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Top Looser Zones Quotes

Looser Zones Quotes By Desmond Dekker

You can get it if you really want — Desmond Dekker

Looser Zones Quotes By Albert Camus

And I tried to listen again, because the prosecutor started talking about my soul. — Albert Camus

Looser Zones Quotes By Philip K. Dick

God is dead,' Nick said. 'They found his carcass in 2019. Floating in space near Alpha.'
'They found the remains of an organism advanced several thousand times over what we are,' Charley said. 'And evidently could create habitable worlds and populate them with living organisms, derived from itself. But that doesn't prove it was God. — Philip K. Dick

Looser Zones Quotes By Stephen Crane

All men are. I declare, I think you to be the most incomprehensible creatures. — Stephen Crane

Looser Zones Quotes By Richard Russo

It pleased him to imagine God as someone like his mother, someone beleagured by too many responsibilities, too dog-tired to monitor an energetic boy every minute of the day, but who, out of love and fear for his safety, checked in on him whenever she could. Was this so crazy? ... Miles liked the idea of a God who, when He at last had the oppotunity to return His attention to His children, might shake His head with wonder and mutter, "Jesus. Look what they're up to now." A distractible God, perhaps, one who'd be startled to discover so many of His children way up in trees since the last time He looked. A God whose hand would go rushing to His mouth in fear in that instant of recognition that - good God! - that kid's going to hurt himself. A God who could be surprised by unanticipated pride - glory be, that boy is a climber! — Richard Russo

Looser Zones Quotes By Alan Lee

To draw a tree, to pay such close attention to every aspect of a tree, is an act of reverence not only toward the tree, and toward the earth itself, but also our human connection to it. This is one of the magical things about drawing
it gives us almost visionary moments of connectedness. — Alan Lee

Looser Zones Quotes By Curtis Jackson

Ambition is a tunnel that you run through that doesn't end. — Curtis Jackson

Looser Zones Quotes By Ian Anderson

I'm all in favor of banks that play their part in community endeavors, private individuals looking for loans, people who want to start up a little business, and that's what banks are for. — Ian Anderson

Looser Zones Quotes By Anuj

When a person says only what others love to hear, he is largely liked; but if he loves to say what he likes only, then others hardly hear him. — Anuj

Looser Zones Quotes By Charles Eisenstein

Is it too much to ask, to live in a world where our human gifts go toward the benefit of all? Where our daily activities contribute to the healing of the biosphere and the well-being of other people? — Charles Eisenstein

Looser Zones Quotes By Donald Miller

But true intimacy is just like that: it's the food you grow from well-tilled ground. And like most things good for us, it's an acquired taste. — Donald Miller

Looser Zones Quotes By Robert Bringhurst

If language is lost, humanity is lost. If writing is lost, certain kinds of civilization and society are lost, but many other kinds remain - and there is no reason to think that those alternatives are inferior. — Robert Bringhurst

Looser Zones Quotes By Jenna Marbles

You are the most rare & majestic you there ever was and ever will be. — Jenna Marbles

Looser Zones Quotes By Sxip Shirey

I'm the anti indie-rocker. My stuff isn't ironic. — Sxip Shirey

Looser Zones Quotes By Monica Lewinsky

I mean, there was a portion, of course, that I think, when I look back now, that there was a portion of what attracted me must have been the awe of him being a powerful man in this environment, not to take away from who he is as a real person. — Monica Lewinsky