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Top Liv Malone Quotes

Liv Malone Quotes By Robert Delgado

This is the right time
They are the right people
Will it be enough for mankind?

From "The Rishis: Book of Secrets. — Robert Delgado

Liv Malone Quotes By Judith McNaught

But he knew instinctively what he suggested was impossible. She'd been through so much, and held her tears back for so long, that Royce doubted that anything could force her to shed them. — Judith McNaught

Liv Malone Quotes By Harrison Ford

I never followed baseball very much. As a kid, I never followed sports. — Harrison Ford

Liv Malone Quotes By Abigail Roux

It's so cute. They're in love." "It's like watching two kittens fight with machetes, — Abigail Roux

Liv Malone Quotes By Margaret Atwood


Now look objectively. You have to
admit the cancer cell is beautiful.
If it were a flower, you'd say, How pretty,
with its mauve centre and pink petals

of if a cover for a pulpy thirties
sci-fi magazine. How striking:
as an alien, a success,
all purple eye and jelly tentacles
and spines, or are they gills,
creeping around on granular Martian
dirt red as the inside of the body,

while its tender walls
expand and burst, its spores
scatter elsewhere, take root, like money,
drifting like a fiction or
miasma in and out of people's
brains, digging themselves
industriously in. The lab technician

says, It has forgotten
how to die. But why remember? All it wants is more
amnesia. More life, and more abundantly. to take
more. to eat more. To replicate itself. To keep on
doing those things forever. Such desires
are not unknown. Look in the mirror. — Margaret Atwood

Liv Malone Quotes By Heraclitus

Whoever cannot seek the unforeseen sees nothing for the known way is an impasse. — Heraclitus

Liv Malone Quotes By John Dewey

When we consider the close connection between science and industrial development on the one hand, and between literary and aesthetic cultivation and an aristocratic social organization on the other, we get light on the opposition between technical scientific studies and refining literary studies. We have before us the need of overcoming this separation in education if society is to be truly democratic. — John Dewey

Liv Malone Quotes By Louis L'Amour

A true gentleman is at a disadvantage in dealing with women. Women are realists, and their tactics are realistic, so no man should be a gentleman where women are concerned unless the women are very, very old or very, very young. Women admire gentlemen, and sleep with cads. — Louis L'Amour

Liv Malone Quotes By Deborah Bull

I enjoy the freedom of modern dance as well as the constraints of classical dance. — Deborah Bull

Liv Malone Quotes By Frank Sonnenberg

Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting, nor does it mean approving of, what someone did. It just means that you're letting go of the anger toward that person. — Frank Sonnenberg

Liv Malone Quotes By Tom DeMarco

in the best organizations, the short term is not the only thing that matters. What matters more is being best. And that's a long-term concept. — Tom DeMarco

Liv Malone Quotes By John Milton

Eye me, blest Providence, and square my trial To my proportion'd strength. — John Milton

Liv Malone Quotes By Fulton J. Sheen

The industrial and social injustice of our era is the tragic aftermath of democracy's overemphasis on freedom as the "right to do whatever you please." No, freedom means the right to do what you ought, and ought implies law, and law implies justice, and justice implies God. So too in war, a nation that fights for freedom divorced from justice has no right to war, because it does not know why it wants to be free, or why it wants anyone else to be free. — Fulton J. Sheen