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Lol Best Quotes By James Patterson

Glaring at the Gasman, ter Borcht said, "Your time is coming to an end, you
pathetic failure of an experiment. Vhat you say now is how you vill be
Gazzy's blue eyes flashed. "Then you can remember me telling you to kiss
"Enough!" ter Borcht said. — James Patterson

Lol Best Quotes By Joe Hill

Jude did not flip them off and then drove for a few blocks feeling good about himself, proud of his restraint. His will, it was like iron. — Joe Hill

Lol Best Quotes By Barry Lyga

Howie swore translated to "I am strong and mighty in the wind," but which Jazz feared actually translated to "Another dumbass white kid with Asian tats. LOL. — Barry Lyga

Lol Best Quotes By John Green

If anyone ever uses lol with me, i rip my computer right out of the wall and smash it over the nearest head. — John Green

Lol Best Quotes By Kresley Cole

Just before his lips reached hers, she jerked her head back to whip it forward into his nose. A Glasgow kiss. Distinct cracking sounded.
With his nose pouring blood, he squeezed her upper arms, "Holly, what the fuck - "
Using all her strength, she hiked her knee up between his legs.
His hands flew to cup his groin as his knees met the ground.
"You're right, Cadeon." She dusted off her hands. "That really was fun. — Kresley Cole

Lol Best Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

I sigh. "I don't know what's happening to me."
"They're called hormones."
I shoot him a dirty look. "I'm serious."
"Me too." He cocks his head at me. "That's like, biological and shit. Scientific. Maybe your lady bits are scientifically confused."
"My lady bits?"
"Oh, I'm sorry" - Kenji pretends to look offended - "would you rather I use the proper anatomical terminology? Because you lady bits do not scare me-"
"Yeah, no thanks. — Tahereh Mafi

Lol Best Quotes By James Patterson

He nuzzled my neck, inhaling deeply. "Mmm. You smell so good."

"Oh, yeah," I said, smirking. "I call this new perfume 'Le Jungle grime et tropical BO.' "

"Dirt and sweat. Very sexy. — James Patterson

Lol Best Quotes By James Patterson

It's okay, Ig." said Fang. "Just give it your best shot." Sometimes the Fangster is incredibly supportive, just not with me. — James Patterson

Lol Best Quotes By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

In the interest of ultimate honesty," Celine cut in, "I'm pretty sure that everyone present would appreciate it if you two got a room."
"I wouldn't," Dean grumbled.
"I am unbothered by displays of physical and emotional intimacy," Sloane volunteered. "The nuances and statistics underlying courtship behavior are quite fascinating."
The edges of Celine's lips quirked upward as she met Sloane's gaze. "You don't say."
Sloane frowned. "I just did. — Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Lol Best Quotes By Gail Carriger

You, my child, will marry well. More than once." ( ... ) The lady retrieved the cards and shuffled them back together into one stack in an attitude of dismissal.
Taking this as a sign her fortune was complete, Preshea stood. Looking particularly pleased with life, she passed over a few coins and gave Madame Spetuna a nice curtsy.
Mademoiselle Geraldine was fanning herself. "Oh, dear, oh, dear, Miss Buss. Let us hope it is widowhood and not" - she whispered the next word - "divorce that leads to your multiple marriages."
Preshea sat and sipped from a china cup. "I shouldn't worry, Headmistress. I am tolerably certain it will be widowhood. — Gail Carriger

Lol Best Quotes By Pittacus Lore

The wind is knocked out of me; and when I look up, I see Nine spitting blood out. He's grinning.
"Are you crazy?" I ask. "You're enjoying this?"
"I've been locked up for over a year. This is the best day of my life! — Pittacus Lore

Lol Best Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Clary?" he thought.
Her voice came through, tinged with alarm. "What is it? What's happened? Did my mom find out I'm gone?"
"Not yet," he thought back. "Is Azazel the cat from the Smurfs?"
There was a long pause. "That's Azrael, Simon. And no more using the magic rings for Smurfs question. — Cassandra Clare

Lol Best Quotes By Finn Marlowe

..I resent the jerk part. I'm meaner than that.... — Finn Marlowe

Lol Best Quotes By Ahmed Ali Anjum

I thought I would die without you.
Lol, silly me. — Ahmed Ali Anjum

Lol Best Quotes By Charlie Brooker


Lol Best Quotes By Joanne McClean

EvieS89: Maybe she's lonely and just wants a friend! ;-)
CharlieBoy88: No! Trust me, the chick is nuts! Lol! ;-)
EvieS89: *shakes head* Don't be mean!
CharlieBoy88: I'm not! I tried to be nice and have a conversation with her and all she did was sniff around me and ask me what type of tree I would be ...
EvieS89: *falls off chair laughing*
I ... .
*laughs some more*
I ... . oh man ... .
CharlieBoy88: I mean seriously ... WTH?!? — Joanne McClean

Lol Best Quotes By Kiersten White

Best to have only a few absolutely perfect trait - for example, my hair and eyes and sparkling personality - so you don't overwhelm. — Kiersten White

Lol Best Quotes By Kristen Middleton

I woke up the Following morning with the Kings of Leon telling me that "my sex was on fire." I shut off my alarm and that's when all of the memories of the previous night came rushing back. — Kristen Middleton