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Top Liz Longley Quotes

Liz Longley Quotes By Wallace Stevens

The lion sleeps in the sun.
its nose on its paws.
it can kill a man. — Wallace Stevens

Liz Longley Quotes By Michael Steger

My first car was a 1986 Toyota pickup. — Michael Steger

Liz Longley Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Sharing stories that fill our chambers with an explosion of unique voices is a means to instigate an inclusive exploration of the intricacies of what it encompasses to be human. Stories enable us to comprehend the ultimate concerns of human existence and explicitly address the unalterable part of humanity. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Liz Longley Quotes By Neal Shusterman

If you've ever studied mortal age cartoons, you'll remember this one. A coyote was always plotting the demise of a smirking long-necked bird. The coyote never succeeded; instead, his plans always backfired. He would blow up, or get shot, or splat from a ridiculous height.

And it was funny.

Because no matter how deadly his failure, he was always back in the next scene, as if there were a revival center just beyond the edge of the animation cell.

I've seen human foibles that have resulted in temporary maiming or momentary loss of life. People stumble into manholes, are hit by falling objects, trip into the paths of speeding vehicles.

And when it happens, people laugh, because no matter how gruesome the event, that person, just like the coyote, will be back in a day or two, as good as new, and no worse - or wiser - for the wear.

Immortality has turned us all into cartoons. — Neal Shusterman

Liz Longley Quotes By Sebastian Thrun

You are going to fail, and failing, for me, is as joyful as succeeding. Failing means that there is something to learn, and we can improve and do it better next time. — Sebastian Thrun

Liz Longley Quotes By Jamie Tworkowski

Nobody gets to name you. You are not forgettable. You are not replaceable. You are not your pain. You are sacred and special and alive. — Jamie Tworkowski

Liz Longley Quotes By Manna Francis

She's Warrick's sister," he said, aiming to sound disapproving and very nearly managing it.
"Yeah, and that's why you want to screw her. Because they have that weird identical twin thing going on, even though they aren't." Her eyes narrowed. "In fact, I bet you've thought about doing both of them at the same time. Side-by-side comparison. Or top-and-bottom comparison."
"That's disgusting." Toreth said, grinning hugely. — Manna Francis

Liz Longley Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

I think I know already what counsel you would give, Boromir," said Frodo. "And it would seem like wisdom but for the warning of my heart. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Liz Longley Quotes By Marie Rutkoski

Kestrel could say that she'd learned that one's life is also the lives of others. A wrong is not an egg, separate unto itself and sealed. She could say that she understood the wrong in ignoring a wrong. She could say this, but the truth was that she should have learned it long before. — Marie Rutkoski