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Top Longevity Of Marriage Quotes

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Terry Wogan

If the present Mrs. Wogan has a fault - and I must tread carefully here - if she has a fault, this gem in the diadem of womanhood is a hoarder. She never throws anything out. Which may explain the longevity of our marriage. — Terry Wogan

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Bob Newhart

I'm most proud of the longevity of my marriage, my kids, and my grandchildren. If you don't have that, you really don't have very much. — Bob Newhart

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Wendell Berry

A purposeless virtue is a contradiction in terms. Virtue, like harmony, cannot exist alone; a virtue must lead to harmony between one creature and another. To be good for nothing is just that. If a virtue has been thought a virtue long enough, it must be assumed to have practical justification - though the very longevity that proves its practicality may obscure it. That seems to be what happened with the idea of fidelity ...
Our age could be characterized as a manifold experiment in faithlessness, and if it has as yet produced no effective understanding of the practicalities of faith, it has certainly produced massive evidence of the damage and disorder of its absence.
(pg.115-116, "The Body and the Earth") — Wendell Berry

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Ingrid Michaelson

I didn't grow up in a naked household, but nudity was not a taboo thing. My mother was an artist and there were naked sculptures and paintings all over the place. — Ingrid Michaelson

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By John Gabriel Stedman

Such indeed is the superior longevity of the fair females of Surinam, compared to that of the males (owing chiefly, as I said, to their excesses of all sorts) that I have frequently known wives who have buried four husbands, but never met a man in this country who had survived two wives. — John Gabriel Stedman

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Dan Chaon

I know a lot of people don't listen to music when they're writing because it distracts them, but for me it's almost a way to get into the self-hypnotic state that I need to be in to write. — Dan Chaon

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Tananarive Due

The great thing about journalism is that there is so much exposure to all kinds of people who can turn up later as characters, whether you intend it or not. — Tananarive Due

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Nathaniel Hawthorne

But never had their youthful beauty seemed so pure and high, as when its glow was chastened by adversity. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

If you have to make a daily choice to be in a relationship then you are married to the past, not the person. — Shannon L. Alder

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By S.R. Ford

For every thorn is just as essential to the longevity of the plant as the blossoms. — S.R. Ford

Longevity Of Marriage Quotes By Shania Twain

I do not see my family life in any way, shape, or form as an opportunity for a photo. — Shania Twain