the World is everything we fans have come to love from a Clarke novel: playful and deliriously skewed, and somehow balancing between genuinely great-hearted and gloriously weird. — Lauren Groff

Love Genuinely Quotes By Bell Hooks

Understanding knowledge as an essential element of love is vital because we are bombarded daily with messages that tell us love is about mystery, about that which cannot be known. We see movies in which people are represented as being in love who never talk with one another, who fall into bed without ever discussing their bodies, their sexual needs, their likes and dislikes. Indeed, the message is received from the mass media is that knowledge makes love less compelling; that it is ignorance that gives love its erotic and transgressive edge. These messages are brought to us by profiteering producers who have no clue about the art of loving, who substitute their mystified visions because they do not really know how to genuinely portray loving interaction. — Bell Hooks

Love Genuinely Quotes By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

When we come to a clearer and more sober estimate of our own limitations and responsibilities, that makes it possible more genuinely to love our neighbor. — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Love Genuinely Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Suppress hate; love generously. Work passionately, live honorably, and love genuinely. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Love Genuinely Quotes By Charlotte Shane

I'm sorry,' I told him one night over dinner. I was genuinely embarrassed, not least of all because I was sure I'd said it before. 'Sometimes I love you too much to listen to what you're saying. — Charlotte Shane

Love Genuinely Quotes By Adam Green

Make arrangements, yet don't live for tomorrow. Live throughout today. As you get up every morning, be thankful that you are given one more day to take in more lessons. You are given more opportunities to get on track, to live all the more genuinely and transparently, to love more, and to give more. — Adam Green

Love Genuinely Quotes By Michael Scott

I don't want somebody sucking up to me because they think I am going to help their career. I want them sucking up to me because they genuinely love me. — Michael Scott

Love Genuinely Quotes By M. Scott Peck

The will to grow is in essence the same phenomenon as love. Love is the will to extend oneself for spiritual growth. Genuinely loving people are, by definition, growing people. — M. Scott Peck

Love Genuinely Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

He looks into my eyes then. Smiles for just a moment too long before he turns around and walks out the door. Without a word to anyone.
Ian is gaping at me. Again.
"I'm--right, I'm so confused," Brendon says, blinking. "Right then--what just happened? Was he smiling at you? Genuinely smiling at you?"
"Looked to me like he was in love with you," Winston says, frowning. "But that's probably just because my head is messed up, right? — Tahereh Mafi

Love Genuinely Quotes By Christine Bottomley

I do find that if I go out for a meal I can be listening to a few conversations at once all around me. It can drive my partner bonkers a little bit. But it's about being able to tell a lot of very different stories as well as you can and I do genuinely love what I do. — Christine Bottomley

Love Genuinely Quotes By Nick Love

This sounds really hokey, but I think Buddhism is the only religion that is genuinely peaceful, so I'd try to promote it in a contemporary society. — Nick Love

Love Genuinely Quotes By Amanda Hocking

Every man would fall in love with their voice, their lovely appearance, but no man would ever get past that. They'd never really know the girls for who they actually were, never really love them. It would be impossible for any of the four girls to ever really fall in love and be genuinely loved in return. — Amanda Hocking

Love Genuinely Quotes By Vidya Balan

I don't think my competition is with the heroes. I don't think I'm competing with anyone. I don't mean to sound Zen, but genuinely, when I stopped competing with anything is when I started enjoying my work, and that brought out the best in me. I'm living in a universe of my own, and I'm enjoying that. I love to appreciate other people's work. — Vidya Balan

Love Genuinely Quotes By Robert Galbraith

He was sorry, genuinely sorry, for the pain she was in. Yet the revelation had caused certain other feelings - feelings he usually kept under tight rein, considering them both misguided and dangerous - to flex inside him, to test their strength against their restraining bonds. — Robert Galbraith

Love Genuinely Quotes By Eden Sher

I don't realize how rare it is to genuinely have sincere love for everyone you work with. Especially in Hollywood, but even in life. — Eden Sher

Love Genuinely Quotes By C. Gockel

When it came to love, men required a certain level of health, but beauty was subjective, and usually it wasn't really what made men fall. A lot of times they just wanted to be with women who genuinely liked them. — C. Gockel

Love Genuinely Quotes By Travis McGee

Only a woman of pride, complexity and emotional tension is genuinely worth the act of love, and there are only two ways to get yourself one of them. Either you lie, and stain the relationship with your own sense of guile, or you accept the involvement, the emotional responsibility, the permanence she must by nature crave. I love you can be said only two ways.

Travis McGee, The Deep Blue Good-By, 1964 — Travis McGee

Love Genuinely Quotes By Darrell Drake

If the years have taught me one thing it's that those who care are always scarce. Those who genuinely care; not the acquaintances, false friends or those with similar aspirations. The few who seek your company, the souls who would plainly step off the world for you. Once you resolve to ignore them, only regret will follow. — Darrell Drake

Love Genuinely Quotes By John Scalzi

I love her more than I actually express in words - an irony for a writer - and am every day genuinely amazed I get to spend my life with her. — John Scalzi

Love Genuinely Quotes By Stephanie Lahart

Above everything else, genuinely love yourself first. Self-love is powerful and it's the best love that you will ever have. When you love who YOU are, your relationships will be healthier and your life will be happier. Self-love sets the standard in how we allow others to treat us and how we treat ourselves. Your happiness and well-being is important. Protect it by always valuing who you are! — Stephanie Lahart

Love Genuinely Quotes By Vincent Van Gogh

I feel that there's nothing more genuinely artistic than to love people. — Vincent Van Gogh

Love Genuinely Quotes By Roberts

You just have to forgive certain situations and moments in your life to be able to move on, if you genuinely want to be happy. I am someone who can't hold on to negativity or hold on to grudges. I can't do that. I might feel something at a certain point but I get tired after that. I don't carry it with me. I forgive and forget very easily and that's the only way to be happy and peaceful. — Roberts

Love Genuinely Quotes By William Goldman

She loves you," the Prince cried. "She loves you still and you love her, so think of that
think of this too: in all this world, you might have been happy, genuinely happy. Not one couple in a century has that chance, not really, no matter what the storybooks say, but you could have had it, and so, I would think, no one will ever suffer a loss as great as you. — William Goldman

Love Genuinely Quotes By Troye Sivan

I genuinely love you all and the fact that some of you are not feeling so great at the moment really really upsets me. — Troye Sivan

Love Genuinely Quotes By Haim Ginott

When children feel understood, their loneliness and hurt diminish. When children are understood, their love for their parent is deepened. A parent's sympathy serves as emotional first aid for bruised feelings. When we genuinely acknowledge a child's plight and voice her disappointment, she often gathers the strength to face reality. — Haim Ginott

Love Genuinely Quotes By Brittany Burgunder

It doesn't matter what others think. This is about YOU. Create a life that you genuinely love with your whole heart & start with yourself. — Brittany Burgunder

Love Genuinely Quotes By Alain De Botton

We are never through with the requirement for acceptance. This isn't a curse limited to the inadequate and the weak. Insecurity may even be a peculiar sign of well-being. It means we haven't allowed ourselves to take other people for granted, that we remain realistic enough to see that things could genuinely turn out badly and that we are invested enough to care. — Alain De Botton

Love Genuinely Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

However much one generation learns from another, it can never learn from its predecessor the genuinely human factor. In this respect every generation begins afresh. Thus no generation has learned from another how to love, no generation can begin other than at the beginning. — Soren Kierkegaard

Love Genuinely Quotes By Kevin Hart

Genuinely love doing standup and I'm a comedian first, so for me what makes my standup special is the fact that I don't have to adapt or adjust. I am who I am. I appeal to everyone, hence in the movie doing a world tour. — Kevin Hart

Love Genuinely Quotes By Ilchi Lee

- Bird of the soul -
To all the beautiful people who seek to genuinely love themselves and live the life that their souls truly want. — Ilchi Lee

Love Genuinely Quotes By Lourd De Veyra

Man is never his emotions and that all feelings are ephemeral- that no one is truly genuinely ecstatic, sad, angry or passionately in love forever, which means emotions are never to be trusted. — Lourd De Veyra

Love Genuinely Quotes By Suzanne Collins

And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me. — Suzanne Collins

Love Genuinely Quotes By Gary Chapman

Nothing works well if a child's love needs are not met. Only the child who feels genuinely loved and cared for can do her best. You may truly love your child, but unless she feels it - unless you speak the love language that communicates to her your love - she will not feel loved. Filling the — Gary Chapman

Love Genuinely Quotes By Benedict Cumberbatch

I'm very proud of the work I do, but I genuinely can't involve myself with an audience as early as somebody who's not part of the film can. So there's that side of theater that appeals to me, where you give something and the response to what you've created is a communion between you and the dark that contains however many people. It's thrilling not having a reflection other than through the people you're communicating with. But people ask, "What do you prefer?" and I don't have a preference. I love them both. I really do. — Benedict Cumberbatch

Love Genuinely Quotes By Jerry Saltz

There's one Baldessari work I genuinely love and would like to own, maybe because of my Midwestern roots and love of driving alone. 'The backs of all the trucks passed while driving from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, California, Sunday, 20 January 1963' consists of a grid of 32 small color photographs depicting just what the title says. — Jerry Saltz

Love Genuinely Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

The people who squawk the loudest about such things have almost never had to get over anything. Or at least not any thing that was genuinely, mind-fuckingly, soul-crushingly life altering. Some of those people believe they're being helpful by minimizing your pain. Others are scared of the intensity of your loss and so they use their words to push your grief away. Many of those people love you and are worthy of your love, but they are not the people who will be helpful to you when it comes to healing the pain ... — Cheryl Strayed

Love Genuinely Quotes By Atheist Republic

If, for whatever cruel twist of fate, the God of the Bible exists, I want no part of him. I, along with what I hope is the vast majority of humanity, am better than him. I know more than he ever taught. I see beyond horizons that he could never reach. I love more genuinely than He. I help more than He. I understand myself better than He ever could. I see planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies just on the edge of humanity's perception. I can even sometimes catch a small glimpse of our universe, and all the wonder and beauty it holds. Your god is too small for me. — Atheist Republic

Love Genuinely Quotes By Rick Riordan

Hapi?" I asked.
"Why, yes, I am happy!" Hapi beamed. "I'm always happy because I'm Hapi! Are you happy?"
Zia frowned up at the giant. "Does he have to be so big?"
The god laughed. Immediately he shrank down to human size, though the crazy cheerful look on his face was still pretty unnerving.
"Oh, Setne!" Hapi chuckled and pushed the ghost playfully. "I hate this guy. Absolutely despise him!"
Hapi's smile became painfully wide. "I'd love to rip off your arms and legs, Setne. That would be amazing!"
Setne ... drifted a little farther away from the smiling god.
"Oh!" Hapi clapped excitedly. "The world is going to end tomorrow. I forgot!"
"You'd never get to Memphis without my help. You'd get torn into a million pieces!"
He seemed genuinely pleased to share that news. — Rick Riordan

Love Genuinely Quotes By Hal Sparks

You would not believe how much time people waste in a day. And how little time they put into things they genuinely love. — Hal Sparks

Love Genuinely Quotes By Justin Broadrick

As a label I don't care about piracy. I want the music that we [my band] love to be heard by as many people as possible. The more people like the music we put out, the better the label and artists will do. If anyone genuinely likes what we do they will find us, buy our vinyl or come to see the artists play live. — Justin Broadrick

Love Genuinely Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

You will never know the purest love you can give a person, until the day you hurt because they hurt. You genuinely want them to succeed in life and be free from all the chains that keep them from being happy, whether you are in their life or not. — Shannon L. Alder

Love Genuinely Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

One of the easiest things for a rescuer to do is to love people without a soul because we genuinely believe that our love can fill the void inside them. Unfortunately, it drains us of our own love. The love of self. — Shannon L. Alder

Love Genuinely Quotes By Jessica Morgan

I kind of love Colin Farrell again. I think it started with In Bruges. No, I'm lying. It started when I saw a clip of his sex tape where he's manning the camera and instead of getting all Sex Tape-y, he goes, quite genuinely, "GOD, I'm a TERRIBLE cinematographer. — Jessica Morgan

Love Genuinely Quotes By Randall Kennedy

Love is just such a crucial, wonderful thing, and if you are lucky enough to find somebody who genuinely loves you, grab that person and hold on to that person, and nothing else matters. — Randall Kennedy

Love Genuinely Quotes By Melissa Scott

Writing isn't generally a lucrative source of income; only a few, exceptional writers reach the income levels associated with the best-sellers. Rather, most of us write because we can make a modest living, or even supplement our day jobs, doing something about which we feel passionately. Even at the worst of times, when nothing goes right, when the prose is clumsy and the ideas feel stale, at least we're doing something that we genuinely love. There's no other reason to work this hard, except that love. — Melissa Scott

Love Genuinely Quotes By Austin Kleon

We all love things that other people think are garbage. You have to have the courage to keep loving your garbage, because what makes us unique is the diversity and breadth of our influences, the unique ways in which we mix up the parts of culture others have deemed "high" and the "low."
When you find things you genuinely enjoy, don't let anyone else make you feel bad about it. Don't feel guilty about the pleasure you take in the things you enjoy. Celebrate them. — Austin Kleon

Love Genuinely Quotes By Jon Ronson

I spent a few hours with Mercedes. She was, on the surface, quite troll-like - a lover of jubilant online chaos. She told me about her favorite 4chan thread. It was started by "a guy who's genuinely in love with his dog, and his dog went in heat, and so he went around collecting samples and injecting them into his penis and he fucked his dog and got her pregnant and they're his puppies." Mercedes laughed. "That's the thread I told the FBI about when they asked me about 4chan, and some of the officers actually got up and left the room. — Jon Ronson

Love Genuinely Quotes By N. T. Wright

God's creative love, precisely by being love, creates new space for there to be things that are genuinely other than God. — N. T. Wright

Love Genuinely Quotes By Natalie Portman

People who take everything to heart trivia - the most capable of genuinely love. — Natalie Portman

Love Genuinely Quotes By Elaine White

He was angry with himself for having kissed her and enjoyed it, only to be disappointed by her in the end.
He knew that love was never simple, but it was even less so for a vampire.
He shook his head in disbelief as he walked away. He had really thought that she was the one for him and had genuinely believed that he
was going to spend the rest of his life with her, but now, he knew better. — Elaine White

Love Genuinely Quotes By Mena Suvari

A year or so ago I went through all the people in my life and asked myself: does this person inspire me, genuinely love me and support me unconditionally? I wanted nothing but positive influences in my life. — Mena Suvari

Love Genuinely Quotes By Francis Chan

As we love more genuinely and deeply, giving becomes the obvious and natural response. — Francis Chan

Love Genuinely Quotes By Behdad Sami

If you can't look in the mirror and genuinely love 100% of what you see, how can you possibly say "i love you" to someone else. — Behdad Sami

Love Genuinely Quotes By Piper Kerman

I knew that I would have to be brave. Not foolhardy, not in love with risk and danger, not making ridiculous exhibitions of myself to prove that I wasn't terrified
really genuinely brave. Brave enough to be quiet when quiet was called for, brave enough to observe before flinging myself into something, brave enough to not abandon my true self when someone else wanted to seduce or force me in a direction I didn't want to go, brave enough to stand my ground quietly. — Piper Kerman

Love Genuinely Quotes By Gregory A. Boyd

To a large degree we have preached our own version of the knowledge of good and evil as though it were the message of salvation. We need to confess that we have sinned in the gravest fashion by frequently loving our version of truth and ethics more than people, and even God himself. For one cannot genuinely love God while refusing to love one's neighbor (1 John 4:20). — Gregory A. Boyd

Love Genuinely Quotes By Megan Crane

I had great plans to surgically excise the quaking, complaining teenager within someday. If I could just get rid of her and her thousands upon thousands of issues - Do I look fat? Am I ugly? Will anyone ever love me? Will I always be alone? Is she fatter than me? How ugly am I? Are they making fun of me? - I was convinced I would immediately become the sort of casual and laid back adult person who was forever smiling and was genuinely unconcerned with the size and/or shape of her body.
I wasn't holding my breath. — Megan Crane

Love Genuinely Quotes By Doug E. Fresh

I always say, 'Man, the Creator is preparing me for something. He's keeping the sun on me for some reason. He's keeping me aligned with that generation.' Because I genuinely love people, I love hip-hop, and I love using it as a tool to communicate and to create a better vibration. Life is short. I guess I'm lined up for a reason. — Doug E. Fresh

Love Genuinely Quotes By Sahara Sanders

Create your own "LUCK" in your personal life - instead of relying on "fate" and hoping that your happiness will spontaneously materialize sometime and somehow, as if by magic.
Be the "magician" of your own destiny. Take control of your own fate. Be aware. Instead of following the crowd of complainers and repeating their common mistakes, use the Smart Dating Strategies, which are clearly described in the chapters of our exclusive eBooks.
Be successful in your personal life and genuinely loved by the woman of your dreams.
Read how to do it; learn the secrets to use and master them.

Get the keys to the door of your own happiness.

Make things happen.

Choose to be a WINNER! — Sahara Sanders

Love Genuinely Quotes By William Sadler

I love doing comedy, and I don't get a chance to much. I get to play lots of serious people, and killers, and people with a lot of ... sheriffs. Good people and bad people, but lots of drama, and to get a chance to be genuinely silly is a great treat for me. — William Sadler

Love Genuinely Quotes By Jackson Pearce

We shouldn't be doing this. We shouldn't have done this. She's my sister."
"Don't say that," Silas murmurs into my hair, voice genuinely pleading. "Please don't ever say that."
"We're hunters," I choke.
"Yes. Of course we are. We're ... we're more ... but ... " He shakes his head and pushes me out to arm's length, lowering his head to look me in the eyes. "I didn't mean for us to hurt her, Rosie, but I wouldn't take any of it back. I couldn't take any of it back - I love you too much. — Jackson Pearce

Love Genuinely Quotes By Francois Mauriac

Even the genuinely good cannot, unaided, learn to love. To penetrate beyond the absurdities, the vices, and, above all, the stupidities of human creatures, one must possess the secret of a love which the world has now forgotten. Until that secret shall have been discovered, all betterment in conditions of life will be in vain — Francois Mauriac

Love Genuinely Quotes By Clare Balding

I loved him with a passion of which I had no idea I was capable. I loved him partly to defend him against the world and partly because I genuinely believed we were soul mates. — Clare Balding

Love Genuinely Quotes By Johnny Reid

The music business for me was never about buses and billboards you know, that was never the reason I got into the music business. The reason I wanted to get into the music business was because I genuinely, wholeheartedly love to sing. I love singing songs and telling stories and playing music, so that's why I got into the music business. — Johnny Reid

Love Genuinely Quotes By Cristian Mihai

There are certain delicate illusions that make life bearable. Love, in its most pure and pathetic form, the one before we get to genuinely know the person we love, is one of them. Ignorance is bliss, and the less you know, the more you love, the less you have, the more you want.
We all miss the most the things we never had. — Cristian Mihai

Love Genuinely Quotes By Dawn French

That's the key, you know, confidence. I know for a fact that if you genuinely like your body, so can others. It doesn't really matter if it's short, tall, fat or thin, it just matters that you can find some things to like about it. Even if that means having a good laugh at the bits of it that wobble independently, occasionally, that's all right. It might take you a while to believe me on this one, lots of people don't because they seem to suffer from self-hatred that precludes them from imagining that a big woman could ever love herself because they don't. But I do. I know what I've got is a bit strange and difficult to love but those are the very aspects that I love the most! It's a bit like people. I've never been particularly attracted to the uniform of conventional beauty. I'm always a bit suspicious of people who feel compelled to conform. I personally like the adventure of difference. And what's beauty, anyway? — Dawn French

Love Genuinely Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about. It is this genuine caring, and not your games with language, which will be the most compelling and seductive element in your style. I am not urging you to write a novel, by the way
although I would not be sorry if you wrote one, provided you genuinely cared about something. A petition to the mayor about a pothole in front of your house or a love letter to the girl next door will do. — Kurt Vonnegut

Love Genuinely Quotes By David B. Haight

Love is a gift from God, and as we obey His laws and genuinely learn to serve others, we develop God's love in our lives. Love of God is the means of unlocking divine powers which help us to live worthily and to overcome the world ... — David B. Haight

Love Genuinely Quotes By Bo Sanchez

My child,you are broken. Unless you know that you are broken yourself,it will be severely laborious to love the broken people around you. You will be harsh and exacting towards them. But because you want others to like you, you will always attempt to hide your weaknesses from others. Let me strip away your masks,so that you may know who you really are.And when this truth sets you free,then shall you be free to genuinely love. Before this occurs,your love will be offered by the flask,not by the torrents of a river. — Bo Sanchez

Love Genuinely Quotes By Gerry Harvey

If you do genuinely care about people and love them a little, eventually you all have this common goal about where you want to go. They see it, and they believe it, and they become believers with you, and you can achieve wonderful things. — Gerry Harvey

Love Genuinely Quotes By Toba Beta

Like it or not, there are people who are capable to love
genuinely and kill brutally. The amazing thing about that,
few of those could even sleep well like babies in the night. — Toba Beta

Love Genuinely Quotes By Dean Koontz

No one can genuinely love the world, which is too large to love entire. To love all the world at once is ... dangerous self-delusion. Loving the world is like loving the idea of love, which is perilous because, feeling virtuous about this grand affection, you are freed from the struggles and the duties that come with loving people as individuals, with loving one place-home-above all others.
I embrace the world on a scale that allows genuine love-the small places like a town, a neighborhood, a street-and I love life, because of what the beauty of this world and of this life portend. — Dean Koontz

Love Genuinely Quotes By Sarah Ban Breathnach

It is difficult to experience moments of happiness if we are not aware of what it is we genuinely love. — Sarah Ban Breathnach

Love Genuinely Quotes By Kaiylah Muhammad

Self-love is when you are genuinely happy not with the image you see in the mirror, but the person you see. — Kaiylah Muhammad

Love Genuinely Quotes By Rita Ora

I love sharing my life with my followers. Hopefully, they are following me because they genuinely want to know me. It's a way to connect with fans that wasn't available just a few years ago. — Rita Ora