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Top Longhill Quotes

Longhill Quotes By Amanda Hearst

In 2009, designer Tina Tangalakis went on a volunteer trip to Ghana and instantly fell in love with the country and its people. It was from that trip that Della was born, a company that provides jobs, education, and skills training to women in Ghana. — Amanda Hearst

Longhill Quotes By Stephen Schneider

Science usually operates in sort of three modes, things that are well established, we know what we're talking about, more highly confident. There are competing explanations, we have a pretty good idea, but we're not sure. And then things are speculative. — Stephen Schneider

Longhill Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Ducks are sweet, crows are intelligent; but I prefer dolphins because they are both sweet and intelligent. — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Longhill Quotes By Melody Moezzi

Insomuch as the structure of this book parallels that of my own mind, it boasts about as much order and linearity as a hallucination. — Melody Moezzi

Longhill Quotes By Katherine Mansfield

Do you remember your childhood? I am always coming across these marvelous accounts by writers who declare that they remember 'everything.' I certainly don't. The dark stretches, the blanks, are much bigger than the bright glimpses. I seem to have spent most of my time like a plant in a cupboard. — Katherine Mansfield

Longhill Quotes By Edward O. Wilson

The competition between the two forces can be succinctly expressed as follows: Within groups selfish individuals beat altruistic individuals, but groups of altruists beat groups of selfish individuals. Or, risking oversimplification, individual selection promoted sin, while group selection promoted virtue. — Edward O. Wilson

Longhill Quotes By Donald Maass

A work of fiction grips our imaginations because we care, both about the characters in the tale and about ourselves. To put it another way, we are concerned about the outcome of the story because what is happening to the characters could happen to us. — Donald Maass

Longhill Quotes By Eminem

I didn't just invent saying offensive things. — Eminem

Longhill Quotes By Monica Lewinsky

It was that chemistry. And was the fact that he was president part of that chemistry? I don't know. Maybe. Probably. But it was - I was there because there was chemistry. I wasn't there because, oh, this is the president. — Monica Lewinsky