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Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Alex Flinn

But it's not enough. I don't look human. If I went outside, people would scream at the sight of me. Looks matter to most people. That's reality in the world."
"Not my world."
I petted Pilot. "I like your world, Will, but it doesn't have a very big population. I'm going to let her go. — Alex Flinn

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Neal Shusterman

Life is like a bad haircut. At first it looks awful, then you kind of get used to it, and before you know it, it it grows out and you gotta get another haircut that maybe won't be so bad, unless of course you keep going to SuperClips, where the hairstylists are so terrible they oughta be using safety scissors, and when they're done you look like your head got caught in a ceiling fan. So life goes on, good haircut, bad haircut, until finally you go bald, and it don't matter no more.
I told this wisdom to my mother, and she said I oughta put it in a book, then burn it. Some people just can't appreciate the profound. — Neal Shusterman

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Melody Jackson

I think the real problem is that you're afraid. Afraid of real love, and what it looks like, because you don't know what it is. The thing is, love is a risk, no matter what. It's just a risk you don't need to be afraid of taking. — Melody Jackson

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Adrien Broner

It don't matter what competition it is. I make it all look easy. — Adrien Broner

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By J.A. Konrath

Lately, my sexual fantasies revolved around once again having a landlord. Looks, age, and hygiene didn't matter, as long as he had a tool belt and said, Don't worry, I'll fix it. — J.A. Konrath

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Jan Brett

I create books for six-year-olds. I don't know why that time of my life was so important to me, but no matter what I draw, it always looks like it comes from a children's book. I can't resist. I'll set out to paint a serious picture then think, "Well, maybe there would be a little bunny in that corner." — Jan Brett

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Hope Jahren

The potatoes grew bigger as carbon dioxide increased. This was not a surprise. We also saw that these big potatoes were less nutritious, much lower in protein content, no matter how much fertilizer we gave them. This was a bit of a surprise. It is also bad news, because the poorest and hungriest nations of the world rely on sweet potatoes for a significant amount of dietary protein. It looks as if the bigger potatoes of the future might feed more people while nourishing them less. I don't have an answer for that one. The — Hope Jahren

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Cornell Woolrich

A second red-orange spearhead leaps straight at O'Shaughnessy. The whole world seems to stand still. Then the gun behind it crashes, and there's a cataclysm of pain all over him, and a shock goes through him as if he ran head-on into a stone wall.
A voice from the car says blurredly, while the ground rushes up to meet him, 'Finish him up, you guys! I'm getting so I don't trust their looks no more, no matter how stiff they act!' ("Jane Brown's Body") — Cornell Woolrich

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Jack Dee

I don't think anyone's particularly conscious of thinking suits are the thing, but when you see a comedian on stage in jeans and a t-shirt it doesn't matter how good they are - it always looks like amateur hour when they walk onto the stage. — Jack Dee

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By John Steinbeck

Minds me of a story they tell about Willy Feeley when he was a young fella. Willy was bashful, awful bashful. Well, one day he takes a heifer over to Graves' bull. Ever'body was out but Elsie Graves, and Elsie wasn't bashful at all. Willy, he stood there turnin' red an' he couldn't even talk. Elsie says, 'I know what you come for; the bull's out in back a the barn.' Well, they took the heifer out there an' Willy an' Elsie sat on the fence to watch. Purty soon Willy got feelin' purty fly. Elsie looks over an' says, like she don't know, 'What's a matter, Willy?' Willy's so randy, he can't hardly set still. 'By God,' he says, 'by God, I wisht I was a-doin' that!' Elsie says, 'Why not, WIlly? It's your heifer. — John Steinbeck

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Catherine O'Hara

To this day, I've found that it doesn't matter what a guy looks like if he's really funny. His sense of humor makes him attractive. On the other hand, you don't hear men saying, 'No she's not pretty, but is she ever funny!' — Catherine O'Hara

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Richard G. Scott

But what about you? Have you prayed about your own ancestors' work? Set aside those things in your life that don't really matter. Decide to do something that will have eternal consequences. Perhaps you have been prompted to look for ancestors but feel you are not a genealogist. Can you see that you don't have to be anymore? It all begins with love and a sincere desire to help those beyond the veil who can't help themselves. Check around. There will be someone in your area who can help you have success. — Richard G. Scott

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Curt Mega

You are loved. You are valuable. You are crafted with beauty and purpose. I treasure you and this world needs you. There is no one like you. You don't need to look like the rest or talk like the rest or be like the rest. This worlds needs you as you are. There is no truth in the lie that you don't matter. You are loved. You were put here for a reason. You were not an accident. You are not a mistake. — Curt Mega

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Samuel Beckett

After all this window is whatever I want it to be, up to a point, that's right, don't compromise yourself. What strikes me to begin with is how much rounder it is than it was, so that it looks like a bull's-eye, or a porthole. No matter, provided there is something on the other side. — Samuel Beckett

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Janice Galloway

No matter how dark the room gets I can always see. It looks emptier when I put the lights on so I don't do it if I can help it. Brightness disagrees with me: it hurts my eyes, wastes electricity and encourages moths, all sorts of things. I sit in the dark for a number of reasons. — Janice Galloway

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Catherine Hardwicke

If you decide to tell a kid that looks don't matter, she can prove you wrong every day. Because they see it everywhere. That is age-old, going back to the Greeks, but now we're bombarded nonstop. — Catherine Hardwicke

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By David Farrier

In New Zealand, we have a one-party disclosure system, where if one of you knows you're being recorded, it's completely fine. It doesn't matter if the other person doesn't know. Look, I'm not breaking new ground by recording people who don't want to be recorded. — David Farrier

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Lauren Graham

Dry-cleaning is like this secret society you're not allowed into. No matter what, you're at their mercy. You can have a Ph.D. in anything, but you still can't dry-clean your own clothes. They'll never tell you how. No one's ever even seen what the machine looks like. Think about it. There's a reason they keep the actual dry-cleaning apparatus hidden behind all those racks of hanging clothes. They don't want you to crack their code. They won't let anybody in. Not anybody. Even rich people. You know any rich people with dry-cleaning machines in their house? Exactly. Even they still have to pick it up and drop it off like everyone else. — Lauren Graham

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Adele

Exploiting yourself sexually is not a good look. I don't find it encouraging ... I just stand there and sing. I'm not worried that I'm a 'plus size' and so much bigger than other artists. No matter what you look like the key is to be happy with yourself. — Adele

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Amanda Bynes

It doesn't matter if you feel sexy if you don't look sexy. — Amanda Bynes

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Paul Auster

Cannot possibly know who you are, you imagine that she is suspicious of all young people-as a matter of principle- and therefore what she sees when she looks at you is not you as yourself but you as yet one more querrilla fighter in the war against authority, an unruly insurrectionist who has no business barging into the sanctum of her library and asking for work. Such are the times you live in,the times you both live in. She instructs you to put the cards in order, and you can sense how deeply she wants you to fail, how happy it will make her to reject your application, and because you want the job just as much as she doesn't want you to have it, you make sure that you don't fail. — Paul Auster

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Peter Thiel

Everybody has a product to sell - no matter whether you're an employee, a founder, or an investor. It's true even if your company consists of just you and your computer. Look around. If you don't see any salespeople, you're the salesperson. — Peter Thiel

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Helena Bonham Carter

You just have to do what suits you, and it doesn't matter if you don't look like everybody else. Be you. That's our gift and we've got to celebrate that. — Helena Bonham Carter

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Henry Rollins

I beg young people to travel. If you don't have a passport, get one. Take a summer, get a backpack and go to Delhi, go to Saigon, go to Bangkok, go to Kenya. Have your mind blown. Eat interesting food. Dig some interesting people. Have an adventure. Be careful. Come back and you're going to see your country differently, you're going to see your president differently, no matter who it is. Music, culture, food, water. Your showers will become shorter. You're going to get a sense of what globalization looks like. It's not what Tom Friedman writes about; I'm sorry. You're going to see that global climate change is very real. And that for some people, their day consists of walking 12 miles for four buckets of water. And so there are lessons that you can't get out of a book that are waiting for you at the other end of that flight. A lot of people - Americans and Europeans - come back and go, ohhhhh. And the light bulb goes on. — Henry Rollins

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Michael Chabon

I don't think you could teach someone to be a genius, but you can certainly teach them to not make rookie mistakes and to look at writing the way a writer looks at writing, and not just the way a reader looks at writing. There are a lot of techniques and skills that can be taught that will be helpful to anybody, no matter how gifted they are, and I think writing programs can be very good for people. — Michael Chabon

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Marcia Hines

The other thing is that women my age know that looks are only skin deep. They don't matter. What matters is who you are. Hopefully at the end of the day, you're a good person. That's what counts. — Marcia Hines

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Sonja Lyubomirsky

The face of happiness may be someone who is intensely curious and enthusiastic about learning; it may be someone who is engrossed in plans for his next five years; it may be someone who can distinguish between the things that matter and the things that don't; it may be someone who looks forward each night to reading to her child. Some happy people may appear outwardly cheerful or transparently serene, and others are simply busy. In other words, we all have the potential to be happy, each in our own way. — Sonja Lyubomirsky

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Shannon Hale

Raven, lying on the sandy ground, covered in creepy-crawlies. Spiders, cockroaches, termites, ants, crickets - they smother her, nibble on her, devouring her from hair to toenails in seconds, leaving just a skeleton behind. Apple, standing at the podium on Legacy Day. Poof, she disappears. And reappears in a goblin cave. The goblin troop moves in, brandishing salad bowls and chopping knives. Daring Charming, no story to call home, thins and melts into a wisp of a ghost, swimming endlessly through walls. The crowded Charmitorium at Ever After High, Headmaster Grimm on the stage. "And remember, students, no matter what you do, don't follow the example of the worst, most despised, most selfish character in all of Ever After history - Raven Queen!" "Boo!" the students yell. "Boo!" says the Daring ghost. Apple's head in a goblin bowl opens her eyes and looks straight at Raven. "Boo! — Shannon Hale

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Garry Shandling

I don't talk about my hair anymore because I've matured. I matured and realized it doesn't matter what you look like. It's what kind of hair you have inside that counts. — Garry Shandling

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Miranda Kenneally

I think JJ will tell me that he loves me soon," Lacey says to Kristen.
"He definitely will," Kristen says. "I can tell by the way he looks at you."
I force myself to cough so I don't laugh. JJ stares at Lacey the way he stares at every one of the Titans' cheerleaders. It's the same way he stares at cheese fries, for that matter. — Miranda Kenneally

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Helen Mirren

I don't think there's anything on this planet that more trumpets life that the sunflower. For me that's because of the reason behind its name. Not because it looks like the sun but because it follows the sun. During the course of the day, the head tracks the journey of the sun across the sky. A satellite dish for sunshine. Wherever light is, no matter how weak, these flowers will find it. And that's such an admirable thing. And such a lesson in life. — Helen Mirren

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Joel Osteen

Don't settle in the land of barely enough. That is where you are, it is not who you are. That's your location, it's not your identity. No matter what it looks like, have an abundant mentality. — Joel Osteen

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By George R R Martin

I have taught my Margaery what comely is worth, I hope. Less than a mummer's fart. — George R R Martin

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Tawni O'Dell

She's wearing the dreamy expression peculiar to the very old and the very young, where they seem fascinated by something everyone else takes for granted. People find the phenomenon adorable in babies. It means they're inquisitive and intrigued by objects in their new world. In old people they usually chalk it up to senility, but I don't think that's the case. For both, it's the ability to see things in their purest sense. All the knowledge that comes from experience doesn't exist for a child and doesn't matter anymore to an old lady. With a life completely in front of you or a life completely behind you, the world looks basically the same. She — Tawni O'Dell

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Dana Gould

Women do it all the time to look younger and it would make perfect sense if one of them ever came out looking younger - but they don't. They just look the same; they all get plastic surgery face. No matter who they look like going in, they all come out looking like the girl from the band on 'The Muppet Show. — Dana Gould

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Leonard Mlodinow

We all know that looks matter. What most of us don't understand is just how much looks matter and how difficult it is for us to ignore a person's appearance when making a social judgment. — Leonard Mlodinow

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Alex Flinn

When you're a kid, they tell you that it's what's on the inside that counts. Looks don't matter . But that's not true. Guys like Phoebus in The Hunchback, or Dorian, or the old Kyle Kingsbury
they can be scumbags to women and still get away with it because they're good-looking. Being ugly is a kind of prisoner. — Alex Flinn

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Melissa Nathan

I'm going to be fit and slim and beautiful. I'm going on a diet as of today."
"Why? You've always said that looks don't matter and women only diet for men and life is obsessed with the superificial."
"Yes, I know, but then I thought, hey wouldn't it be fun to be sexy? — Melissa Nathan

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Sonja Smolec

Don't play any game if you don't understand the rules no matter how nice winners trophy looks like — Sonja Smolec

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Vincent J. Monteleone

It doesn't matter how nice that expensive watch looks on your wrist if you don't know how to tell time correctly. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if it costs you too much to make it. — Vincent J. Monteleone

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Rem

No matter what painful things happens, even when it looks like you'll lose... when no one else in the world believes in you... when you don't even believe in yourself... I will believe in you! — Rem

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By J. Kenner

For a moment his expression reveals nothing. Then I see the smile light his eyes, though it does not reach his lips. He cups my head with his hand and looks at me with an expression of such adoration it takes my breath away. Don't you know, Nikki? No matter where you go, I will always find you. — J. Kenner

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Neil Gaiman

They could be French," said Pepper doggedly. "France is famous for onions."
"It doesn't matter," said Adam, who was getting fed up with onions. "France is nearly Spanish, an' I don't expect witches know the difference, what with spendin' all their time flyin' around at night. It all looks like the Continong to witches. Anyway, if you don't like it you can jolly well go and start your own Inquisition, anyway. — Neil Gaiman

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

To me she looks like a big black ant - a big black ant in an original Christian Lacroix - eating a urinal cake and I almost start laughing, but I also want to keep her at ease. I don't want her to get second thoughts about finishing the urinal cake. But she can't eat any more and with only two bites taken, pretending to be full, she pushes the tainted plate away, and at this moment I start feeling strange. Even though I marveled at her eating that thing, it also makes me sad and suddenly I'm reminded that no matter how satisfying it was to see Evelyn eating something I, and countless others, had pissed on, in the end the displeasure it caused her was at my expense - it's an anticlimax, a futile excuse to put up with her for three hours. — Bret Easton Ellis

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Jamie Zawinski

I find that getting something on the screen as soon as possible really helps focus the problem for me. It helps me decide what to work on next. Because if you're just looking at that big to-do list it's like, eh, I don't know which one I should do - does it matter which one I do? But if there's something you can actually look at, even if it's just the debug output of your mailbox parser, it's like, OK, there! — Jamie Zawinski

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By James Patterson

It doesn't matter what the end looks like - what matters is that it came. Bam, you're done. But life, Axi? There are degrees of life. You can live it well or half-asleep. You can go sledding down a sand dune, or you can spend your life in front of the TV. And I don't mean to sound like a stupid after-school special, but you have to keep living the way we did these last weeks. Risk, Axi. That's the secret. Risk everything."
I nodded, trying not to cry again. "Okay. But I might not keep stealing cars."
"That's all right," he said. — James Patterson

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Benjamin Alire Saenz

Maybe you're just in love with being an outsider. You can join the human race any time you want to."
"What makes you think I want to join? I live in the kind of world that looks at me like I'm some kind of freak. You know, when I told Dave I hadn't gone to college, he flinched. Just for a second. He was so surprised. I don't think he could believe a guy like me could be smart or articulate about anything-because I hadn't gone to college. Maybe it's better if people think you're stupid or slow. They don't expect anything. I live in a world that doesn't expect anything of me because it's already decided I don't matter. — Benjamin Alire Saenz

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Rodney Dangerfield

Everyone says that looks don't matter, age doesn't matter, money doesn't matter. But i never met a girl yet who has fallen in love with an old ugly man who's broke. — Rodney Dangerfield

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Daniel Handler

I don't smoke, although it looks fantastic in films. But I light matches on those thinking blank nights when I crawl my route out onto the roof of the garage and the sky while my parents sleep innocent and the lonely cars move sparse on the faraway streets, when the pillow won't stay cool and the blankets bother my body no matter how I move or lie still. I just sit with my legs dangling and light matches and watch them flicker away. — Daniel Handler

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Mora Early

Don't be coy, Joshua. No matter how much money the other men here have, they can't buy what you've gotten for free. — Mora Early

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Gloria Steinem

No matter how hard I worked, whatever I accomplished was attributed to my looks. If you're working your ass off, then you don't want to be told that you only got whatever because of the way you look. It takes the heart out of you. — Gloria Steinem

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Courtney Allison Moulton

What are you doing?"
"I'm putting them into the envelopes, just like you asked."
"Fold them hot dog style so they fit."
"Fold them- what?"
"What's the matter with you? You're folding them hamburger style, the short way, and they don't fold that way."
"What are you talking about?"
I took a piece of paper and folded it lengthwise. "Hot dog style, see? Looks like a hot dog." I folded it crosswise. "And hamburger style. Looks like a hamburger."
"It looks like a piece of paper."
"And you look like an idiot. — Courtney Allison Moulton

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Elisa Marie Hopkins

You think I don't know what I want? You think I love the idea of relying on my looks for life? No! It's pathetic! In my head, I have a nice, quiet, normal job that involves me running my own business. I carry a briefcase around my office with important documents, I have a nice assistant who calls me boss, and people ask me questions - they ask for my advice because I matter! I'm important to them! I'm recognized as something more than a pretty face and a pair of legs. I have a brain and interests and thoughts about religion, and poverty, and economics. I'm not a miserable girl with a number attached to her chest, stripping her clothes off in a room full of people. — Elisa Marie Hopkins

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Meyer Lansky

Don't worry,don't worry.Look at the Astors and the Vanderbilts,all those big society people.They were the worst thieves-and now look at them.It's just a matter of time. — Meyer Lansky

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Dorian Yates

At the end of the day it's not a weight contest, it's a visual contest. And it doesn't matter what you say you weigh, if you don't look that big then you don't look that big. — Dorian Yates

Looks Don't Matter Quotes By Lauren Willig

Mr. Alsworthy!" exclaimed Letty's mother. "How can you laugh at such a matter! Although, I must say, I would have thought if a pirate were to kidnap anyone, he would kidnap Mary. She looks quite as I did in my youth, and I'm sure a pirate would have wanted to kidnap me."
"Don't taunt me with lost opportunities, my dear. — Lauren Willig