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Top Love Caviar Quotes

Love Caviar Quotes By Clotilde Hesme

I am very organic; I eat a lot of seeds. At home in the morning, I eat muesli with a banana. At noon, I mix a little bit of all the seeds I can find. I love quinoa. It's great - it cooks like rice and is better than caviar. — Clotilde Hesme

Love Caviar Quotes By Iris Apfel

Caviar used to be my drug of choice, but since my husband is on a no-salt diet, I've kind of given it up. I still have dreams of sitting down and gorging, though. I love it with a good vodka; I don't like it with champagne. — Iris Apfel

Love Caviar Quotes By Cameron Diaz

When I go out, I love steak and caviar. — Cameron Diaz

Love Caviar Quotes By Cameron Diaz

French fries. I love them. Some people are chocolate and sweets people. I love French fries. That and caviar. — Cameron Diaz

Love Caviar Quotes By Michael Kors

Give me Caviar Kaspia and give me a hamburger. I love the two extremes. — Michael Kors

Love Caviar Quotes By Sylvia Plath

Is anyone anywhere happy? No, not unless they are living in a dream or in an artifice that they or someone else has made. For a time I was lulled in the arms of a blind organism with breasts full of champagne and nipples made of caviar. I thought she was true, and that the true was the beautiful. But the true is the ugly mixed up everywhere, like a peck of dirt scattered through your life. The true is that there is no security, no artifice to stop the unsavory changes, the rat race, the death unwish - the winged chariot, the horns and the motors, the Devil in the clock. Love is a desperate artifice to take the place of those two original parents who turned out not to be omnisciently right gods, but a rather pedestrian pair of muddled suburbanites who, no matter how bumbling they tried, never could quite understand how or why you grew up to your 21st birthday. — Sylvia Plath

Love Caviar Quotes By Arthur Rubinstein

What good are vitamins? Eat a lobster, eat a pound of caviar - live! If you are in love with a beautiful blonde with an empty face and no brains at all, don't be afraid. Marry her! Live! — Arthur Rubinstein